Luigi's Mansion: Death before Life

(Anthology of 24 four stories from the beyond)


Gus Simmons

Story One

The Starving Artist

Many, many years ago there was a house located at the top of a hill, outside the Mushroom Kingdom, just in the forbidden area of named Boo Woods. There, there was an artist named Vincent Van Gore; he was from another world, like the Plumbers.

Van Gore was an artist who painted ghosts and he was cursed because the King didn't wanted to buy his work. He lived in a mansion in the middle of the Boo Woods, all alone with all his works. His family was in another world and he wanted to be with them so he tried to paint them but he only painted ghouls. Then a rogue Boo, who was the king of them all made. The ghost king made a pact with the artist that he could reunite him with his family but only if he made a sacrifice.

So the artist hung up in the attic and die by chocking himself. His body was disposed and as it was promised Boo made a family to move to the mansion a few years later. It was a big family, composed by a father, a mother, twin boys, a baby, a butler, granny and a dog; and, then, more people came, and the mansion was colorful and vibrant once again.

The artist was angry because he was feeling alone. So he put a plan in motion and started to kill all family members so he could be with his family one more time.

He started to draw his ghouls and with the help of Boo, they came to life and they started to spook all the guests in the house. It was awful because when everyone started to die the mansion started to fade away and yet he was feeling alone because no one was paying attention to him.

But then, the King of the Boos offered a deal, that he would return the artist back to life but he had to offer two plumbers in sacrifice in order to his life to be restored. The plumbers hold immense power and they were causing mischief so the artist organized his troop and asked his family to kidnap the eldest of the brothers to lure the youngest one into the mansion and kill both so life could be brought again, albeit he lied.