Title: Heartbreak and Life

Author: Sora Hoshi

Universe: Gundam Wing A/C

Rating: T

Couple: Heero(01) x Duo(02)

Warnings & Timeline: Swearing, attempted suicide scene, mentions of rape, OOCness, Post-War by…3 years maybe? Time line in story cover's about 3 years. Three-shot.

Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wing. If I did, the Gundam's would still be around, Quatre would be ruling the world, and Relena would be locked away in a psycho ward!

Summary: Heero has left for the final time. Duo can't handle it. Will Quatre get there in time or will everything be smashed to pieces by the death of one of their own? 01x02, 03x04, 05 is in here, but no romance for him! (Sorry!)


Chapter 1

We're over Duo. This just…it isn't working out.

It's over.




Duo couldn't concentrate. It had been three days since Heero had left forever. He'd kept his promise to the princess and went off to rescue her again. Their fights always seemed to revolve around Relena Peacecraft and Duo's issues with her. It was never Heero's fault for leaving, of course he couldn't say no. Not ever. Not on their first year anniversary, Quatre and Trowa's wedding… A choked sob shoved it's way out of his throat, rocking his whole body back and forth in one move.

He couldn't handle this. The emptiness he felt now. Heero used to cover it up…when he was there. But now he was gone. Forever.




Duo had thought long and hard these past few days, wondering what he should do. Wufei was busy with the Preventer's, he couldn't bother him. Quatre and Trowa were off to a summit meeting. Hilde was on L2, cleaning up the streets with a lot of the older street rats. Heero had convinced him to live here on Earth and now he was regretting his agreement. The anti-depressant pills were looking more and more welcoming, but he couldn't leave. If Heero came back…he had to fix this. He had to…but he couldn't. Heero was gone. Long gone. Probably off protecting the Pink Panic again.

Looking at the bottle of Tricyclic antidepressants, he sighed and got to work. Writing out a note to Quatre was the easiest, yet hardest thing he had ever had to do.

Hey Q-ball,

Sorry to do this to you. I know you'll blame yourself, but don't. Don't blame Heero, don't blame anyone. This was my choice. I'm giving you my things, if anyone wants something specific, let them have it if you don't want it. Trowa does get my knives sets though. He can give them others if he likes, but…careful there are a few G-sets I made personally but never told anyone about. The metal came from all of our buddies. You know what I'm talking about. Everything you don't want to keep, give to Hilde on L2. She'll know what to do with it to put it to use.

Please don't blame yourself. I just…I can't handle it Quatre. He's gone. I can't-he's gone. There's nothing I can do. I'm so sorry Quatre. I know I'm taking the cowards way out. Curse me, yell at my memory, but don't blame yourself, don't cry Q.

Live for me, please?

I never got to go to the beach. Do that with Trowa for me, will you? Spend a day there-just the two of you. Go swimming with the sharks, scuba in the Australian Coral Reef, hang-glide in the Grand Canyon. Scream from the top of a mountain in the Alps. Just…don't mourn me Quatre.

I'm happy I'm finally moving on. Really. You knew what happened at Oz. You know I have issues from my childhood. To me, it's a relief.

Heero was the band-aid, but my bandage had to be taken off at some point. Don't blame him. I knew it was important for the Pink Princess to be guarded. I accepted that. Please Quatre, don't blame him. Blame me for not being strong enough, just don't blame Heero. He was there for me for the longest time, helping me heal some. I knew he would grow tired of it sooner or later. It just turned out to be sooner than I thought.

I love you Kitty-Quat. I love Trowa and Wufei and most of all Heero. Please don't mourn. Don't ask why. Please. I don't want you to be too sad, but I know you will be, if only a bit. Please don't cry to much.

Thanks for everything Quatre Rebarba Winner. I love you like a brother, and always will.

Duo "Shinigami" Maxwell
L2's own Maxwell's Demon

It took two hours and so many different drafts Duo lost count, but he finally finished the letter. It was serious, a tone he almost never used, but he couldn't bring himself to put a happy note into it. Relief and shame were riddled throughout him, but he couldn't handle it. Tear drops smeared all of the notes, but he managed to keep the final one mostly clean of his tears. There were only five smudges. Five Pilots. Five Gundams. His mind listed to him as he wrote Quatre's name on the front and set the letter on the table underneath the coaster he was going to set his glass on once he drank down the cocktail.

He poured a glass of water, crushed the pills and put the powder inside. It took him a half hour to work up the nerve to down the glass, wrinkling his nose at the smell of the contaminated drink. Everything was neat, just as neat as when Heero arrived and left five…or was it seven?...days ago.

He laid back on the couch where the TV was, the room was dark and cold, the air-conditioning buzzing as his mind grew dark. Closing his eyes to the world so he didn't see his vision darkening, he drifted off to sleep, knowing it was one he would never wake up from.


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