Title: By Your Side – An Outbound Futuretake

By: aftrnoondlight

Rating: M

Summary: Out of the clouds, grounded in life lived loud, Edward and Bella share their loving chaos ahead and now. A futuretake from Outbound

AN: Thank you so much for reading. We're honored, grateful to be part of such a kind, important compilation.

ffpassion, obsmama and carenl read, guide and support. Thank you sweet ladies, love you.

The quote belongs to 'The Rise and Fall of Mount Majestic' It's a beautiful truth.

Much peace xo p and j

"Life is a mess and a miracle. So pick up a broom and dance."

from Edward, ahead and then

"Maybe tomorrow… It's an open house?" Distracted, I shrugged, sweeping dried thyme into my hand to clean. "Wait, no, we have Lily's Spring recital thing."

"I'm not going." A defiant and true, Autumn leaped down from the metal prep table in the kitchen corner, arms crossed. We humored, nodding. Riley and I gathered the last, stacking platters, chests and trays.

"That conversion in Bucktown is primo though," he sold swift through the back door.

"Yeah, Bella loves the view of abandoned railroad tracks," I mused sarcastic, tightening Autumn's haphazard ponytail. She darted, laughing.

"It's a naturalindustrial area."

"Yes. It is." I handed the last of the gourmet load, then hoisted my girl in the back seat of Riley's SUV. "Exposed conduit is definitely industrial."

"Gives a rustic vibe, come on."

"Not going to happen, man, you know her mind's made up."

He scoffed, mumbling still as he slipped in to drive. "You guys just don't appreciate a solid historical aesthetic. Seriously…. Oh what about the apartment in Logan Square?" I slammed the door, he rolled down the window.

"Mary's waiting on this food. Ceremony's in a few hours."

"Edward, an excuse at every turn. You've got three kids, a pregnant wife. You need more space."

He snapped, hit the wheel, grinning, winking. "Let's buy up the joint next door…" he pointed, "Do a massive knock out, you'd be up to 1500 square feet, at least." I shook, smirking possibility.

"Bye, Daddy," Autumn screamed, biting into a sneaky, gooey treat from the party loot, kicking red leather cowboy boots. Waving, I bolted by threes up the back stairs, filled with a cool Spring draft. Pulling my sauce stained fleece over, I worked off my t-shirt and unlocked the door, Charlotte greeted me lazy.

A quick pour and slow sip of noonday wine settled all the early reception food prep. After mazing through cloth dolls and juggling balls, I found a sleeping Bella, wedged and tucked precariously with her ninth month challenge on the leather sofa. Even breathing, deep and calm, arms wrapped over her perfect belly.

I unbuttoned, unzipped and slid in behind. Shifting, faint humming, she pressed back into my need. Skimming her neck, inhaling, I tickled to wake. "Your hair's wet."

A shiver and sigh, she whispered, "I actually showered… amazing, huh? Please be impressed." Pulling my arm around closer to see, gripping my wrist and cold thick metal. "What time is it? Do we have time? Everyone's waiting. The girls are probably ripping down pretty things. Petals off flowers. Oh god. I don't know."

"Shhhh." I tasted, smoothing lower, tipping her slightly into the chilled dark cushion.



"You smell like garlic. Oh my god… lots of garlic, garlic, more garlic…" A playful cringe, left me teasing harder.

"Garlic bbq lamb." I slowly opened her mint green robe. "Garlic mushroom tart." I skimmed over and down bare arms, fingertips, twisting our platinum band. "Steamed mussels with sake and garlic." I teased up between her full breasts, feathering tender nipples, gently teasing taut. "Garlic and parsley stuffed shrimp."

"Okay. Okay… no more. Stop. Please stop. You have to stop," she squealed, I tucked tighter. My fingers teasing lower, closer.

"Stop what… " I whispered over her creamy bare shoulder, dusting wet lips down her throat. Our breathing shallowed, reactively restless. Wet warmth between her thighs, my thumb slipped over sensitive skin. "This? You want me to stop this?" Searching, moaning our lips met, tongues urged as I played her like she loved.

Easing her leg back over mine, I slid my cock between and through. "No, no, no don't you stop… there…" She gasped as I entered, pushing slow. "Yes." We lost ourselves inside out. A rhythm grew more desperate by the thrust. Time alone, savored, knowing. She clawed, nails digging at slick leather as our pace quickened. I spread her wider, as she reached down gently grazing where we met.

