Author's Note: Well, hello there! In honor of Gakupo's birthday, I decided to start a story I've had in my head for some time. lol! ;-) Anyway, tell me if you want me to continue this, and I will. I'm not exactly sure if this is good writing; I'm too tired to give myself feedback. I need you to do it. Critique is MUCH appreciated... and desired!

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Chapter One

I remember not having a consciousness, you know. Blissful peace and ignorance, that's how I see it today.

I was, in fact... a computer program.

I had all the knowledge I would ever need about the world at my digital fingertips. There was the Internet. And through it, I knew everything I needed to.

About me being a computer program... yeah, I was a singing program. I even had a name; I was Luka Megurine.

Whoever bought me must have been insane, because he had ALL the Vocaloid programs along with me! Well, that's what decided when I was in the computer.

I received code, then I sent code back, yada yada yada. It's all old stuff. Everything was the same.

There were no worries, no pain, no feelings... and there CERTAINLY weren't any purple-haired perverts.

Until there were, of course.

Where did this period of worries, pain, feelings, and purple-headed idiots start?

The day I was abruptly pulled from the computer, I guess.


It was a really weird feeling. For the first time in my not-so-life, I felt... worried.

Everything buzzed. It was like being sucked out of yourself.

I was annoyed. What was going on?

I suddenly felt like I was slowly leaking into something. Believe me, that's a really hard feeling to describe. Imagine it. Try it.

Suddenly, everything was so heavy! Like I was suddenly weighed down.

The buzzing continued, but this time... it was in me.

I suddenly realized I felt something around me.

I heard voices.

Was I... in a human body?

If I was in a human body... that meant I could move!

But just like that, suddenly, I felt a horrible pain in my chest. It was so odd. Like I needed something that I couldn't get...

It was unbearably painful.

I suddenly became aware that I was surrounded by some sort of liquid. Liquid? Maybe a gel...

Voices, as if through a filter, reached by new ears.

"She can't breathe!" I heard.

Breathe? I thought. Oh, so that's what I should do. I knew what breathing was, duh.

I opened my mouth and sucked in a breath-

And inhaled the watery stuff surrounding me.

I heard sort of commotion outside. My eyes were still closed, I couldn't seem... to open them...!

And then, I suddenly blacked out.

I floated down into the darkness of unconsciousness.


The next time I woke up, I immediately realized that I was in a human body. I couldn't move, though.

I groaned, moving my head a little as I slowly opened my-

"IT'S ALIVE!" I heard, and I jerked, startled.

"Look, Gumi, look look look! It's awaaake!"

"Really? It worked?"

"Yeah, yeah, look! It's opening its eyes!"

"Lemme see-"

"No, I wanna see too!"

"MOVE, Gakupo!"

"No- ow! No need to be so rough, Gumi!"

Something bright suddenly shined onto my face, and I squinted into the light.

Two faces swam into existence above me.

One had green, ruffled hair. She looked tired.

The other face was one that I, regrettably, would come to know well in the next few days.

he had a bright, open face and a purple ponytail.

The girl, Gumi, walked away.

"Well," she called. "Good luck with that, I heard my friend's car outside. Have fun!"

I heard her footsteps go farther away, fading.

The purple-headed boy, Gakupo, kept staring at me.

"Hi Luka!" he said, waving.

"What?" I slurred. "What's going on?"

"Oooh, speech program's working!" he muttered to himself, checking something off on a clipboard.

"Hey! Hey, answer my question!" I said, trying to lift my head. I couldn't.

"Hmmm... inquiring. That means the discovery program's working too." Gakupo said to himself, nibbling on his pen tip before scribbling on his board.

"Stop acting like I'm not lying here!" I shouted at him. I was starting to get very angry. I don't like being ignored on the best of days.

"Hm. Recognition program- check!" he said excitedly.

"Hey! Purple-headed loser, listen to me!" I shouted, but he'd turned to check a screen.

"Listen!" I shouted. "I just went through some pretty strange stuff, and now I'm strapped to this bed thingy. You're annoying me, stop checking that! Listen to me!"

"Ah, personality programs!" he said. "Check."

"What-? Personality-?" I stuttered, struggling against my bonds. They held fast. "I don't know what kind of joke this is, but-"

"Only one thing left to check!" he said contentedly, and lifted up the blanket I was under-

Oh goodness, I thought, I'm not wearing any-

I ripped my leg free of a strap and kicked him square in the face.

"OW!" he shouted, falling backwards off his chair.

Ha. I thought smugly. Serves him right.

"Ow, I'm bleeding!" I heard him say.

"Try that one again and I'll kick you harder!" I shouted.

"Let me check!" Gakupo said, holding a tissue to his face as he wobbily got back on his chair. "I need to make sure everything's fine."

He addressed me directly! I thought. Yes, I've gotten to him!

"No way!" I said. "Go look at some porn shows if that's what you wanna see."

