Hiya everyone! Welcome to my new Yi San story which was about Song Yeon and Chobi who had have enough of being single and decides to go out on blind dates to find the perfect guy for them. But Dae Su realizes what was the girls are going to do and rushes to tell Lee San who was the new king of Joseon. Both of them are shocked that the girls are going on blind dates and began looking for them to stop the blind dates or they'll never be able to have a happy future with the two girls they liked. I hope you guys enjoy it! You too TenTenD! ^_-

Disclaimer: I don't own anything from the hit Korean drama but I do own this story that was in my head. Also, please don't claim any of my stories as your own creations but you can make your own version if you want to.


This story is different from my other story "To rescue the woman I love" but still takes place after the death of Won Bin and the time when Song Yeon found her younger brother. Oh and this story occurs aftter Song Yeon sees her brother again but not when Lee San comes to see her himself like in episode 62. Sorry guys. I just had this idea in my mind.

Soon after the death of Won Bin and the crisis of the Christians being arrested by Hong Guk Young is over after Song Yeon found her younger brother, everything is at peace at Seoul.

At Mak Soon's tavern, Chobi is surprised as she sits at one of the tables with Song Yeon "Wow! You are going to Kyoha to see your younger brother Song Yeon?".

Song Yeon nods her head "Yes Chobi...besides, I just want to see how he is doing and I hope he likes his job to feed the poor and helping them because I'm sure that helping them is what he wanted to do for his future".

Chobi smiles at her "Aww that's nice of him to do that for those people...oh and do you think that he'll get a girlfriend someday?".

Song Yeon looks at her friend "Why do you ask me that question Chobi?". Chobi begins to act like a lovey dovey girl "Because I wish that your brother would be lucky enough to find a nice girl to be his wife someday".

Then she has a idea in her mind "Say...come to think of it...you and I are single and we didn't have a date yet since there's no guys asking you to go out with one of them and I" and then she became saddened "...I was never asked to go out on a date either...never once in my life" and then she became cheerful "...but this time *giggle*...I'm going to go find a perfect man on a blind date and you should too because I heard that one of my friends who was single for so long chose to go out on a blind date and eureka! She has found a perfect man and they got married a few weeks later! That's why I'm going to go out on a blind date and hope that I found my perfect match! Would you like to go on a blind date Song Yeon? I know it's a good solution to help us!".

Song Yeon became quiet as she became sad. She already has the perfect man that she loves and it is only Lee San who holds the key to her heart and it is he that she really wants to be with but the problem is...they've different because she is just a lowly commoner while Lee San is the king of Joseon. Not only that, his mother objects the very idea of seeing her son marrying a commoner and threatened Song Yeon to never see him again because she won't allow a commoner to be a part of the royal family. Song Yeon has now found herself in a difficult situation and she now she has two choices that is now running through her mind as she thought to herself 'What should I do?...Do I have to go out on a blind date like Chobi decides?...Or should I tell Lee San that I really do want to be with him?' and then she shook her head 'No...I can't...his mother won't let me be with him...there's only one thing I must do'.

Song Yeon then gave her friend a smile "Ok...let's have a blind date but after I see my younger brother". Chobi became happy as she giggles along with Song Yeon.

Unknown to them, they didn't notice Dal Ho who was on his way to work was eavesdropping on the girls' conversation and was very shocked as hides behind the wall of Mak Soon's house and whispers to himself "What? Blind date? I better go tell Dae Su about this because this is not good...definitely not good!" and then he rushes himself to the palace as quick as he can.

Meanwhile, Dae Su was at the drill hall shooting arrows at a painting that has a face of a boar. He was wondering to himself about what he should do now after the incident was done and over with. He was also wonders if he should let Lee San know that Song Yeon really does love him the most.

All the sudden, he hears the voice of his uncle "Park Dae Su! Park Dae Su!" which causes him to stop shooting arrows and he turns around to see his uncle running to him frantically and stops.

"Uncle! What are you doing here? Is there something wrong? " said Dae Su who was wondering why his uncle is panicking.

Dal Ho who was now dressed in his uniforms explains to him "S-Song Yeon and Chobi are planning to go out on blind dates after they see Song Yeon's brother! Please let his majesty know about his this because this is a catastrophe! Hurry!".

Dae Su gasped in shock "W-What? Song Yeon and Chobi are going out on blind dates! Oh no! I gotta go tell his majesty now!" and then he ran to the grand palace. He felt upset about what the two girls are about to do...especially the thought of seeing Song Yeon and Chobi out with another guys has angered him...including the very idea of seeing Chobi flirting with a new guy.

Wait for part 2 everyone! Bye! ^^