It- It's a she?" Rachel eyes welled up. Quinn laughed annoyingly. "Is that all you got from what I just said. That we're having a girl!" She didn't even notice what she said, until she saw the other girls eyes widen in shock. But then they relaxed and Rachel beamed of happiness. "We?" She was crying. So was Quinn. "Yes, silly! We!" She gave Rachel the biggest and most beautiful smile ever. "We're having a baby girl" They closed the space between them and hugged each other. Every part of their fronts was touching. They didn't feel like two anymore, but one. One whole. "I love you too, Q. You have no idea how much I love you, and how much a love he,." Rachel put her hand to Quinn's belly. "and how you have saved me from myself. Thank you"

"No thank you. And see, you're not nothing. You're a mom. And a girlfriend and a soul mate and one day, you'll be a wife. You'll be my wife." They kissed. And it was a kiss none of them had ever experienced before. It was a kiss filled with love, passion, hopes, dreams, longing and most of all, the future. Their future, together