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Chapter 1 Unspoken Dreams

Luna found her thoughts once more spinning with secrets, as she looked upon the darkening forest. As Ravenclaw tower reflected golden, once more against the setting sun. Slowly, Luna turned a silvery strand of hair absentmindedly. Smiling dreamily, she thought of the today's assignment, a task of reliving dreams.

It had been set by Professor McCurdy, in the class Mystical Cognition a study of Legilimency and Occulmency. This new class was the new Headmistress McGonagall's orders. Arranged to train new witches and wizards on the importance of maintaining an understanding of the mind. After Voldemort's defeat, she never again wanted people to take for granted the skills that could be misused with either art.

So Luna found her new assignment a study of dreams. Something that even awake she found a lot of time for. Dreams Professor McCurdy said, could be the gateways to the soul. You never knew what wonders you'd behold, if you looked deeply.

Luna pensively, walked from her window unable to wait longer to see what hidden desires awaited her. She blushed, she knew what she'd probably dream. Still it was an assignment, waving her wand and tapping her pillow she breathed "respice res somnium"

A pink wisp with silvery stars shimmered at the tip and fell like water onto the pillows. Luna climbed into bed, clasping her hands...she felt herself float away, and when she landed. She, herself, was looking on a younger version of herself.

"Tell me the story again" young Luna's bright protuberant eyes begged. As she snuggled among stuffed animals far an away bigger than her. Her clear, blue azure eyes full of puppy dog longing. Her cute smile, and eyes peaking out from behind silver golden curls.

Xenophilius, couldn't hide the smile even behind the Quibbler. Raising an eyebrow to his tiny daughter he laughed. Lowering the magazine "and what story would that be little one?"

Luna frowned "you know the one daddy!"

"Ah yes the one of the Crumple Horned Snorkack and how he received a good bite to the backside by a Nargle."

"No..." Luna giggled "that's not it."

"Oh, the story of the Deathly"

"No No..." Luna interrupted

Xenophilius's eyes filled with amusement he knew the story his clever daughter wanted.

Placing the magazine back on his lap a serious smile played across Luna's fair lips.

"The story of the twin souls?"

Luna began to clap her hands delighted.

Slowly Xenophilius, took his wand from his robs and shot a bolt of shimmering light. The ceiling was suddenly a light with stars, twinkling millions of miles away. One could hear the sounds of the sea and feel the wind dancing along the shoals. Luna looked up expectantly not being able to hide her delight.

"Once many years ago" Xenophilius began "the great wizard and star Ramandu, had a beautiful daughter, with shimmering silver hair." Here Xenophilius stopped to touch his own daughters golden and shimmering curls.

"She was a wonder and beloved by her father. A star by birth, she lived with her father on a deserted island. For Ramandu, old and wise no longer could tread the great dance. He was a star wizard at rest with only his daughter, together they lived happily. There was no time on the island, except in the mornings sun. When birds from the valley of the sun would bring a fire berry. You see with each berry my darling, he grew younger."

The stars, on the ceiling began to move to dance and spin. Luna watched spellbound to the story she'd heard so very many times.

"One day, a young prince and his friends; some from the muggle world arrived on the island. Surprised and touched by its beauty, they decided to take their rest. When before them stood Ramadu's daughter. No sooner had she spoken then the prince had fallen in love with her; and she with him. Ramandu, gave his daughter willingly to the prince and she became queen over his lands."

Luna covered her face knowing what her father would say next. "they lived happily, in his lands with their son. Until an an evil sorceress, killed the new queen. Devastated, the prince turned king refused to marry again. They say he grew old, and sad. Never once did he give up upon seeing his beloved queen again.

Ramandu's heart broken for his daughter and her earthly family. He took his daughter back into the heavens making her a star dancer. She wept for her beloved and he told her. Don't cry my beautiful daughter, for someday all dreams too must pass into the west. Your wishes will be answered, in time. So as the king's life on earth ended Ramadan touched with his son's loyalty and his beautiful daughter's faith never ending. Brought the two lovers, together forever as one soul."

Luna looked up through her shinning tears, to her father. Who had stood and made to tuck her in. Placing a kiss upon her forehead. Luna murmured "but thats not the end"

"No my darling, it's never the end because of Ramandu's daughter and her lover, we are taught that we are each are each given a chance to find our twin soul. Another complete half that when we find we'll become a whole."

Luna smiled into the darkness watching the stars dance on her ceiling, falling asleep with new hopes in her heart.

The scene dissolved around Luna and when everything stood still again. She was outside and saw herself as a child playing. Suddenly she saw her father call and she dashed to his side.

"Luna-love" Xenophilius called "come here and meet our new neighbors."

Luna blushed wondering how she'd forgotten this simple little memory. Young Luna stood holding her father's hand smiling dreamily, at the red haired girl.

"This is Ginny, she lives on the other side of the hill down by the marshes."

Luna giggled and held out a hand to touch Ginny's red wind blown hair.

"Do you want to go look for fresh water blimbies?" she chirped

Ginny smiled "ok" her eyes sincerely curious and delighted.

Luna took Ginny's hand, and both little girls blushed. As fast as the moment came it was gone and they were running away down the hill toward the river.

Luna wanted to call out to Ginny, wanted to hold this memory before it slipped away. She felt the heat on her cheeks, and wished she could have just done what she'd wanted so badly that day.

Breathing slowing she took off after herself and young Ginny. At the river she saw herself and Ginny playing in the shallows. She was laughing and Ginny was splashing her. Suddenly she saw herself slip and Ginny grabbed for her hand.

"Careful Luna" Ginny giggled as she pulled Luna upright.

