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Night time came and all was quiet at Kyoha, but on a night like this...there's been a lot of tensions as Song Yeon and Yi San sat next to each other under a tree filled with cherry blossoms for a few hours and didn't even make a move or saying anything. (The same one from episode 62). The reasons why they didn't speak to each other in silence because they were having thoughts to themselves and were now recollecting the events that has happened earlier in the day in their minds.

Song Yeon who was feeling very gloomy is now regretting for hurting Lee San's feelings as she has a thought in her mind '...It's now or never...I have to make a confession and a apology to Lee San because I know that I have been hurting his feelings from not accepting his proposal to be his concubine earlier before Won Bin came...and for being happy on a blind date with a guy who was a jerk in front of Lee San and didn't noticed him spying on me and Chobi with Dae Su...this is all my fault for hurting him for what I did to him four times emotionally...maybe I should tell him that I'm sorry...deeply sorry'. She then turns her head slowly to Lee San who was still upset, sad and silent in his mind while sitting on the left side which Song Yeon already knows that he was still upset and sad from the hard events that has happened to him whenever he was with Song Yeon and without her which depressed him greatly. She then feels deep guilt conquering her because she knows that it was her fault for depressing him and made him feel that way for the terrible emotional things she has done to him and she was now wondering if saying sorry to him can help him overcome his depressions and be happy again because all she wanted from him was his smile and his growing love for her as she has always seen him everytime they meet. She then quietly take out her red bag and pulls out the red belt that San gave her to help her remember the time when she was little . She remembers that her arm was hurt and San wrapped his belt around her arm to stop the bleeding. She has kept it in order to remember San so that way she won't forget him.

She then breathed in some air slowly and exhale out because she has now made up her mind to start speeking to him and she did "San...I know that I have done terrible things to you 4 times...like the time when I was forced to go to Qing (China) for months and came back to the capital on foot but I got sick instead...and when I first refused to be your concubine earlier before Won Bin came and was now deceased without a child...saving my brother who was being framed along with his group by Hong Guk Young and ended up in the prison...and now...I chose to go out on a blind date that my friend Chobi told me about and I was having fun with a guy without noticing you seeing us and I didn't know that you were there..." and then she begins to cry and hung her head as she cries out "*sniff*...I...I am so sorry San...I really am...*sob*...I didn't mean to hurt you like this...it's just that I...*sob*...I".

Suddenly she felt a hand on her left shoulder which made her gasp and she raises her head, only to see Lee San kneeling in front of her with a emotional face and spoke to her " Song Yeon...it's alright...I forgive you for what you did...I have thought things over to myself while thinking about the stuff that has happened about us...and I was willing to forgive you for what you did...but...why did you refused me before Won Bin came?". Song Yeon was silent for a few moments as she remembers the harsh treatment that San's mother did to her and forbids her to be a part of the royal family which has frightened her even memory of it in her mind. She then stands up "I...I can't tell you...I-I gotta go".

But just as she was about to leave, San stands up and turns her around to him "Song Yeon...I know why you won't tell me...it's because of my mother isn't it?". Song Yeon still didn't say anything because she doesn't want to say that it was San's mother's fault and doesn't want to tell on her or she'll feel more guilty in her heart.

San however knows the answer that Dae Su has already told him one time last night and he has been thinking about asking Song Yeon to be his concubine until the shocking news about Song Yeon going out on a blind date which would ruined his chance to have Song Yeon as his concubine which is why he decides to stop her. He then decides to speak " *sigh*...Dae Su already told me what has happened when she forbids you to be my concubine and I've been thinking about asking you one more time...and I just can't risk letting another man taking you away from me as someone's wife...that's why I've followed you so that I can find a way to have a chance to make you be with me as my wife, my concubine, and a important someone to be by my side".

