I'm Not Gay

Light was aware of the fact that L was staring at him.

Light was also aware of the fact that L was repeatedly writing his last name over and over again, examining it and then returning to staring at Light.

"Why are you staring at me?" Light finally broke the awkward silence between them.

L's lip twitched, and Light noticed this. He narrowed his eyes at the detective and L put his pencil down. He took a spin around in his chair before facing Light.

"I just realized something rather interesting, Light-kun." was L's reply.

Light raised a brow. "What do you mean by that?"

"Well," L began, putting his thumb to his mouth. "I was thinking about how ironic it is that your name is Light when you are very much dark, considering the fact that you are Kira and kill people without hesitation, and then I was thinking about your last name. Ya-ga-mi. Do you not find something amusing about it?"

Light was beyond confused. He found nothing 'amusing' about his last name. "I don't understand what you're trying to say, Ryuuzaki. And I am not Kira."

L's eyes roamed around the room, as if lost in thought. He slowly looked back at Light and smiled, making Light wonder if L had consumed too much sugar.

"Light-kun," L's smiled widened. "I have discovered that your last name spelt backwards is 'I'm a gay', meaning that you are a homosexual."

Light's eyes widened. It took all of L's will power to not fall out of his chair, laugh like a maniac, and maybe even roll on the floor.

"W-What? That can't be true!" Light grabbed the sheet of paper L had been scribbling on and snatched the pencil off the desk, immediately writing his last name frontwards and backwards.

"This… can't be true…." Light murmured. "How could my last name be such a horrendous thing…?"

L wrapped an arm around Light's shoulders as a friendly gesture. "Don't worry, Light-kun. I know you're not gay."

Light broke down crying, and L allowed himself to roll on the floor and laugh like a maniac.

Misa, who had been watching the whole time, frowned to herself. "What is Ryuuzaki talking about? Obviously Light-kun is happy."

Gay = happy?