Luna, bit her lip as she saw, that Ginny had pulled too hard and both girls had ended up in the shallow water. Young Luna on top Ginny, her hands on either side of the girl. There faces had been so close, Luna remembered she'd had the strangest feeling in her stomach. It had felt like Wrackspurts dancing inside. She'd wanted to kiss Ginny, like her mommy did with her daddy. She'd quelled that feeling.

"How strange to be so wet, when its so hot" young Luna mused climbing up and pulling Ginny with her.

Ginny just chuckled.

Ginny Weasley, pushed her red hair away from her eyes. Looking over to a sleeping Hermione, she rolled her eyes. She'd fallen asleep on her books again. Wondering if she shouldn't wake her she decided no, she'd just stay up all night then reading.

Looking down onto her check list, she discovered the last thing she had to do was go to sleep, what a wonderful assignment professor McCurdy had created. A study of memories and dreams, in the morning she'd just have to just jot down what she could remember and explain what she believed these dreams or memories stemmed from. She so hoped she didn't have a nightmare, she'd been holding off dreaming as long as possible. In case that was the ending result.

Of course in a perfect world, she'd dream about Harry. Oh how she missed him, he hadn't come back he and Ron had decided to go on a tour of the world. Leaving her here with Hermione who still felt there was something to learn within these walls.

Well at least she had her to confide in and Luna too. Together both girls had gotten very close during the adventures in Dumbledore's Army. Thankfully Luna also had returned to Hogwarts and Ginny spent all her free time with either of the two girls. Hermione was rather predictable and always wondering out loud what Ron was up to. If she had better send him something for his trip. Luna, on the other hand, was a mystery something that Ginny sorely missed.

Not many people knew that in fact she and Luna had been friends as children. She'd somewhat lost track of her when father had taken her on a long trip after her mother passed. She hadn't seen her again until Hogwarts. She was pretty sure no one knew that back then their friendship was very close indeed. She'd sleep at Luna's in her bed and they'd cuddle together. Something she'd only dream of doing now with Harry. Still her breath hitched at the thoughts. Was this what professor had wanted, for her class to dig up old memories.

"What could this possibly do to help us in the wizarding world?"She wondered out load , then laughed. You sound like Hermione.

Tapping her wand on the pillow she said the magic words, she'd written on her scroll. Then she turned down the covers, lay down and felt the familiar calming feel of magic wash over her.

Ginny wasn't sure what she expected to see but it wasn't what formed in front of her.

She saw two little girls, a younger version of herself and Luna laying on a blanket in a field of daises. Ginny felt her heart wrench remembering how she'd barred this memory. She saw tears in her younger selves eyes.

"Do you have to go Luna?"

Young Luna took Ginny's hand and kissed it. "Daddy says I've gotta go away with him for a while."

"But how will I live without you?" Ginny cried.

"Don't please, I can't stand to see my Ginny cry." Luna was crying by this time. Her big eyes filling with tears. "I lost mommy I don't wanna lose my Ginny please don't forget me?"

"How could I ever?"

"I promise I'll come home someday."

"I'll miss you every single day!"

"I'll be more excited to see you than finding the Crumple-Horned Snorkack."

"Oh Luna" young Ginny couldn't help laughing.

As young Luna touched her young self's face, with awe Ginny felt again the soft touch.

"I'll never forget you Ginny."

Ginny, covered her face, "no more I don't wanna see anymore!"

With a start she woke, sweat beading on her forehead. Confusion muddling her thoughts she was left with just one thought what the heck?

"Luna, wake up" frowning she found it had been nothing but a lovely dream. Well not exactly wonderful, those memories where for a reason something Luna didn't let herself recall. Opening her eyes she saw Maddie, a second year beaming at her.

"Come on Luna, it's time for breakfast."

Luna stretched, sitting up and giving Maddie a small little smile, she jumped from her bed. Getting dressed quickly she skipped down to breakfast.

It was hard to believe only a year before, Voldemort had stood in this very same hall. Now the bright colors of the houses hung and the promise of tomorrow echoed.

Unlike Harry and Ron, she, Luna, had returned to school, to finish her education at Hogwarts with Hermione and Ginny. "Ginny" her eyes searched the crowed hall and spotted her over at the Gryffindor table.

Life at Hogwarts had returned to as normal as it could, the only thing that had changed was, they had a headmistress. As well as statue of Dobby, near the kitchens standing to remind all the great services he had done for the boy who lived.

Pilling food upon her plate Luna drifted away on day dreams. Life was so troublesome sometimes.

The previous night's dreams for one occupied her her feelings for Ginny where still there, though she'd tried to hide them. Well in Luna's heart she was more than a best friend. Though she'd never ever push, her feelings. Ginny belonged to her other best friend Harry Potter.

Still her mind wouldn't be silenced, and she slipped away.

Ginny herself lost in thought zoning out from Hermione's lecture about Ancient Ruins. Found herself looking up and across the tables to the Ravenclaw, who sat alone. Her eyes far away Luna, twirled her hair and sat perfectly still. A spoon half way to her mouth.

Ginny giggled, Luna was so funny and adorable. Huh? Adorable? Suddenly the night's dream came washing back over her filling her with fear. This couldn't be happening, she'd once wondered if she'd liked Luna more than a friend. This just couldn't be though she'd grown out of it. She was with Harry now.

I can't think about this her mind admonished. You've got it all, don't throw it away on a feeling you haven't had in years. Liking girls is wrong. You're too old you're probably going to marry Harry after graduation.

Still she couldn't stop staring at Luna, thinking how gallantly she'd fought at the battle of Hogwarts. A fire, a courageous spirit that earned her respect and a fierce beauty that made Ginny proud.

Looking down at her half eaten pancake, Ginny frowned she had to figure all this out.

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