"Fuck." I angled, faster, harder, both edging the end. "Fucking touch me, baby… You know what that does to me."

"Mmmm…" She whimpered, then louder as she came. I pressed once, twice, deeper burying into her damp hair, neck.

"Bella." We breathed, blissed, slowing moments exposed in our vaulted, quiet loft. I settled, falling back opposite to take her in. Smug, hazy smiles on a cool March afternoon.

"That was random and amazing." Toes dug into my naked thigh, I faked a bite and nibble.

"What is this?" I wide eyed the neon yellow glitter paint.

"Sunshine and sparkles. I think. Fuck, I don't know. It's all I could find. Lily has wonderful taste, you know." We mirrored proud, ridiculous smiles as I smoothed up, tracing her knee.

"Its possible I did send a bit of something you do like over to Mary's. Sans garlic."

"You did?" She suddenly crawled, arched brow, vixen but silly. "Like what?" Squeezing into my lap, small, soft kisses warmed my neck, ear.

"Tater tot casserole… your current obsession." Rounding the baby belly, I held.

"You're so good to me. I should marry you. And have your four… million children." Tugging my lip with teasing teeth, we laughed, collapsing closer.

"We'll have our own basketball team soon."

"See. Exactly. Our own all girls basketball team."

"Babe. I've already called this one. Mary and I know," I scoffed, she stroked.

"We only make girls, Edward. End of story." The land line blasted through our peace and nonsense. Bella reached, I pulled.

"Don't," I warned.

Aunt B… where are you guys? Aunt Mary thought you'd be here already... Cora just puked on Lily's dress. She's crying. Of course. And my mom just called… from the Congo. So yeah. Where are you guys?

"Shit. Poor Mak. Poor Cora. And Lily… oh boy! Ahhhhhh! We need to go, don't we?" She stood, a parting bare glance. As she leaned to kiss and motivate, I teased tender, trying to prolong. Raking through my hair, she balanced, my forehead at her middle. "Don't you dare start again, Edward." I circled lower. "I mean it, I swear… fuck…" She tipped her head back, tightening her grip for balance. "Nope. We have to go. Dammit. God, poor Cora. She might be getting the flu, Edward. Okay. Come on!" I grabbed her ass as she hurried her escape. "Come help me. I need help. There's wraps and ties and a lot happening with this Mary Swan maternity original bridal party business. And Emily called. Christ."

Copious dark green shine, shoes tossed and kicked and worn again, we readied. Bella ran slow down my matching silk tie after knotting, she stared. "Are you good?"

"Sure. Why?" I dusted reassurance over her blushed cheek.

"Because you're you and you love your sister and I know you miss her. And today is new."

"It's not new. He's ready. It's not about me… or Rose." I laced our fingers, pulling slight towards the door, sated but missing our brood.

"Emmett's happy. Heidi loves him. She loves Henry."

"I know." She stilled, staring. "Baby. I'm fine." More reassurance, lips against her forehead. "You feel warm."

"I'm fine. Good. Super fine and good, actually. It's just… my husband gets me hot… and wet…" A whisper trailed, mumbling to herself, she switched switches, filled a ballerina tote bag. "I really think I'm hornier when I'm pregnant."

"It's not going to be two weeks."

"Shut up." She was dragging then, pulling me and my anxious estimation towards the stairs. Love and loud coos to an aging Charlotte led us out. "This baby is so lazy. I swear it. She's heard the crazy chaos in this life and is going to hang back as long as she can."

"Forty-eight hours. Mark it. Know it. He'll be here," I baited, nodding. "Our toughest point guard yet."


I trailed, following slower, mellow and content in the nearing change. She rambled ahead about wanting salami and olives and old school oyster crackers, swaying towards the energy of the occasion, ultimately carrying her dress shoes in each hand. The sun was low, the air cooler than it should have been, I tugged her back. "Hey…" A light stumble, easy against, our lips brushed.

"See you're not okay. Talk to me. What is it, baby?" We stilled in the street, Mary's shop and home barely up and right.

"I'm full. I don't know." She studied, my favorite smile curling.

"It's all that fucking garlic. Garlic mussels, garlic shrimp, blah, blah… gross." Nodding, eyes narrowed, we burst. "You taste constantly when you cook. I know you do. I've seen you. Tiny tastes here. There." She breathed sharp, her hands suddenly slipped to hold, rub her belly, I noticed, knew and ignored.