Song Yeon was surprised by his words to her but she then hung her head below his eye level "But San, I can't...I'm just a lowly damo, a lowly commoner who has no right to be royalty...and to be your concubine...how can I be with you, a king who must help his people and his family and his country, and to defeat his eneemies who wants to harm him while protecting his country at the same time...how can I ever dream of being with someone who is different from me who was of low status and a lowly damo?...how can I even think that we were meant to be together forever?...how could I even thought about giving my poor warm heart to you?"

But Lee San has enough of hearing her words and shake her shoulder a little "Song Yeon! Listen to me!...when we were young, I wasn't a crown prince back then but just a young boy who has lost his father who was still a crown prince and met you, a special friend who may be a commoner but has the courage to help me until we saw each other again when I became a crown prince and were still good friends...but you were more than a friend, a commoner, and a damo Song Yeon...you were a special important woman who were always by my side and a important person I wanted to protect and to be with me forever...I know that I may be a little selfish but all I wanted was be happy with you by my side as my concubine and a woman that I want to spend the rest of my life until the end...please don't say that we never meant to be together because if you did, my heart will be broken without you with me while you were spending the rest of your life with someone else...and it's alright for you to give me your poor heart because I know that you have wanted to give your love to me so I will keep it because I wanted to give you my heart too...so please don't lose it...and come back to the palace with me...and those are the words that I'm telling you as a man, not a king".

Song Yeon was touched by his words 'San...'. As the couple stared at each other in deep thought and silence, wind begins to blow and cherry blossoms falls down from the tree but the couple didn't notice because they have keep their eyes on each other with emotional feelings of love for each other. Song Yeon then smiles at him while tears fell down from her eyes "Yes San...I will spend the rest of my life with you...thank you for accepting me, a lowly commoner who has a poor heart...and thank you for loving me".

Lee San felt hapiness within himself as tears wells up in his eyes because he was now glad that Song Yeon has made up her mind and have decided to come back to the palace with him as his concubine. He then gestured his hand at his old belt from his childhood that he used to wrap around Song Yeon's arm. Song Yeon noticed his gesture and gave his belt back to him. He then gently takes it and wraps it on Song Yeon's wrist like the last time when they were both young children. He then gaze up at her and stroke her cheek with his right hand. Song Yeon blushed from the warm and gentle touch of his hand on her soft cheek that makes her feel contentment from San's right hand on her cheek.

Suddenly, Lee San pulls Song Yeon closer to him with both of his hands and hugs her. He then quickly connected his lips to her lips and made their kiss lasted like forever. Song Yeon was surprised at first but then she closed her eyes and accepted his kiss without having the urge to push him away while hugging him close to her. Lee San then closed his eyes as well but kept his lips connected to his true love's lips.

Both Song Yeon and Lee San were now very glad that they were now together forever and won't let each other go for eternity because their love was far longer than forever.

(Isn't this romantic guys? ^^ P.S. I got more love ideas from watching the animated film from Nest's The Swan Princess and it still remains one of my favorite animated movies).

Meanwhile, Chobi and Dae Su were sitting on some rocks nearby a river a little far away from Lee San and Song Yeon to give them space and privacy. They too haven't said a word to each other nor stare at each other in silence as the hung their heads and stared at the water that has shown their reflections like a mirror that it is still not rippled or cracked.

Chobi then sighs and finally begins to speak "Why did you do this to me Dae Su?". Dae Su became confused and looked at her with a dumbfounded expression on his face "What do you mean Chobi?". Suddenly, he noticed Chobi's face change from being calm to angry as she turns her face to him and gritted her teeth "What do I mean? Hey! Let me tell you something Park Dae Su! I was just trying to find a special man to spend the rest of my life with and you've ruined it! Don't you even realize that I am sick and tired of being a single lady and I just wanted to have a quiet simple happily ever after with a man to be my soulmate and the father of my children in the future? Why did you ruined my blind date? Even Song Yeon wanted to be happy too when we've decided to go find two handsome guys for ourselves to be our soulmate and you and your friend have eventually ruined our double date! How could you? You jerk!". As she was about to slap him on the face, she gasped when Dae Su's grabs her hand just in time to stop him and he begins to explain "Hey! I'm a jerk? Let me tell you something Yang Chobi! Have you even forgotten that you have met me first when I was at the military exam and not that guy that you were trying to have a good time today on your blind date? You got me really upset today when I saw you two being all lovey dovey on that table sharing each other meal's, laughing, and allowing him to stroke your cheek. I got really ticked off and I've decided to prevent him from touching you and becoming your boyfriend!".

