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((Description: Everything's going well for our Heroes after the "Cheerleadra" incident. Everyone's doing alright in School and Love. But, when an unexpected new Bad guy comes into play, will they survive? Or will this Monster defeat them once and for all? (OC in the story.) ))

Prologue: Inside the Shadows

Noah quickly raised his black, shadowy leg upwards, giving the small dragon a Huge Split kick upwards. He took a step back and looked at the Dragon, spying it was slightly surprised, but leaped backwards as the Dragon took a large sweep of its Claw where he was. He laughed slightly under his hood. "Heh...Strong boy, aren't we?...well, let's see if you can handle this!" he quickly backed up against an almost destroyed Guard-rail and placed a foot against it, giving himself propulsion and a boost forward. With the Added speed, he delivered a large punch to where the small dragon's Jawbone was supposed to be. He didn't know for sure. He never studied Dragon anatomy. Although, who has?

The dragon quickly recovered and took a Deep Breath. His mouth began to glow. Noah knew what was coming. He quickly jumped over the dragon and continued his beatings. After a few more Beatings to its head, it turned back to the Black, shadowy Noah, it's head snapping back in space. Noah looked at it with surprise "What—" The Dragon then took a sneak attack move, Head-butting Noah's Stomach, sending him flying backwards. After flying for a little while, he skidded and landed on the Destroyed Street. "Ohh…" He opened his eyes slightly; spying The Dragon was about to Pounce on top of him.


Suddenly, A Boy with a Blonde Haircut, Orange shirt, and Blue Sweatpants, did a flying fiery kick against the Dragon's Side, launching him to the side. The Dragon appeared surprised, one would think it's hard to tell a Dragon to be surprised, but when a Dragon's Eyes go wide, and it stops attacking, that's when you know it's surprised. Justin spoke to Noah, eyeing the Dragon cautiously. "Are you okay?"

"In Theory, Yes." Noah stood up and eyed the dragon the same way as Justin was, trying to find a weak spot. Suddenly, though, something caught his eye. He looked behind the Dragon. He spied something Dark and Shadowy slither through the Destruction, into the Shadows. Noah was about to run after it, when he heard Justin Speak Again. "That thing was summoned at the Anime-style Martial Arts Dojo." Noah blinked once as he continued looking forward. "Wait, their training actually works? I wrote that place off as a gimmick." Justin continued to talk, ignoring his little comment. "There were people and fire guys there. We need to take out this dragon and get to the dojo!" Noah continued to think about what to do, when he realized something.


Justin looked at him like he said 'I'm a girl' although that wouldn't be too far of an assumption, with his long hair and girlish face, and all. "No!" Noah glared at the Dragon as it slowly gathered itself back up. "I broke its neck and it just snapped back, whoever summoned it can keep it from being unsummoned." Noah's Dark, shadowy hair slowly began to rise, along with the rest of his body. He began to fly away, saying something to Justin. "It is the summoner who we must "take out." Justin was about to say something as he flew "so we just-…rrrrright…" he looked over his shoulder spying the Dragon, glaring at him with its glowing eyes. He turned to face it, when he saw a strange black, snake-like thing, for only a second, disappear, behind the Dragon. He dismissed it as a Trick of the Light, trying to focus on fighting the Dragon again. He rushed forward, trying to do another "Fiery fist of Doom" punch.

As Noah flew away, he glanced back once, feeling something watching him. He stopped flying and looked at the almost devastated street. Seeing nothing, or feeling nothing anymore, he began to fly again "hmm…strange…" He continued to fly, hearing a flapping behind him. he smiled. "Good...now I don't have to go back." not noticing amidst the Debris and Flames, a Large, black, shadowy tentacle slithering back into the shadows…

