A/N: So even though I have a lot of other fan fictions I should be working on and finishing up, I can't get these Lily and Snape ideas out of my mind, so out in a fanfic they shall come! I don't plan on this one being too long. It's really kind of an experiment. But any feedback is most welcome - if you think I should continue or anything, good or bad!

Chapter 1: 11:03

And what they don't know is that time cannot be entirely changed.

Only fulfilled.

Gut-wrenching, agonizing humiliation tore at his mind, anger penetrated every limb in his body and every fiber of his being, and sadness pierced his soul. Those emotions were all that Severus Snape could feel at that moment. As he sat against the wall with his arms around his knees, he stared at the floor with black eyes filled with unshed tears.

He would never forgive himself. He had hurt the only person who had ever mattered; he had hurt sweet Lily, who had come to his defense at such a desperately terrible moment. He had called her something that he had never wanted to hear anybody call her. Ironically enough, he had been the one to say it.

It was all Potter's fault. Potter and his stupid, arrogant friends. If Potter hadn't targeted him and embarrassed him, then Severus believed he would have never had a reason to lash out at Lily. Not that he had a reason in the first place.

Severus looked over at the book of dark magic that sat a few feet away. He didn't want to touch it because he knew Lily didn't like dark magic. But what if…

What if it could help him get his best friend back? Would it really be so bad then?

Severus had found a rare spell that could take him back into time. Then he could prevent the entire ordeal from ever happening. He almost feared to even try it, but he knew he could do it. If there was anybody in the entire school who could try something like this and succeed, it was him. He looked at the clock in the abandoned corridor. 11:03.

Snatching the book quickly, Severus opened to the bookmarked page, pulled out his wand, and began to mutter the spell urgently. It was time.


Lily Evans had tried to give off the appearance that Severus's words hadn't hurt her. She had merely thrown an insult right back at him and stormed away. But she could barely stay calm as she ran up the endless stairs of Hogwarts and she almost feared that she would wail the password to the Fat Lady instead of simply saying it. When she reached her dormitory, she collapsed on her bed and buried her face in her pillow.

He was her best friend. She had only wanted to help him. Why had he said what he did?

Lily was now officially convinced that all boys were the same. They were all spineless gits and although she had once thought that Severus was different, she had been wrong. Now she knew what he truly thought of her. She was nothing but a Mudblood in his eyes. This revelation caused a tragic wave of tears to flood her eyes as she cried and sniffled bitterly into her pillow.

After precisely two and a half minutes, Lily moved her hand, which was starting to fall asleep, and felt a cold object. She immediately stopped crying and pulled the thing out from under her pillow. It was the time-turner that Professor Slughorn had given her, in case she ever wanted to take even more classes and exceed even more than she already had. Running a finger over the smooth device, she suddenly got an idea.

She could go back in time and make sure that she never came to Severus's defense. Although she hated the idea of staying put while Potter tortured her best friend, she knew she couldn't intervene. Perhaps then, if she didn't interrupt, she and Severus would still be friends. Perhaps then, she wouldn't have a reason to hate him so much.

Professor Slughorn had warned her to avoid her own self at all costs when she went back in time. She knew she had to make sure that the Lily in the past didn't see the Lily from the future. She had to send Past Lily somewhere far from where the incident had occurred. But she would cross that bridge when she came to it. She reached into her schoolbag and pulled out a watch. 11:03.

Going back two hours, to that morning, would be enough. Lily took a deep breath as she turned the time-turner twice. It was time.