Chobi however was still upset and struggles to free her hand from Dae Su's grip "Hey! Who do you think you are? You never gave me any gifts or asking me out on a date! You didn't even bother to talk to me every time you see me and I always thought that you wanted to see me! But noooo...I was wrong! Are you clueless Park Dae Su? I even now thought that you were too clueless to realize that I liked you! I even also realize that I've chose the wrong guy to like and I've decided to go back to my house in the capital and be on my way without seeing your face everywhere to make me sick from liking someone who didn't even like me! Now let go of my hand you".

Unfortunately, Dae Su didn't let go of her hand. Instead, he cuts her words off by pulling her hand to him which causes Chobi to collide against him and uses his other hand to her body against him. Chobi was surprised as she felt herself colliding against Dae Su "Whoa!".

Then suddenly, they collided to the ground together but Dae Su's uses his back to hit on the ground and he pulls Chobi closer to him and he kissed her right away as their lips touched each other. Chobi blushed in embarassment at first, but then she felt relexed and contented as she kept her lips connected against Dae Su's because she felt so breathless against his lips.

A few minutes later, they let go and Dae Su begins to talk to her with a smile on his face "Hey...do you think that I really don't like you?...then how about our first kiss?...Does it mean that I don't like you at all?". Chobi shook her head "No, not at all...can you tell me why?".

Dae Su chuckles and begins to explain to her "Then let me tell you...at first I thought of you as a friend which I do everytime I saw you...but in reality, I do like you but I have to keep my feelings hidden because I have to keep my mind focused on protecting the king from anyone who wants to kill him...also, I hope you don't forget the one time when I came to see you when you were sick because I was worried about your health and I wondered if you would be ok and you are now which made me feel glad...oh and here's another thing, my uncle always asks me when will I get married which gave me a lot of time to myself to think about it...then I thought about you but I don't know if you'll accept me since I'm not a rich person like the lords or the merchants...I was not even sure if you want to be my wife".

Chobi giggles and gently touched his nose with her finger "*giggle* What are you saying Park Dae Su? Of course I will marry you! But you took a very long time to ask me and I was waiting for you to propose to me for a long time!".

Dae Su smiles and laughs joyfully at her touch on his nose "*laughs* Ok then! I shall propose to you but how about letting me stand up first so that way I can propose to you like a man?".

Chobi nodded her head while smiling a him with a sheepish look on her face "Oh! Of course Dae Su!" and then she stands on the ground front him and watches as he gets up on his knees and put one foot on the ground and straightened his back up and gripped Chobi's hands in both of his hands and stares at her with stars in his eyes "Yang Chobi, will you be my wife?".

Of course, Yang Chobi giggles and said "Yes Park Dae Su! I will be your wife!". Dae Su became happy and he stands up straight and kissed his fiancee quickly as he pulls her toward him and pressed their bodies together like glue. After that, they fell to the ground once again and continues their kiss just like Lee San and Song Yeon who kept their lips locked to each other with all of their love for each other.

At the end, Lee San takes Song Yeon back to the palace and makes an announcement that Song Yeon will be his concubine. Of course, a few people protests at first but they didn't say anything nor do anything against it because it was the king's command and choice to be with the woman he loves the most. About 3 days later, Song Yeon and Lee San married and spent their first night together as a everlasting couple.

Even Chobi and Dae Su got married too about 2 days later and they have spent their first night together at a vancancy house nearby a river where no one will bother them. Meanwhile, their friends goes to Mak Soon's tavern to celebrate the two couple weddings.

The end.

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