A Scream echoed through the Forest, then an Explosion. As the smoke slowly began to settle, a White and Black Figure quickly flew out of the Debris, and into the Sky. Damien stopped a few feet above the explosion, looking downwards. As the smoke began to clear even more, the details were revealed. An Old facility. The walls, peeling their paint. No-one should have been there, yet there were supposedly about ten to twelve people standing and looking up at him. A Thirteenth, brown person quickly flew out of the hole, after him. He looked angrily at the figure with hate and malice, his Tattoos, beginning to glow a Fiery Red as his fire powers began to grow Stronger. He looked at the Monstrous, three-tailed woman coming after him. Grace was absolutely transformed with Anger. She had Horns and Spikes randomly placed along her body. Her Eyes; slit with a Red fury. Damien glared at her as she flew closer. He looked down at the Debris, glancing behind her slightly. He saw something strange. A Black Tentacle-like…Thing, slithering away from the Debris, retreating into the Forest shadows. He didn't make anything of it, though. Probably a Snake or something. His True attention was against Grace. He had had enough of her. It was time to test his Mortality…

Grace was Seething with Rage. She quickly flew towards Damien. He was looking down at her with Utter Anger and Rage, yet not enough to rival her current condition. Her eyes could only see red. She continued to fly towards him. Quickly, she did an Uppercut with her Claws, sending Damien flying backwards a few feet. She backed up even more and looked downwards at herself, catching her breath. She saw, down below, something Black and Shadowy, and slither away into the Shadows of the Forest. She was about to chase after it, but she saw something else that made her surprised. She saw her claw. It reminded her of one of her memories. A Bloodied hand, reaching out to her, It waited for hers, calling her. The Claws, enough to tear through Steel. The Strange Markings fading to Black. Damien's Hand. Her eyes lost the rage as they returned to normal. She looked up at Damien, seeing he was exhausted as well and almost on the verge of Death. She spoke a Few words that would win her the entire fight.

"…I'm sorry."

Nanase glared at the Surprised Old man, her Clothes and hair completely white. They were almost glowing with Magical Energy. Her Two large wings were spread upwards and outwards, while her two smaller wings, pointed out and downwards. Her Short hair, completely different from her normal style. She appeared most completely white, looking at the Wizard, who seemed Feeble and weak in Comparison. He seemed to be shuffling back as Nanase looked around. She spied Ellen, lying up against a tree. Her Calm Rage slowly began to grow again, spying her lover almost Murdered, and asleep against a Tree. She also spied something else. What appeared to be a Black, shadowy tentacle slithering back behind the tree. It was only a glance, but Nanase was sure she saw it. She didn't think it was important though. She quickly began to fly towards Ellen, rushing to see if she was alright, when she heard a repeated whishing noise, behind her. She looked behind to spy an Axe, flying at her. She quickly moved her wings to form a Barrier, protecting her from the Axe…

Not long after the battle with Noah and the Dragon, under the streets of Moperville, a strange slimy sound was heard in the sewers. It sounded like something being dragged across the Stone walkways. The sound kept getting louder as the occasional light filtered into the Sewers, shining on the Walkways. Suddenly, it was seen. A Large, Completely Black, Slick Tentacle. It looked almost like a Snake, except for its bodily shape. It appeared pointed at both ends.. It had no eyes, or face, it was just a long, Black, glistening Tentacle. It didn't appear to have any details inside it, except for its slight reflectiveness of the Light. Almost like Liquid Oil. The Tentacle quickly sped through the light patches in the stone as it continued to slither along the Sewers. It kept going until, it reached a spot that appeared unusually darker than the rest. The Tentacle went into the Darkness as a strange, sharp yet smooth voice rang out through the sewers.

"Ohh…interesting…Completely made of Shadows?…Another form I must have…I think I have enough to begin…and Begin…we shall…"

(done. I've been wanting to introduce this OC for a While now. Ok, hang on. Let me put up my surprised Announcer act. *clears throat* Oh no! A Strange, Black Tentacley monster has been watching the Group! Will they learn of this threat? Or will they Perish in the future threat to come? Tune in Next time on, El Goonish Shive! *weird Theme music plays* Anyways, There you guys go. My evil, Villainous OC has been introduced. Well, actually, he's been there all along. He's been watching the entire town with his Tentacles. They've been scouring Moperville for something. And, apparently, it involves Grace, Nanase and Noah…and…Damien?...meh. oh well. Read next time to find out more!)