He was bloody, sore, tired, yet still managed to drag his friend out of the building and onto the roof. It had been a long, long night. Too long in his opinion. And he had lost a lot of good people. But he would grieve later. Right now, he had to get the attention of the helicopter thumping overhead, get his friend some help. As long as he kept him alive, as long as he kept them both alive, then none of this would have been in vain. The deaths of his other friends, people he loved and cared for, wouldn't be in vain.

And he couldn't believe it all started with some meteors…


30 hours earlier…

A piece of balled paper bounced off the side of McGee's head, hitting the ground and rolling under his desk to join the others. Tim, as he had the last few times, tried very hard to ignore the thrower, and returned to typing his report.

"Psst, Probie," a familiar voice whispered, another ball of paper hitting him in the ear. "McTimmy. McIgnoreme. McLookatme…"


"What? What the hell do you want…?" Tim trailed off when he realized it wasn't Tony saying his name the last time. He slowly looked up, green eyes locking on Gibbs' blue ones. "I…I meant…"

"Did you finish your paperwork?" Gibbs questioned opting to ignore McGee's outburst. He sipped his coffee, waiting for his agent to respond.

"Uh, yeah," Tim said adding a few more details. He printed out the page, pushing himself to his feet. He crossed the room, moving toward the printer. Another piece of paper struck him in the side of the head.

"DiNozzo." That one word, in that voice, and Tony was on his feet collecting balls of paper.

"Sorry about that, boss," Tony said hurriedly. "Just trying to get Probie's attention."

"Uh-huh," Gibbs grunted taking a seat at his desk.

"I do believe you were attempting to annoy McGee," Ziva said slowly, joining Tim at the printer. She grabbed her report seconds after Tim got his.

"Nobody asked you, Zee-vah," DiNozzo retorted throwing the crumpled pages away. Ziva threw him a withering stare but chose not to respond.

"DiNozzo is your paperwork done?" Gibbs asked his blue eyes locking on his senior field agent.

"Uh, yeah," Tony replied wandering back to his desk. "Just have to finish a couple things…"

"Uh-huh." Gibbs turned to Ziva and Tim. "You two can head out."

McGee and Ziva walked back to their desks, collected their gear, and headed toward the elevators. "Night, boss," McGee called over his shoulder.

"Good night, Gibbs," Ziva said pressing the button to call the elevator. Gibbs merely grunted and placed his glasses on his face.

"Night Tony," Ziva and Tim said together, sharing a quick look, both smiling.

The elevator doors opened, Tim allowing Ziva to go before him, and he pressed the 1-floor button. The doors slowly closed on Tony saying, "Boss, I've got plans tonight…"

"What do you think his plans are?" Ziva asked curiously, the elevator beginning to move under their feet.

"Knowing Tony, either a date or watching movies. And, the rate he's going, I'm banking on the movies," McGee replied receiving a quiet chuckle from Ziva. It was quiet for a few seconds, the elevator coming to stop and the doors opening, before McGee said, "Did you hear about the meteor shower they are predicting?"

"The news mentioned it," Ziva replied following Tim out of the elevator car.

"I was going to go, but Gibbs kept us too late." McGee was going to go with his neighbor, some guy who moved into his building a few weeks ago. It was Will's version of 'picking up chicks.' McGee didn't really want to 'pick up chicks' he mostly just wanted to watch the meteors. It wasn't exactly a 'once in a lifetime' opportunity, meteor showers occurred about ten times a year, but it was still fascinating…

McGee shook his head, realizing how much he sounded like big of a nerd just then. He was actually pretty glad he didn't repeat any of that to Ziva. Tony thinking he was a mega nerd was one thing, but to have Ziva think it. Of course, there was a possibility she already thought that. Oh well…

"See you tomorrow, McGee," Ziva said once they were outside. McGee shook his head again, to clear it this time, bringing himself back to reality. He had a feeling, mostly by the look Ziva flashed him that she had been speaking while he had been thinking.

"Yeah," he said watching as she headed toward her vehicle, a small smile on her face. "Bye."


Tim made it home around one, Will's car parked in his spot. So, either his plan didn't work or he had brought his 'friend' back to his apartment. Will was no Tony DiNozzo, so he probably returned home alone. Instead of bugging him about the shower now, Tim opted to wait until morning.

He let himself into his apartment, Jethro greeting him with his tongue sticking out and his tail wagging furiously back and forth. Tim scratched his dog behind the ears, dropping all his things onto his couch before sitting down.

"Did Sarah walk you?" he asked the dog. He had paid his sister to take Jethro out on the days he got home late. She was pretty good at calling him if she couldn't do it, and he hadn't gotten a phone call today. So, he was assuming she did as he had paid her to do. He hoped…

"She better," Tim muttered pulling his shoes off. "Otherwise I'm asking for my fifty bucks back." Jethro cocked his head, giving McGee a very 'Gibbs-esque' look. McGee sighed, putting his shoes back on. Just to be on the safe side…


Jethro was sniffing around a telephone pole but had yet to go to the bathroom. It had been almost twenty minutes, and McGee was thinking about calling it a night, when he heard a scream. He spared a quick glance with his dog before they tore after the scream.

Despite every moral fiber screaming at him to turn around, head back to his apartment, he knew he couldn't. He was an agent, damn it, he was going to help however he could. He and Jethro skidded around a corner, stopping at the edge of an alleyway when they noticed a man holding a woman, his mouth clamped to her neck. At first, McGee thought they were doing something vaguely dirty, until Jethro let out a growl.

