Spin the Bottle

based off of CP Coulter's Dalton

"Come on, guys! We're going to be late" Derek called out to Logan and Julian, who were busy playing tennis in the exclusive tennis courts at Logan's summer house in the Hamptons. Logan looked up, still smirking after beating Julian about five times. As a child, Logan had learned to play tennis from his father. Logan's father loved preppy, dignified sports like tennis and golf because he thought that they showed voters that he was a rich and dignified person. Even in the old days, before Logan had come out to his family or before he had begun to struggle with his anger, he hadn't got along well with his father. Both were competitive and intense, and tennis matches between them had turned into battles. Now, though, Logan mused, all those years of practice had paid off. Julian, although desperately trying to hide his fatigue, could not help from doubling over. His breath came out in quick gusts and the blood pumped though the vessels in his face. Logan, on the other hand, was the image of effortless glory. His light blond hair wasn't even too ruffled. Logan glanced at Derek and his bright eyes glinted with mischief.

"Yeah, I'm ready to go. It's not very exciting playing tennis with an old lady."

Julian, still trying to breathe normally, glared at Logan, before the two of them joined Derek inside the elaborately-decorated beach house. The three boys took turns in the shower, and Julian rushed in first because sweat poured over his face and body. They needed to hurry because it was already nine and they needed to get to the party by ten at the latest. Logan's friend Anthony, whom he had known since a young age, always invited Logan to his notoriously crazy annual summer parties. The teens didn't want to miss one second of this party.

"Shoot!" Julian cursed as he looks for his favorite faded plaid shirt. He rummaged through his clothes, tossing them all around the room in the process.

"Jules, have you seen my pills?"

Julian took great care not to look at Logan, who just got out of the shower with a wrapped snug around him. Julian pretended to continue looking for the shirt that he had already found, and replied with flawless calm that he had seen the pills on the kitchen table.

As Logan left the room, Julian let out his breath. Julian thanked the heavens, for about the millionth time, for his acting skills. Logan never noticed how Julian's breath caught in his throat whenever he approached. 'He never will,' sighed Julian as he picked up his dark classy sunglasses from the floor.

Twenty minutes later, all three boys hopped into Derek's shiny black Ferrari. They had agreed that Derek would drive there, and that Julian would drive back. Julian's agent had made him promise a while back that he wouldn't ever get drunk at parties, because he needed his best judgement in case any of his fan-girls recognized him through his sunglasses– which happened more often than not. Julian agreed reluctantly because the alternative was having body guards with him whenever he went out for the night. Logan, on the other hand, was allowed to drink as long as he took his medication. His doctor warned him that if he was ever drunk and un-medicated, he would become even more aggressive and impulsive than usual. Not even Logan was that rebellious, and, in this one case, he took his meds without a fuss. If he ever went over the line and got arrested, Logan knew that his father would kill him. Logan could see the newspaper headlines: "Politician loses election due to rowdy, delinquent son." He wondered how his father could possibly distance himself from him even more. Maybe he would dis-own him. He would claim that it was all just a mistake and that Logan was not his son. Not that Logan cared what his father thought of him...

As the Mercedes pulled up to the curb outside the club, Derek and Julian let out small gasps of shock. The loud music coming out of the small, dark building, practically rocked the building with its vibrations. Logan, having gone to Anthony's parties before, simply smiled at his friends' dumbfounded faces.

"I told you it was crazy," Logan laughed, "those rumors you heard- they're all true."

The boys exited the car and made their way to the door, not quite knowing what to expect. They all had a feeling that this night was going to be more insane than even the rumors suggested.