Gakupo looked confused, flipping through some notes.

"Why isn't it listening...?" he pondered. "Maybe it's a glitch...?"

"It?" I shouted, turning red. "Why are you calling me 'it'? I'm a person! I can THINK!"

"Uh, no you can't." Gakupo muttered. "You're a machine. An imitation of a living person."

Rage and confusion and disgust piled up inside me.

He thought I was an IT?

"Listen, you," I hissed. "Maybe something in your little project went wrong, but I can think, and-"

"I can't argue with a computer." he muttered. "I command you to stop talking."

"You COMMAND me?" I sputtered. "You can't tell me to do anything! I'm my own person!"

"Hmmm. Maybe it's a glitch in the personality program?" he muttered.

I bit my lip angrily.

"Now, you listen." I said. "I'm not a computer, I can feel things, emotions! See? Right now I'm ANGRY! And I want to MURDER you! Isn't that enough proof, idiot?"

"That's odd. I don't remember and death threats programmed into the speech... program..." he said to himself, scratching his head with his stupid purple pen.

I decided to try appealing to his human side.

"Your hair looks like a LADY!" I shouted.

"What?" he shouted.


"My hair-!" he gibbered, "Is not a Lady's hair! It's an ancient Samurai hair style, one that's been passed down from generation to generation in my family and-"

"Well then all your ancestors were GUYS who... who looked like ladies!" I said.

"STOP TALKING!" he shouted. "I command you to stop talking!"

I stuck my tounge out at him.

He glowered at me.

"Maybe I should just shut it down and forget about it." he mumbled under his breath, pushing off in his chair towards a control panel with lots of buttons.

My breath caught in my throat.

Oh no.

Oh, no no no.

"No!" I shouted. "Stop!"

"Stop what?" he muttered.

"Don't shut me down!" I shouted to him. "Please!"

"I need to start over again." he muttered. "These programs aren't working."

"No, they're... they're working fine!" I half screamed.

"No, if they were working fine then you'd listen to me." Gakupo said. "You're not supposed to be telling me that you're human."

Angry tears gathered in my eyes.

I started thrashing, trying to get out of my cot.

"H-hey! Stop that!" Gakupo said, scooting away from me in his chair.

"Don't shut me down!" I yelled. "I can actually think like a normal human, I promise, I can! I'll listen to you, I promise! Just don't turn me off! I want to live!"

"Great." he said, scratching something on his notepad. "This is so not working."

I broke into desperate tears, screaming loudly.

"Ow!" he shouted, covering his ears. "Stop that!"

I screamed higher, higher, higher still. My voice rose to new heights.

I heard some glass break. Gakupo's eyes widened.

"Okay, okay, I won't shut you down!" he yelled over the thin whine of my high-pitched scream. "Just SHUT UP!"

I stopped, content.

Suddenly, something flew over my mouth.

A gag.

My shouts and curses were muffled by it, unheard. I still shook the entire cot I was on, trying to get off, to run away-!

My eyes widened in fear as I saw him start walking towards the red button that would kill me.

With a last, huge burst of strength, I ripped free of all the straps holding me.

I felt many sharp pains as all the needles that had been plugged into my body were ripped out. My blood oozed out all over me.

I didn't care.

I was free.

Gakupo gasped and he launched himself towards the big red button-

I threw myself at him, a my fists a flurry of punches as they rained down on his face. He cried out in pain and I landed on him.

I suddenly realized that my blanket had slipped off when I ripped free.

I was mortified for a second, when I suddenly realized that I was wearing a white hospital-like gown under it.


It was transparent.

This was most decidedly not going well.

I pinned him under me, seething with anger. I could tell that he really didn't want to push me off, mostly out of fear that he would... touch anything. Heh.

Suddenly, I felt really dizzy.

"Your life support is gone." Gakupo said, raising his eyebrows. "You're going to shut down anyway."

"Not before I can beat you to a pulp!" I screamed.

Uh-oh, I thought. He was getting up.

He grabbed me and started standing up.

I latched onto him, my fingernails digging into his exposed skin.

"Ow!" he shouted. "You're a computer, you're not supposed to want anything! Ow!"

"Well, I do!" I yelled, trying to pound my fists against him. It wasn't working. I was loosing strength- and fast.

I needed to do something.

Now I'm going to have to beg for my life. I thought angrily. How humiliating.

I broke into sobbing, still holding onto him. His eyes widened and his eyebrows disappeared into his bright purple bangs.

"Please don't shut me down!" I sobbed, shaking his shoulders. "I don't wanna die, I'll listen to all your commands, I promise! And I'll do anything you want, just please, don't shut me down!"

I guess the sight of me weeping was just too much for the idiot to bear.

"Well..." he said.

But then, suddenly, my sight started swimming in front of my eyes. The whole world was blurring before me.

"No...!" I heard myself say.

I felt... the blanket over me again. Part of me sighed in relief.

And then... there was darkness.