To Mask or Not to Mask

Chapter 1

It was a peaceful and quiet morning in the village of Konoha. Weeks have gone by since the whole incident of when Sakura had worn the Mask of Loki and used its power to cause mayhem and mischief amongst the others, including Naruto. But after realizing the dangers and the conseqences of using said item, Sakura was forced to give it up for the good of the village. But in actuality, she had given up a hand made fake one while keeping the real one for herself, hiding it within her closet. Though from time to time, she would often sneak off at night while wearing the Mask, embarking on mischievous adventures all the while causing problems for most of the native villains around the land, especially Orochimaru.

Sakura had recently came back to the village after foiling an Akatsuki ambush attempt by subjecting them to various things like atomic wedgies, explosives and many other tactics. She dashed to her apartment and walked inside, smiling with glee.

"Wow, what a night. I am tired out, but at least I had fun." said Sakura before taking off the mask and putting it in the closet, closing the door afterwards.

"All I need is a nice, warm bath and then I can relax."

She then headed into the bathroom and closed the door. However, while she was taking a bath, an unknown being creeped in through the window. Sneaking towards the closet, the mystery person opened the door and grabbed the mask. Closing the closet door, the being then snuck back out.

"Hehehe, I have a feeling that things are gonna get very interesting from here on." said the being with a female voice.

The next morning...

Today was a just like any ordinary day in Konoha. It was almost like everyone had completely forgotten about the mask incident, even though they actually didn't. The only ones who knew more about it were Naruto, Sasuke, Kakashi, Ino, and of course, Sakura, whom was responsible for said event.

Speaking of Ino, she hasn't been seen at all during the morning, which confused some of the villagers.

"Has anyone seen Ino, she wasn't at the academy." mentioned Naruto.

"Maybe she was sick." said Sakura.

"Hmph, like that would ever happen." said Sasuke.

"This doesn't make sense, why would Ino just disappear so suddenly. It's not like her to wander off."

"I hope she's not missing."

But their conversation was soon interrupted when they noticed what looked like a mini tornado coming towards them with a large dust cloud engulfing it as it twirled in place. It soon came to a screeching halt. The dust cloud cleared away to reveal none other than Ino Yamanaka, whose face was bright green, complete with a large cartoon grin, as well as a thinner, sexier looking body.

"HEY EVERYBODY." she greeted loudly.

"Someone tell me I'm dreaming, this can't be happening again." said Naruto in disbelief.

"Oh it's happening cubby. This is for real, HA HA HA."

"How did she get the mask, I kept it locked up in my closet." thought Sakura.

"I thought Kakashi had gotten rid of the mask."

"Looks like he did a bad job with it." said Sasuke.

The moment Ino had noticed Sasuke, her eyes popped out of her sockets in the shape of red hearts and her tongue drooped from her mouth in a cartoonish fashion. Her heart also beat out of her chest, shaped like a valentine heart. She also wolf whistled at him and howled like a wolf.


Stretching one leg forward, Ino zipped straight up to Sasuke.

"Hi there hot stuff."

"Excuse you?"

"Alas my darling, for it is faith and destiny that have brought us together. Let our love burn with the utmost passion while sharing a peaceful moment alone together, mon cherie."

Sakura could feel her body becoming tensed up. Her hands slowly balled themselves into fists. The sight of Ino trying to seduce Sasuke made her jealousy rise up to a critical point. She felt like beating Ino to a pulp right about now.


"What's this, do I sense a little hostility, Sakura old pal?"

"What are you talking about?"

"It's me, The Mask."

"Ino, how did you find the mask?" she asked, even though she knew where she really found it.

"Ino's not available right now. Of course this makes things more fun. Since I'm back, there's so much more I have to do. But if you'll excuse me, I've got myself a date with a hot guy."

Grabbing Sasuke by his arm, she took off running.

"COME BACK HERE YOU LUNATIC." yelled Sakura as she headed off after her.

"What's going on out here?" asked Kakashi, who just appeared.

"Ino somehow found the mask and now she's wearing it. She kidnapped Sasuke while Sakura just went after her." Naruto explained.

Sometime later...

"Oh Sasuke, this is so romantic. The two of us alone together, sitting by the lake." said Ino as she snuggled up against Sasuke, whom was currently tied up with a large red ribbon.

"I have nothing to say to you." said Sasuke.

"Ooh la la, is there something that is, how you say, troubling you mon cherie?"


"Ooh you are so flattering. That's makes me hot, now come here and give momma a little sugar sweety pie."

Sasuke's eyes went wide with shock as he turned his head to look at Ino puckering her smacking lips to the point where they were as big as his head. Sasuke desperately tried to move away, but to no avail as he remembered that he was tied up.

But before her lips could even touch him, she was suddenly punched in the air by Sakura, sending her splashing into the lake.

"Sasuke, are you alright?" she asked.

"I'm fine, just get me out of here."

Right as she was about to untie him, a giant hand reached out from the lake and grabbed Sakura, followed by a giant sized Ino emerging from the lake.

"Oh, trying to disrupt my date huh, I'll show you."

"Sasuke's not on a date with you. You just forced him into it by dragging him along you crazy slimeball." argued Sakura.

"I'd love to stay and chat, but I'm busy at the moment. SO GO TAKE A SWIM."

She then threw her far out in the middle of the lake. After changing herself back to normal size, she then grabbed Sasuke and dashed off again.

Three hours later...

Ino had went off into the bowels of the forest to continue her so called "date" with Sasuke, whom was still tied up, all the while sitting across from her at a firmly decorated table, complete with a set of three lit candles in the center.

Sasuke sighed with annoyance and looked away, all the while Ino was busy staring at him affectionately, with small red hearts flowing around her head.

"This is, how you say, quite romantic and heartwarming, no?" asked Ino with a french accent.

"Not on your life." said Sasuke.

"Oh come on, is they're anything that a pretty girl such as me can do to please you?"


"How about some croissants?" she asked while presenting him with a plate of croissants.





"No way."

"Hmm, he's more harder to get at than I thought, but I haven't given up yet." she thought to herself as an idea came to mind.

"Let's just skip all this and get down to the good part. Do you know what time it is?"

"No, what time is it, as if I cared?"


Applying some apple red lipstick, Ino puckered up her lips, attempting to kiss him once again. Sasuke tried the best he could to turn away as Ino's lips were only inches away from his face.

"If anyone could put an end to this, now would be the time." thought Sasuke.

Suddenly, right as she was about to get closer, Sakura soon appeared and grabbed her, tossing her away, where she slammed face forward into a large rock.

"I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm glad you're here." said Sasuke.

"Don't mention it. At least I came just in time." said Sakura as she untied him from the ribbon. Afterwards, they ran off.

Soon after they left, Ino used her left hand to peel herself off the rock. She was as flat as paper.

"Look readers, I'm a living outline, HA HA HA."

After restoring herself to normal shape, she began pondering to herself.

"Well. It looks like I've got myself a little competition for Sasuke's affections. I'll get him one way or another. But first, there's a certain cherry blossom that needs to be taught a little lesson. Nothing that a little mischief won't fix. I'll be able to do some things to her that Ino could never ever do." she said deviously as a devilish smirk appeared on her green lips.

"Kids, don't try this at home. Seriously." she said breaking the fourth wall before speeding off.

To Be Continued

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