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Chapter 3: Black Goo and Biology 2

"-and so, it's extremely important for you all to learn about how to find the probability of an outcome. If you don't then you'll probably not be able to live the rest of your life-"

On and on and on the math teacher went. Ellen groaned slightly as she had her head propped up on her right arm, resting on her desk. She was tapping a pencil every second as she glanced at the clock. 'ten more minutes…Great...'

It was fourth period, right before lunch, and Ellen had just about been bored out of her mind by the start of third. She still hadn't had any chance to see Nanase any time today, but she was hoping for lunch. She let her eyes wander around the room, spying Grace two seats away from her, looking up and smiling, nodding as she listened. Ellen let a small chuckle escape her mouth because she knew that she probably understood every word she was saying. She let her eyes wander to the window and saw that the sky had turned dark. Almost as dark as the day when…

She shook her head, shooing the thought away from her mind. 'No. Don't think about that. Everything's going to be fine…even despite the weird things I've been feeling…' She had been having strange, ominous shivers all day, almost every ten minutes. They'd been freaking her out since she entered the school. Even though Grace hadn't said anything about feeling weird, she couldn't settle her nerves.


"There's the bell, and Remember the homework due tomorrow!"

Ellen smiled as the bell rang. She quickly scooped up her books and hurried through the crowd of people exiting the door into the hallway. It wasn't crowded just yet, but people were already flooding it. Quickly and expertly maneuvering through the crowd of people, Ellen moved to her locker and began to open it, shoving her books inside, and closed it as quick as possible.

"Hey, Ellen!"

Ellen jumped slightly as she looked where the door of her locker had been when it was open. Standing there was Grace, wearing her green shirt and blue jeans, smiling at her. "Want to meet up for lunch?" Ellen smiled at her and nodded. "Of course! We meet up every day, don't we?" She nodded as they continued to walk, on their way to the lunch room. Ellen began to talk as they turned a corner. "You know, Lunch is always one of the worst-"


Books flew into the air as two people hit the ground. Ellen placed her hand on her head, Her forehead throbbing. "Gah! What was that for?"

"My Apologies, miss."

Ellen paused at hearing the voice. It was smooth and calm, yet had a cold feeling to it. It chilled her bones. She opened her eyes and looked at the man sitting on the floor in front of her. He was wearing a Black suit with a deep black tie, and had black hair, with Ghostly white skin. It seemed as though he was from a Black and white movie picture, except for the small, red stripes in his suit that were barely noticeable. "I am Dreadfully sorry, I wasn't looking where I was going."

Ellen looked at him and she felt it. That same feeling she felt for the whole day, except stronger. More Evil, and cold. "Oh, uhh, No. It's my fault. I'm sorry." Ellen began to help pick up the man's books out of kindness. They all appeared to be thick, brown, leather books. They seemed to be good literature. Although, Ellen's definition of "Literature" is books that are really hard to read and impossibly long. She continued helping, until she picked up one book that was different from the rest. It wasn't as thick, and paper-back. It had a weird title in it, though.

"The...The World's Greatest Man-made disasters?"

The man with black hair laughed slightly as he took the book from her. "Ahh...Ha-ha. It's really a...Good read...I enjoy learning about History...You know...I have another copy of this already at home...Why don't you take it?" he smiled at her, and somehow, Ellen got an even scarier vibe off of him. She looked at the book, and just took it. What harm could it do?

"Thanks." With that, she just smiled as she hurried down the hall

Grace, who was waiting further down the hall, smiled as Ellen caught up to her. "Hey! You ok?" she asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just a sore head..."

Grace looked at the book in her hand and smiled. "Ooh! What's That?"

Ellen looked at the cover. "Just a...a book. you wouldn't like it...it'll scare you..."

Grace nodded as she shivered, remembering when she read about the Holocaust. "Where'd you get it?"

She turned back to look at the man once, before she headed on to the cafeteria with Grace, to spy the man looking at her. He was staring and smiling, the coldness of his eyes entering her body and chilling her bones. With a few seconds of looking, he turned and continued to head down the hallway. Grace turned and saw the man as well. She looked back at Ellen. "Him? he seems nice."

Ellen looked nervous for a little bit before turning and heading down the hallway as well. "Yeah...nice..."

oh, yes. Something's off about today.

Meanwhile, in Principal Washington's Office...

Principal Washington was upset.

He sat by himself in his office, Brooding. This new "Superintendent" was going to be a problem. He could already tell. His look was ice cold. Dark and mysterious. He seemed like the kind of man who would do what he could for power. The man just grumbled as he interlocked his fingers and propped his elbows up on the desk. The man had credentials, true. He had shown them to him this morning. But there was absolutely no warning on this story. It was as if the man had just shown up out of the blue. Where had he come from? Why hadn't he heard anything about this at all? These questions filled his mind as he sat there in his office.

"What am I going to do?..."

Suddenly, a knock came from his door. "Principal Washington?"

The knock made him jump as he looked at the door. "Yes?"

"Superintendent Bozeman is back from viewing the school."

Principal Washington groaned as he stood up and walked to the door. When the man had asked for a tour of the school, Washington had offered to show him around, however, He requested a self-guided tour, saying it would be easier for him to view the classes. Washington was reluctant, but finally said yes. The sooner to get him out of his school, the better.

