Hey guys this is Spawn the Fallen one with a story challenge from snake1980 anyway here it goes Naruto path of a sadistic Hero chapter 2

"Groan" "What happened said a young woman with white hair coming out of a purple headdress.

"OHH" "Evelyn is that you oh I missed you so much"

"Teela I missed you too where are w-" but before she could finish her sentence Teela had leaped to her and started kissing her and trying to remove her clothes.

"AHEM" "I think I should tell you whats going on before you two decide to do what I think you were about to do" said Naruto.

"WHo are you and why are you here" said Evelyn (Name is now Evelyn instead of Evil lyn since she joined the good side before being put in the crystal).

"I am the Descendant of both He man and Skeletor I am Naruto level 1 sorcerer until I completely fuse with Skeletors sword/swords and I inherited the power of the elders I can't really explain how I know its just once that robot over there named Roboto gave me the swords and the havoc staff I knew everything anyway you two should start training again being in that crystal for over three thousand years has got to have dulled some of your strength and reflexes so get to training."

"Who do you think you are ordering us around like that" yelled Teela and Evelyn at the same time.

Naruto's eyes took on a Dark red glow and he said "I am going to save this world like my ancestor He man but I will be sadistic to my enemies like my ancestor Keldor/Skeletor I also know that I have a powerful relic to find to grant me the power of a Kami hahahahhahahaahahahahahaaha" He started Laughing Maniacally which kinda turned the girls on but also scared them a little.

"What is your name" asked Teela.

"I am Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze I just found out my real name and how I am here today how each of my ancestors are related to me My name Means Maelstrom of the Whirlpool and I will become the most powerful force the world has ever known."

"you are related to both he-man and Skeletor how is that possible." asked Teela.

Well it all started back when. And for the next three hours they talked and Naruto told them of how he was born and how he was related to both he man and skeletor and how he had the nine tailed fox sealed in him and how it is now out and became Battle fox.

"So are you going back to the village or staying here if you stay here for a few years I can train you in the arts of Sorcery until the merger is completed I mean Skeletor was stronger in magic than I was but I can still teach you until it kicks in what do you say." said Evelyn.

"I would like that but what would your girlfriend think of you flirting with me with power."

"I would not mind as long as she teaches me more magic as well" said teela coming from behind and slapping Evelyn's ass making her yelp and purr at the same time which got a chuckle out of Naruto.

"Well than I accept but I would like to repay you by becoming your protector along with Teelas after we are done but you will serve me once my powers are fully here since I let you out of the crystal do we have a deal" asked Naruto.

"As long as we can do whatever we want when we aren't working then yes we have a deal." said Teela while Evelyn was Checking her ass out and licking her lips.

so for the next three years Naruto was trained in the Sorcery arts by Evelyn and Teela and now it was time to head back to Konoha and raise hell.

Over the three years Evelyn and Teela had slowly fallen in love with Naruto and had asked him out he had agreed saying they had captured his heart but so had three other women he had as guards before he was who he was today and that if they accepted him then he wanted them as well they had agreed and that is where we find Naruto now in bed butt naked with Teela and Evelyn they had fucked for seven hours nonstop the night before and both women could not move there lower regions were aching but it was a good kind of pain for them they loved it and would never ever leave him he was the best and only fuck they had of the male species.

Naruto woke up to a pleasurable feeling he looked down and both Evelyn and Teela were taking turns sucking his cock and balls He grunted and gave them their prize he covered them in his sperm and then watched as they sucked and licked it off of eachothers naked bodies which made him rock hard again but they could not do anything since they needed to head to Konoha in a few minutes so with Reluctuance Naruto went to the bathroom to jerk himself off and then took a quick water spell to clean himself off and then got in his ancestors dark robes and the snake armor under it but it was different his robe had the kanji for second coming of the skeleton and under it had the Immortal champion of light.

The girls got up as well and were using the water spell on themselves and were now heading out the door to Konoha which was gonna shit themselves when Naruto got there for they thought he was dead and now they will think he rose from the dead to take his revenge since he had a sick twisted grin on his face the whole time.

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