Katara rubbed her big belly as she made her way towards the living room. "Katara, hurry up, the boy's interview is going to be on soon."

"Yeah, you try to hurry up when you have to carry a baby for almost 7 months and have to pee like every minute." Katara grumbled as she came into the living room. Suki was waiting on the couch for her. Once Katara sat down, she let out a sigh of relaxation. "Just wait until you're pregnant, you will be singing a different tune."

"Speaking of singing a different tune, are you going to sing on the boy's next album? Ever since Haru released the first couple recordings they did with you, the fans apparently can't get enough of you." Suki teased.

She scoffed, "Yeah, I'll totally try to sing when I have a baby inside me. Maybe after the baby is born."

"Shh," She hushed her friend, "They're on!"

"Welcome back to Music World. As you know, my name is Jack Carter and with me is the multiple award winning band, 'Flaming Gates'. We have their Drummer, Aang, their Bassist, Sokka and their Guitarist, Zuko. How's it going guys?" Jack asked.

They all smiled, "It's good to be on the show."

"Now from what I've heard, you're lead singer, Haru, is busy with family issues and that's why he isn't here?"

Zuko nodded, "Yeah, it's not really family issues, but it's more like he missed his mommy and daddy."

They laughed, "Well I guess that's good nothing bad happened, but I wanted to ask you guys about your touring and CDs, how's that going for you all?"

"Tour is hell," Aang joked, making the live audience laugh, "It's not the fan or the shows, we can't get enough of that. But it's traveling on a tour bus. Since we all either have girlfriends or wives, we get really lonely...then Sokka decides that crawling into someone's bunk would make everything better." Jack and the audience laughed.

"Well that's embarrassing," Suki laughed.

"Try sharing a last name with him for your whole life..."

"But other than that, we all love the fans, they're like our other family. It's a great feeling to play big arenas full of people you can be on the same level." Aang said.

"So, you're latest album, 'Stopping the Rabbit' isn't the most normal titles, especially for a band named 'Flaming Gates'. Can you tell us what's behind the name for this album?"

Zuko laughed, "Well, back when we started out, when we only had our town as our fans, we went by the name 'Stopping the Rabbit' and did our first demo with 'Heart of Gold' and all of that. On that album, we went back to our original roots and wrote songs like that, so we kind of paid homage to our old name by naming it that."

Jack nodded, "Cool cool, being a huge fan since you're guy's first album. I know huge mega fans like myself love hearing how you guys are off the stage and away from the music, what are some funny tour stories you have?" The three of them already started chuckling, "I guess you guys already have something in mind?"

Aang nodded, "Yeah. So, as you know, we ALWAYS tour with 'Unholy Forest' no matter what, even if their album hasn't come out yet, we wait until it is and tour with them. And also as you know, Haru is married to their bassist, Hikari." He nodded. "Well, when we are at our hotels, we like to get drunk and hang out with each other. One time, we were in Seattle and Haru got plastered. He tried showing us a magic trick by putting a pretzel into one of Zuko's beers. Once he realized that it made NO sense at all, we made Ben, the drummer, carry him up to his room. Well, it had been like 30 minutes and he still hadn't come back down from putting Haru to bed. So, we all went up to see what happened...and Haru had locked himself in the bathroom, yelling that Ben broke into his hotel room and was trying to rape him." Jack started to laugh. "It took like another hour after that before Hikari got him out."

"Wow, that's interesting," Jack wiped a tear from his eye.

"Yeah, we haven't let him live that down," Zuko added.

"Well, speaking about wives, I was also hoping we can talk about the leaders of the 'Girls of the Flaming Gates'." Jack brought up.

Aang laughed, "Is that what they're calling it now?"

"Yeah and all of your female fans look up to your wives. They even have a official website now."

Sokka laughed, "God, that's amazing."

"We have fans?" Katara asked.

Suki shrugged, "I guess so."

"Now, let's start with your girlfriend Zuko. Toph Bei Fong, did I say that right?" Zuko nodded. "Now Pro Motocross rider. She's quite a rebel."

He laughed, "Yeah, she's insane, but the love of my life."

"Are there any signs of you two tying the knot anytime soon?"

"Maybe. I guess I might have to since she actually got a tattoo of our names on her arm." Zuko joked. "But seriously, it's up to her. I brought up the idea back during our second album, but she didn't answer."

"Well, we would all like to see you two settle down. Now, Sokka, your wife. She works as a higher up in your record producer's company. How's that going with you two?"

Sokka shifted in his seat. "It's going great. Unfortunately we got married right before this tour, so we didn't get to go through that honeymoon phase, but when we get home, I don't think I'm leaving the house for a couple days." The audience gave whistles as Aang and Zuko pretended to gag.

"He didn't really say that on TV did he?" Katara asked, pinching the bridge of her nose.

Suki smiled, "I think it was sweet."

"You do realize that my mother and your mother in law is probably watching this also right?"

She shrugged, "She knows we have sex, it's not like it's a secret."

"Now, let's talk about the main couple of this group. Aang, you and your wife Katara." He smiled as Jack brought up her name. "Now, being a fan, I've heard many rumors about you two getting together. Like the main one of you saving her life from being shot. Then there is another one where you had to fight Sokka for the right to date her."

Aang and Sokka laughed. "Wow, people do like rumors don't they? No, I didn't have to fight Sokka to be with Katara...but I actually did get shot at one point when we started dating. But that's a whole 'nother story. Katara and I...we had been best friends for years. We both secretly liked each other for years until we had finally admitted our feelings to each other."

"Yeah, but not without all the drama," Zuko said, "It was seriously like a soap opera with those two."

"So what finally gave you the courage to finally talk it out with her?"

He smiled, "Well, we like to call it a 'Life Changing Text'."

"Life Changing Text?"

Aang nodded, "Yeah, mostly because if we didn't finally admit our feelings, it wouldn't have set the chain of events that got the band to where it is today."

"Wow, that sounds like things that could only happen in movies."

"Yeah, it's pretty amazing."

"Well, we have to take a commercial break, but when we come back, more with the band 'Flaming Gates'." Jack turned back to the band as the theme music started playing and went to the commercials.

"Aw," Suki nudged her friend, "You and Aang's 'Life Changing Text'."

Katara shook her head, "Shut up Suki." She felt her phone vibrate. Katara opened it up to see it was Aang.

Aang: Are you watching the show?

Katara: Yeah, I can't believe Sokka said that on TV...

Aang: I know, I told him after that you were going to kill him for that.

Katara: How long ago was that recorded?

Aang: I think we did it like earlier this week, why?

Katara: I thought it was live.

Aang: Nope. Thank God it wasn't because they had to cut out one of our stories about catching Hikari and Haru on one of the tour buses. Anyways, how's our child?

Katara: He's great. He's waiting for Daddy to be here so he can come out.

Aang: We'll be home tomorrow, our plane is going to leave in an hour. I can't wait to see you two.

Katara: Neither can we. Tell Sokka he's an idiot and that I love him.

Aang: You got it.

Katara: Before you go, I wanted to say...I love how you blushed when you were talking about the text 3

Aang: :) Well it's because you are the one that got us to where we are now. How happy are you that you answered that text that night?

Katara: You have no idea ;)