"You're insane." Lips soothed, from mouths, to nose, to forehead again. Paused, I held her tighter, smoothing down her back. "I love you."

"You do?" She peeked, winking. Pinching my ass, forcing me forward, she teased relentless.

"What is this hair?" Mary shouted as we laughed, climbing and gripping scrolled rod iron, tipping almost drunk on us.

"Hush, you." Bella breezed by, quick peppered kisses on both of her cheeks. "Someone was bothering me after my shower and I ran out of time." She twisted loose, windy hairs back into the two braided knots at the base of her neck.

"Let me fix you. Oh god just everything. The dress… is… well it was a perfect design three days ago. My god with these boobs of yours right now." Mary pawed, tugging fabric and mumbling. "Look at me, let me see your face. Darling girl, we're in like a twenty four hour zone. Yep indeed."

"You're both crazy. Full of crazy, crazy talk. I need Cora."

"She's got a fever, Bella. You stay away… Then you with all your handsomeness. Come here." I moved in, embracing, Mary hugging harder. "Are you okay today?" She whispered close as Bella tore off.

"I'm fine. You two should be worried about the bride and groom, not me. Really."

"Speaking of the groom…" she waved her hands wild, collapsing dramatic against the dark wood of the vestibule. "He's quiet. Too quiet. I mean he should be reflective, but he's been here all day, up in that guest bedroom." I tightened, wondering. She trailed, straightening the layers of dark glass beads at her neck. "I worry. I worry about his heart. It's a lot. But she's lovely. Isn't she lovely?" A horrific crash, glass and noise sliced through. Autumn. Had to be. Mary leaped, gesturing hysteria. "Jesus and all of it! I'm too old for this shit! There better not be blood! I still have things to do!"

I edged open the guest room door. Emmett righted, standing to greet me without words. He perched again at the end of the bed, I fell opposite into the chair near the stained glass window, shrugging out of my suit jacket. "She'd like her, I think." I nodded, allowing the quiet, necessary vent. "They're different. Way different. But… yeah."

"She'd roll her eyes at you right now, you know, man?"

He grinned, focusing away and out. "I know." He gripped through, over his low, hung head. "I miss that attitude. It kept me honest…"

"Yeah, she kept us straight, for sure."

"Remember our wedding. Rose was… Shit. That was a wild day."

"It was fucking freezing is what it was." We laughed, each in our own space.

"She had this… theme. You know? She wanted this whole winter thing going on… I don't know. She looked perfect though," he stilled, twisting his mouth, fighting damp eyes. "I miss her."

"Emmett, this is a good day. Heidi's a great woman. You've had a solid year to know. And Henry… he's thriving."

"Well, this looks like serious business." Bella walked in carefully, a sleeping, burning Cora in pink flowered footed pajamas splayed across her chest, straddling the swell. The genuine comfort in her face and charm effortlessly easing the truth. Kissing the top of Emmett's head, she wrapped a tight arm around. "We love you, you know. And we love her too. You deserve this." Emmett kissed Bella's hand, gracious, then a cheek, Cora's too and flashed me a brave, knowing smirk. "Do you want me to help with your tie?"

He sighed, thoughtful. "I think I'll have her do it."

"Absolutely. Of course." We filed out, settled and ready. Bella hung back shifting Cora to me. "I need to sit down. Just like a few seconds. I don't know maybe more. Oh and Autumn won't take off her jeans, by the way. She's wearing jeans to this wedding. I don't care. Who cares right?" Suddenly she offered a finger over my mouth to hush, though it was her diatribe. She pointed to a huddle of teen whispers and sharing, we froze to eavesdrop. Mak and Henry were leaned back, hiding chill in the small angled stair landing eve. Earbuds and faint tunes hung between them, an oft lifeline.

"Have you told them?"

"No. Not really. I want them to just know. Like, just ask me." Bella weakened against me, causing Cora to rustle. "Dude, they're like so ridiculously busy though. And where am I supposed to sleep? And the twins are so bossy. Oh my god, Autumn acts just like Aunt B, it's kinda hilarious."

"Am I bossy? I am not."Bella cringed, still holding underneath her stomach.

"What about here? You know Aunt Mary would totally take you in." Bella gasped, shaking shocked.

"Take her in? Edward. She's not an orphan. No. No. No."