When he unlocked the door and pulled it open, there. Right in front of the door was the same ghostly-white man with the black suit. Standing there, smiling. Behind him was his personal assistant who was looking at him worriedly, trying to beckon him away from the door. Principal Washington frowned as he stepped back, allowing the man to enter. He turned to his assistant and nodded. "Thank you. You can go back to work." She hesitated for a second, not liking the appearance and presence of the man as well. She finally decided to get back to work at her desk, and left.

The Superintendent smiled as he entered, walking to the middle of the room. "Absolutely Wonderful! You have a great school in your hands here. I enjoyed seeing your students at work."

Washington closed the door and grumbled, locking it again. "Yes...I know..." He flipped what appeared to be one of the three switches next to the door. a strange sort of humming began in the room. Washington walked to the man and frowned, looking serious. "Alright, time to cut the act. It's time we talk."

The man raised an eyebrow curiously. "Act?...What act?"

"Don't play dumb with me..." Washington frowned as he looked down at the man, being only slightly taller than him. "This room is Soundproof. No-one can hear us in here." He walked around the room, finally ending up at the side of his desk. "So tell me...Why are you really here?..."

John looked surprised for only a few seconds, before he started to laugh. "Ha!...I guess there's no fooling you...just like they said...Sharp as a sword..."

Washington smiled. His hunch being right, that this man wasn't from the schoolboard. However, if he wasn't from them, where was he from? And more importantly...

"I'm sorry, Who are "They?"

The man laughed as he walked torwards Washington, getting closer by the second. "Oh, Washington...If only you knew."

Then, he felt it. His eyes widened. The man was in front of him now, only away, but the pain in his stomach was there. Slowly, he looked down and saw it. The man's right hand was no longer a hand. It had now been transformed into a long, cone-shaped spear. And the spear had just been inserted into his abdomen, Blood now dripping onto the floor, and soaking into the carpet in his office. He looked back up at the man in surprise. "...What?..."

The strange man smiled as he raised his free hand and smiled, the glove turning into a spiky, pointed claw. "I've been watching this school for a while...I know secrets about a few of the students here...Secrets that, if told to the public...would ruin their lives forever...I even know about one certain teacher...Mr. Raven..."

Washington raised an eyebrow in curiosity. When the man saw this he chuckled. "Oh, yes...If you must know, he's half-immortal...but, I'm not looking for one of those."

the man continued to be delighted about the entire ordeal, but then he went serious. "I saw a student today...She's the one I've been looking for...from what I've heard, her name is "Ellen"...I don't think she'll be missed...do you?"

Principal Washington looked at the man with fury, surprise, and mostly, pain. Then he smiled and chuckled.

the Superintendent raised an eyebrow, as his expression of delight switched to that of confusion. "What's so funny?..."

Washington smiled as he looked into the eyes of his attacker. "I...think it's...funny...that you think...I'm not prepared..."

Suddenly, the Superintendent widened his eyes in shock as he looked down. in the man's own abdomen was a Dagger. It wasn't lengthy, but at a good length enough to stab deep inside him. "...but...you...How?..."

Washington smiled at him. "I know...about Raven's Heritage...we're...old friends...Eventually...he told me about...his life...He knew that he was going to...attract trouble...he taught me a few things...such as how...to lethally poison a dagger..."

The Black-haired man looked at Washington and growled, backing up, quickly removing the spear from his body, the cone, converting, as if it were a liquid, back into a gloved hand. It still had blood dripping from it. Washington removed the dagger as he backed up. Quickly, the man moved his hands to cover the wound, and to try and prevent the black liquid that began to drip onto the floor. Meanwhile, Principal Washington fell to the ground, as blood spilled from his wound. "Heh...go to hell..." Principal Washington fell on his side as he closed his eyes. He watched as the black blood spilled onto the floor.

well, at least I wounded him. he thought before blacking out.

The strange man watched as Washington blacked out. "humph...he did a good job...actually managing to damage me..." he removed his hands and watched as his wound gushed the black liquid onto the floor. He let his hands fall as his wound slowly stopped bleeding, and began to seal itself, the tear in the fabric, molding back into a solid piece of clothing, no tears seen in it at all. He looked at the goo on the floor and smiled as it began to writhe. "Hmm...well, I suppose I could use you now..."

The goo continued to morph and grow, until finally it formed what looked like a 5' ft long Worm. that was nearly 8" in. Thick. It began to move and writhe, curling, and slowly beginning to stand up, until it was up to the man's chest. "Good...I want you to go find her...that Ellen...get her, and bring her to me..."

The worm somehow, was able to roar as it quickly slithered up the wall, sticking to it, and began to crawl along the ceiling, finally reaching the grated Air-vent. Not even bothering to undo it, the creature just oozed it's way through, until it was in the Air-vents. It began to crawl along them, slowly beginning to traverse the school.

The Man just smiled and laughed as he looked at the air-vent. "Well...I should make my leave before anyone finds him here..." Suddenly, the man's form began to ripple and morph like the worm's turning into black goo as well. The form of the man quickly disintegrated into the form of glop, and soon, the glop quickly rolled along the floor, to the window, and oozed it's way outside, through a crack in the window. Then, outside the window, the glop formed back into the man's form, and began to walk away. a few drops of blood still on his hand.