How to make a Yellow Ranger hate you 1

"Hiya!" Emily yelled, whacking a training dummy hard with her stick, "hur…hiya!"

"I am innocent, please don't kill me!" a high voice called from behind it.

Smiling, Emily giggled, "Mi-ike."

"Hello," his head popped up behind it.

Laughing, she pulled him out from it and hit him gently with her sword. Grinning, he raised up his. The two were soon sparring fiercely.

"Whoa!" Mike went tumbling when she smacked him.

"Oops!" she knelt beside him, "are you okay?"

"Ice pack, please," he requested. Blushing, she sat him down inside and sat a pack of frozen peas on his side.

"This reminds me of when we fought NegaTron," she commented, sitting beside him on her chair.

"Yeah," he nodded, "you sure sounded like you got bullied a lot when you were little."

"Totally," she agreed, "but I'm fine now."

"Want to know something?" Mike looked sheepish, "sometimes I was a bit of a bully to others."

"Why?" she asked with a gasp, "no way."

"I was insecure," he admitted, "but I'm better now. I regret it."

"Well, at least you do," she nodded, "I mean, some of those bullies just seemed to live to torture me. Well, one at least."

"Who was that?"

"His name was.." Emily was cut off by the doorbell, "I've got it. Stay put." She smiled at her big brother before answering the door. "Hello?" she greeted the figure, "can I-I-I!"

The Yellow Samurai gaped at the person before her. He was a little taller than Mike with dirty blonde hair a little in his forest eyes and a small smile was on his face. He had a faint mustace, and he looked about her age. He wore an orange shirt, ripped blue jeans, and tennis shoes of snow.

"Hey," he greeted her, "is this the Shiba House?" Then he looked at her closer. "Wait," he studied her for a minute before grinning a slightly evil smile, "I know you. Crybaby Emily!"

She screamed and slammed the door shut. The girl ran into the meeting room and hid behind a plant.

"Who is it?" Mia asked and she and Jayden entered, looking worried.

"A bully," she whimpered.

Raising an eyebrow, Mentor, who was nearby, answered the door. Emily ran into her and Mia's room, shutting the door and locking it.

"Can I help you?" Ji asked the boy.

"Yes," he nodded, "may I enter?"

Shrugging, the elder let him in. Jayden and Mike coaxed Emily out, and the Samurai sat in their circle.

"So who are you?" Mia asked.

"I want to be your Orange Ranger," the boy answered, "and I am Joey Finstin."

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