"I love Aunt Mary."

"She's crazy cool."

"But B's like… I mean she's like more my mom than my mom. That's stupid. Right? Ugh."

"Totally stupid," Henry smirked.

Bella smacked my chest. "He gets that teasing from you, she scolded. "It's not stupid, baby girl. Oh god, I knew it. We knew it, Edward."

"Does Heidi feel like a mom yet?"

"No… but she's okay. I don't really need another mom. I have… had mine. My dad's lightened up though. I mean they do their thing. I've got my music." Bella spun, wiping tears. "I can't take this. Edward, please."

"Baby, you don't have to ask. Stop it."

"Tummy," Cora cried, surprising, Mary appeared from the phantom spirit of space grabbing her, darting further down the hall, screaming instructions of space heaters, globe lights, and plum colored lanterns in her wake.

"And we need to hurry, the sky is changing right this damn minute and it's the perfect shade of pinkish something and it'd be fabulous in photos…"

We gathered. No chairs, just near and around Emmett and Heidi and Henry. Balanced, loving, open and honest, we were part of what they bridged. Bribed to behave, Autumn kept her limbs still, Lily mirrored Heidi, and pajama clad, blanket wrapped Cora snored sick to round out our real… Bella shifted closer, obviously uncomfortable, tugging and situating her cashmere wrap. And suddenly in a seamless chain of laughable chaos, Emmett kissed his bride, Bella wide eyed winced, and Mary gasped.

"Did your water just break. Your water just broke. Her water just broke!" Mary's volume and hysteria increased. Bella shushed and I won.

"I'm fine. Carry on. Wait! You guys oh my god I'm so sorry. I think I need to hurry." We raced through teak tables of full food, guests and confusion, Mary followed, shouting.

"Party on gorgeous friends! It's number four. Shouldn't take too long. Tyler, grab the whiskey and some cake on your way!"


from Bella, now

"Do you hear that?" Whispering, his palm dusts my cheek. We stare, white down cozy and facing. I wrinkle my nose, still and flirting. Hands drift slow, over my side, under my worn, milk and baby stained t-shirt. Tickles lend goosebumps, we smile.

I press closer, his body begging under cover, toes warring for warmth on a fresh September morning. I mouth and wonder, "What?" Silent pause, straining to note action, the kids, the construction and renovation.

He slips lower, my belly and back up, teasing my sensitive breasts. His tongue slides below my ear, his breath warm. "Nothing." Finally naughty, blissed possibility echos between us. Arched, knowing brows mirror, we untangle bare legs as I roll into him, lips pressed against his collarbone, I taste. His touch, urgent hands rough and capable drift down my naked back to my ass pulling me tighter.

"We better take advantage of this, don't you think?" Husky, low he offers the best proposition. I smile against his throat as a soft chuckle escapes him. We're ever grateful for the random moments of peace in our wondrous house full of crazy. Spontaneous sex and connection ground and preserve the sane soul.

He gently pushes me back, I fall ready and revved into the pillows behind. Gaze locked, he lifts onto an elbow, then finds the way back to the skin under my t-shirt. Closing eyes, I get lost in the soft touch of his lips against the corner of my mouth, once and twice… then capturing fully. He strokes lower as we deepen. I pull at his nape, needing more, closer, fingers too at his waist, more desperate. Indescribable heat flowing as he touches and takes.

"Baby, go lock the door," I groan, then giggle light. "Hurry!" Darting narrowed eyes, he grumps pushing off the bed.

I sit up, quickly pulling my shirt over to toss. Hips lifting, I pull my panties down and throw them his way. "Cute." He shuts, soft click and turn. He leans against the door, straightening to play as I lie bare waiting. My fingers tenderly tease over my own swells, nipples tightening, peak.

Heavy eyes drift as I softly caress over and down my body. His breath quickens, eyes skim lower, his tongue slides over the swell of his lip. He pushes his boxer briefs over tanned, toned legs, makes his way to me.

Settling on knees between my legs, he begins at my calves… sliding skin against skin, long, rough fingers, tickle behind and continue their path to my thighs, tightening his grip. I arch as his thumbs graze my pussy, more intense deliberate with each pass.

