Hey guys this is Spawn the Fallen one with a story challenge from snake1980 anyway here it goes Naruto path of a sadistic Hero chapter 1

A long time ago there was a kingdom by the name of Eternia which ironically was also the name of the planet anyway on this planet there were two opposing forces a king by the name of Randor and an evil Sorcerror by the Name of Keldor who later would be spashed by his own acid attack and become an insane well more insane being known as Skeletor.

Skeletor would fight a man known as He-man secretly prince Adam King Randors son and the Sorcoresses husband later on who would have a child together this child would then have another child and so on for a thousand years Keldor/skeletor would also rape a young girl and she would become a mother of a baby girl she was a priestess in training and her childrens children would be girls as well until a thousand years later when another baby girl was born.

these two children were Minato the boy and Kushina the girl they would in turn have a son together and a prophecy long fortold would come to pass two of the mightiest people to ever have lived bloodlines came together in one child his Name was Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze he is the thousand times great grandson of He-man/king adam he became king when his father stepped down and Keldor/Skeletor.

Thirteen years after his birth and Having Kyubbi sealed in him (Yes he knows) he is seen running from a mob when all of a sudden he dissapears and finds himself in a cavern filled with Technology and what looked to be a metal man watching two girls in two different crystals floating in mid air.

"Finally the descendant of Skeletor and He-man has arrived I am Roboto and I was a warrior alongside your thousand times great grandfather He-man we fought against your Thousand times great grandfather Keldor/Skeletor who was after He-mans power which came from a place Called Castle greyskull which was the Castle of your one thousand five hundred times grandfather King Greyskull who sacrificed his life to stop an evil warlord from taking over Eternia his name was Hordak. But I do need you to know that this world is in terrible danger as prophecized by the Sorcerress of old your thousand times great grandmother you are the one who will wield both your ancestors powers and be far stronger than they were at their prime you shall wield the sword of power the power source of He-man you shall also have the Warrior god sword a sword your Ancestor Skeletor recieved when he finally got inside Greyskull and stole its powers it can become twin swords if need be you will also get the Snake armor and to go along with everyting you will get the Havoc staff with these you shall become very powerful but to be strong enough to use them I will be aging your body to the age of 24 as your body is aging it will hurt so I am going to knock you out and the energies from the weapons and armor will slow down your mindscape till your mind is the same as a 24 year old man".

Before anything else could be said Naruto was enveloped in a stream of light he really had no choice in becoming what he was meant to be but he did not care he just was glad he was safe from the mob that almost killed him he did notice that while knocked out he could see his body growing and gaining huge muscles as well as his skin gaining more of a tan and he also noted that his hair changed from blonde to black and got longer and straighter he grew a goatee as well but he decided to have a chat with the fox that is until he saw the fox being ripped out of his seal and he would wake up to see a heavily muscled fox with armor on it who would become Battle fox his loyal companion just like his ancestors Battle cat and Panthor.

Two days after being transformed Naruto awoke and looked around noticing that he was much taller and bigger in some places (Hint hint nudge nudge wink wink)

that is when he saw the robot from before called Roboto come in and say "Ah young Naruto it is time to wake the two women in the crystals they are named Teela the one with brown hair in a ponytail and Evil lyn who once served Skeletor but betrayed him since she decided to work for the Masters of the Universe and He man she was in a relationship with Teela but they are bi so they will love you to if you play your cards right."

Naruto nodded and just punched the crystals and they shattered with both girls falling down Naruto caught them both and funny thing is both the girls lips landed on Naruto's but he quickly disengaged them from his lips and sat them down they both groaned and started waking up.

and Scene you will have to stay tuned to find out what happens next hope you enjoy it if not oh well no skin off my bones cause I really don't care if you do or not