At the noise, the man tossed the woman aside. She lay still on the concrete, Tim wanting nothing more than to check her out, but before he could move more than a few inches toward her, he spotted the yellowish glow in the man's eyes.

Jethro growled again, yanking on the leash. McGee held him steady, slowly backing up. He was going to call for help, the cops or Gibbs, backup was better than dealing with whatever this thing was. But before he could make it out of the alley, or get his cell phone for that matter, the man attacked.

He sprang at speeds Tim had never seen before, and the only thing McGee could do was raise his arm to defend himself. But the man's attack never connected. The leash was yanked from Tim's hand, a terrible growl causing him to lower his arm.

Jethro had his jaw clamped around the man's arm. McGee was stunned for a few seconds, snapping out of it when Jethro yelped in pain. Tim moved toward a metal pipe sitting next to a dumpster, snatching it off the ground. He turned back to the man, swinging the pipe into the small of his back. McGee wasn't aiming to kill him, just incapacitate him.

Of course, instead of knocking the guy out, the pipe only managed to piss him off. He sprang to his feet, leaving Jethro bleeding on the concrete, and spun to face Tim. McGee's eyes widened, but he gripped the pipe tightly as he slowly backed away from the man. He was barely six steps away when he ran into someone else.

He dropped the pipe in surprise when arms, with long dainty hands, clamped around him. It took Tim a moment to realize it was the woman holding him. She tightened her grip around Tim's middle with strength that she had not appeared to possess. The man continued toward him, his yellow eyes glowing.

McGee's brain almost blanked, panic almost took over, but something Gibbs taught him came back. During one of their 'training sessions' with the older man, he told them (or Tim mostly) to kick out at an attacker if a second had a hold of him. And that's exactly what he did…

He kicked his legs out, using the woman's grip for leverage, and slammed his feet into the guy's chest. He stumbled, falling to the ground. He barely had time to congratulate himself when Tim felt warm breath on his neck, something sticky dripping onto his skin. He actually thought the woman was about to bite him.

Out of nowhere, Jethro flew at the woman. He grabbed her by the neck, yanking her away from Tim, and dragged her to the floor. She let out an inhuman howl, cutting off into a gurgle when Jethro ripped out her jugular.

McGee's eyes widened, he backed several steps away from the woman and his dog. His dog just attacked another person, no he just killed a person, and this time he wasn't doped up or had a piece of knife stuck in his skin. However, before Tim could really dwell on it, he heard an inhuman growl sound from behind him.

He turned, the man slowly walking toward him. McGee scooped the pipe up off the ground, backing up several paces. He wasn't sure what he was planning, the pipe doing no good the last time, but he felt safer with it. However, before he could attack, Jethro dove at the man and ended him the same way he ended the woman.

McGee dropped the pipe, the metal clanging against the concrete. He was shaking, unsure of what had just happened, but he did know one thing. He had to call this in, two people were dead.

He took his phone out, ready to call Gibbs, but froze when he heard a bubbling sound. He turned, watching as both bodies melted into a black, foul smelling mess. McGee gagged, stepping back several paces.

"Come on, Jethro," he whispered, continuing to back out of the alley. He knew he should call for help, but for the life of him he had no idea what to say. How would he explain it? Who would believe this?

Jethro whined, getting McGee's attention. He glanced down at his dog, noticing all the blood. His dog had managed to wound his side, his fur scarlet. McGee knelt next to his dog, checking the wound. It wasn't too deep, could be easily treated.

"C'mon," McGee repeated, his shaking hands picking up the leash. Maybe, if he went home, he'd wake up on his couch having this all have been a dream. A very, very bad dream. It would be the only plausible explanation for the suddenly disappearing bodies. It had to be…


After Tim got home, still slightly shaking from what had happened, he locked his door and did quick work on aiding his dog. Once Jethro's wound was treated, as best as Tim could do until he could get him to the vet, McGee sat perched on his couch. He was still wondering if he should call for help, still attempting to find the best explanation. It must have been somewhere between the mental Tony bashing on him for being crazy and the mental Gibbs suggesting he needed psychiatric help that he fell asleep.

The next thing he was aware of was a growl. He jolted awake, his brain convinced he was surrounded by yellowed eyed people, only to find his apartment empty except for him and his dog. His dog, that happened to be ready to pounce on him, his usual dark eyes glowing yellow.

McGee shouted in surprise, scrambling to his feet. He made to grab his gun, but froze. He couldn't shoot his dog, Abby had given Jethro to him, and he had gotten too attached. It'd be like killing a member of his family. A member of his family that was ready to attack.

Tim narrowly avoided another bite from Jethro, nearly tripping over his own feet as he scrambled away from the dog. He rushed down the hall, the dog hot on his heels, snatching his typewriter from his desk and throwing it at Jethro. Jethro took the hit, dazed slightly, giving McGee a second to crash into his bedroom. He slammed the door, out of breath, but still managed to manhandle his dresser in front of the door.

He backed away from the barricaded door, listening to his dog growl as it threw itself at the door. He kept moving, heading toward the bathroom. He slammed the door behind him, locking it. This wasn't happening. It couldn't be happening. Whatever 'it' is…


Blame this on the fact that my brother had me play Left-4-Dead with him two nights in a row.

This is obviously AU, and I am planning on stepping out of my comfort zone in later chapters. I usually don't kill main characters, but some of them are going to die. In fact, only two are surviving. I know who one is, but I haven't determined who the second one will be. I guess we'll see.

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