My eyes spring suddenly, I buck against the heat of his breath over my aroused flesh. "Edward…" His tongue glides over, his hold harder at my waist while he explores, tasting, sucking gently, and then his tongue glides over my slit before he sucks gently at my clit. I twist our cotton sheets for leverage as he works up, circling my belly button, my favorite rough morning stubble and wet kisses move toward my breasts, the weight of his cock rests at my leg. I shift desperate, wanting, ready, he tortures. As his tongue swirls one nipple, he teases the other, I bury into the morning mess on his head. He laughs light watching me struggle, eyes fluttering. "Fuck. You're killing me."

"Shhhh… baby, you're so beautiful. I'm just enjoying."

I tilt my hips, begging to be filled. He tugs my lip with teeth to quiet and quell, we find a sweeter rhythm, he strokes my inner thigh, opening me further. He rotates, a subtle tease, he forces his tongue as he slides his cock in. Moans caught through a deeper kiss, he stills. Braced above me, he slowly lowers his forehead to mine, pulling back and catching my stare.

I trace his taut jaw as he regains control. "I know, baby, I know." I skate over muscles, down his back, to his waist, he guides my leg over his hip, falling deeper. I smooth down his flexing arms caging and warm, he pushes in, slow, sensation full. Racing hearts, rising need… I moan, wanting more. "God, that feels so good… please, Edward."

Self control stripped, his want to savor loses battle as I wrap my other leg around. I meet each deep thrust, digging fingers further with intent. Our mouths brush, hover heavy, panting.

"Shit, you feel amazing… I don't want it to fucking end…"

His ragged admission, his cock filling me, dragging perfect over my clit, the heat builds. Fucking exquisite, I'm beyond and passed lost. I'm falling, fast, hard, the sweetest sensations flowing through. He pumps, his own need now, rougher, drawing me present from pleasure. He stiffens, rolling through a groan. "Goddamn, Bella."

He lowers, rolling us to our sides, he wraps strong, as we slow. Eyes widening, radiating bliss, pure goodness. "Hi." Nuzzling, dragging down his nose.

"Did I wear you out?" He smirks, ego stroked. I pinch his ass, mocking silly. He hums to tease and appreciate, my lips softly meet his.

"I'm a mother of four. Technically five. Including a teenager. You cannot wear me out." He scoffs, forcing my hand around and down his waning erection.

"I think I can. I know I can."

"I love this. But… Jack needs…"

"Yes, I know about Jack's needs. He's got you wrapped around his fat baby fingers." He slips into yesterday's jeans and disappears. I float, waiting for my tiniest sugar. Collective fleeting noise fills the space. Morning life coming to, I renew, breathing deep, appreciating all, surprise squeals, dog barks, piano pounds… Mine. Ours.

Edward tucks baby Jack, a protective cradle hold, outward to see. Wide, new blue eyes shift from his daddy to running water to clanging pans to big sisters who know lyrics to songs they shouldn't. "So your first quiche, little man." I rest against the only preserved brick wall in our ever changing space, watching, loving. Edward moves easy, natural holding him against his warmth and strength, reaching the stove, the fridge, ingredients there, here. "I tried this with your mom once." A goofy grin and silly eyes… I stifled to stay hidden. "The entire point of a quiche is the crust. If you screw that up…" Lily interrupts with babydoll issues and Autumn thinks there's toxic dust in her chocolate milk. Edward deals, barely blinking, pausing only to blow raspberries over Jack's baby belly. It's hypnotic, this scene. Mine. Ours. Happy. Dirty. Living loud. "So, see… Jack, the ladies like when a man can cook… And a good quiche, will seal the deal. Okay, we start with flouring our surface…"

We stared through his swallow. "So why this and not the others?" I asked quietly.

He propped, resting his head against his hand. The shine of his large watch illuminated green eyes. He considered, thought and pause; his face was suddenly so expressive and beautiful.

"The flavor is almost impossible to define… right? It's mysterious, overwhelming. So much happening at once." He trailed a finger near my temple, agonizing and igniting. "It reminds me of a complicated woman who's worth… every moment of trouble." My hand was in his, teasing across knuckles. "So… did I accomplish my goal?"

"Your goal?" I whispered, lost in sensation, as fingers dusted across my palm.

"The beer. You'll come have another… with me… soon?"


Thank you so much for reading. We're honored, grateful to be part of such a kind, important compilation.

ffpassion, obsmama and carenl read, guide and support. Thank you sweet ladies, love you.

The quote belongs to 'The Rise and Fall of Mount Majestic' It's a beautiful truth.

Much peace xo p and j