EDIT: OH, YOU GUYS, MAKING ME FEEL BAD- of course I'll update once in a while! I just wants to explain why I was a little reluctant on new chapters n' such. But YES, I will keep updating- in just a little bit! ^_^

I'M SORRY, YOU GUYS- but this story is going on hiatus!

Why, you ask?

Well, I was listening to some GakuLuka the other day, and I realized that the characters in this story were NOT Gakupo and Luka. They were random person #1 and random person #2. To me, at least, they didn't have that old GakuLuka feel that my other stories had.



I had an AMAZING idea for another GakuLuka! A VERY AMAZING IDEA. And so, I've started a new fanfiction, one that I will update WAY more regularly and that will be more awesome than this one in general. It's called, "A Traveller with a Taste for Tuna", and it's up on my author profile.

If you don't wanna go read it, you don't have to- but let me just tell you, I am going to make it as AWESOME as possible.

Believe me, if you liked this fic, you do NOT want to miss this next one! XD

Thanks for your understanding,