Chapter Six

Kagome knew what her Mate wanted. It was written on his face, in his body language, in the way he took her body. He was desperate. It had been like this a year ago, when his Demon had made that first appearance. He was hard and fast, his hips slamming into hers, his cock burying itself over and over in her body. She wrapped her arms around his heaving, sweat coated body. His nails dug into the back of her thighs and while she'd come so many times she'd lost count, she didn't try to stop him.

This was her husband, her Mate. She didn't really understand where this urgency came from but she took it because she loved him. He was harder than he'd ever been before, his Demon desperate. Even through the aches and pains in her body, her body was delirious from the pleasure. Each thrust was heavy and deep, hitting her womb—he made sure of that. He hadn't wasted one drop of his seed. He'd made sure everything was buried deep in her womb and whatever oozed out from between them…he gave her more in return. God, there was no way she wouldn't be pregnant after this. She couldn't—

His arms came down against her sides, his hands fisting in her hair and jerking her head back so that she was staring up into his bloodshot eyes. He thrust his hips hard and held and she felt the hot pulse of his seed shooting deep. A shudder wracked her body at the heated familiar wetness. She felt every hard pulsing jet and then he ground his hips against hers, pressing high and hard up inside her. She lifted her hand and trailed her fingers down his cheek, felt the rumbling growl that resulted from it.

He leaned down and brushed his lips over hers and for a moment she thought her Inuyasha was back but then he was thrusting again, his movements slow and slick from his seed. She was tired but she held onto him as he rose over her. She pressed her forehead against his chest as he kept up that slow rhythm, grinding his seed in every place inside. It never ceased to amaze her that in this form he never seemed to tire…

'Make me come again.' His harsh voice whispered in her mind. She tightened her arms around him, her fingers twisting in his silvery hair. 'Again…' He rolled his hips. 'Make me come again.'

His teeth nipped her neck, scraping soft skin as he withdrew, slowly dragging his cock back till only the thick head remained inside. And then his voice filled her mind again. No, he said it out loud. "I'll come when you do."

His hips slammed into hers, his dick eliciting a cry from her lips. God, she couldn't possibly come again. But she knew she was. He wasn't going to come again until she did—and he was going to come even if it killed him. His hands slid down her back, ignoring the pressure of rocks digging into his skin until he cupped her ass and jerked her up to meet his thrusts, clenching those pale globes in his hands. He thrust hard and fast, his hips pounding, forcing him deep over and over.

And it was so fucking hot. Kagome didn't understand it, they'd done this so many times before…But only with his Demon did his most carnal sensations, feelings, pour into her. And Jesus, was she feeling. She wanted to scream, to cry, but she bit his shoulder as each thrust had her crying out. She was terrified of someone hearing her, of hearing Inuyasha, because they would try to stop him.

They didn't understand his needs…

She sobbed as his thrusts hardened, that familiar sound of flesh slapping against flesh filling her ears. His head fell back above her, the moon high lighting his Demonic features as he took her. He…was so…beautiful…He bared his teeth as he thrust; his eyes clenched shut, his face twisted in pleasure. She moaned, the sound only pushing him closer over that violent edge—he loved to hear those noises from her. She could feel him growing harder inside of her, stretching her further, throbbing violently.

"Now." He hissed out as his thrusts grew almost frenzied. "Now."

A shudder shook her body at the command and it had nothing to do with the way his thrusts were making her shake. She could feel the rush of his seed pushing up through his cock, stretching him, and then she felt the first heavy spurt seconds before her climax tore through her. It was harder than before. Maybe because he was coming and coming…He bore down on her, his weight heavy, locking his cock deep inside as she convulsed around him, her cries muffled against his shoulder.


"Hold me." His hoarse voice came. Kagome lifted her weak arms without hesitation and wrapped them around Inuyasha's heaving form. His body was slick with sweat as he struggled to breath against her. She could feel the immense satisfaction in his body, the exhaustion that kept him from leaving her. His Demon had made his sudden appearance and then he'd gone.

Had he…?

She tightened her arms around him, running her hands through his damp hair. "I love you." She whispered. He felt so good against her, so warm. His breath came in low breathes against her, finally. And then he rose up, his lips sliding over her neck. It wasn't an entirely sexual move. It was more of contentment. A need to touch her. Then his lips touched hers before he dropped his forehead over hers.

Familiar golden eyes met hers. "Love you too, wench." He murmured against her lips before dropping his head to rest against the slope of her breasts. One of his hands smoothed over her hips, his nails soothing her stinging skin.

"I'm alright." She whispered, as if sensing he wanted to ask that senseless question.

But his hand just moved over her hip, and then up before back down…before settling on her stomach and pausing. She felt him inhale, growing still…and then he kissed the base of her neck.

"Well I'll be damned…" Inuyasha murmured against her skin.

The End

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