"What the hell are you doing?" a voice demanded and Tony's head popped up. He turned, noticing McGee standing in the doorway, a leash in his left hand, his dog sitting next to his feet. "Hey, Probie, I was just…" Tim shut the door, trekking across the room and snatching the stack of papers from Tony's hand.

"See, I told we should not have read it," Ziva said throwing her hands up. Tony threw her a semi-glare.

"What part of 'do not touch anything, DiNozzo' did you not understand?" McGee snapped carrying the short story back to his desk, laying it next to his typewriter. He set Jethro's leash down, turning to face his fellow teammates.

"It was about zombies, McGee. Of course I was going to touch it…"

"It was an interesting take on your characters, McGee," Ziva pointed out slowly.

"You mean us," Tony muttered under his breath.

"For the last time. They are not you," McGee snapped storming into his room. He slammed the door behind him, calling through the door, "Stay out of my stuff, Tony!"

"I still say there's no way Probie wrote this," Tony commented crossing the room and picking the story up. On the top page, the title and McGee's penname were situated in the middle: 24 Hours in Hell by Thom E. Gemcity.

"Why do you say that?" Ziva asked giving him the same curious look she gave him when he made the comment half an hour ago.

"It's got too much… and it's about… Timothy McGee does not have that big of an imagination!" Tony exclaimed waving the story in Ziva's face. "He steals our lives, sticks them in books. He doesn't write about zombies and goo and killing…" Tony trailed off taking a breath. "He killed everybody!

"You killed everybody," Tony said turning when McGee's door opened, Tim pulling a blazer on over his dress shirt.

"He kept you and himself alive, Tony," Ziva pointed out.

McGee sighed heavily before crossing the room and snatching the story from Tony again. "I kept McGregor and Tommy alive. Not…" McGee's words trailed off into a quiet growl and he carried the story back to his typewriter, leaning against the desk so Tony couldn't get to it.

"Why did you write that, McGee?" Ziva asked curiously, crossing her arms.

Tim sighed and said, "If you must know…"

"Oh we must," Tony cracked unable to help himself. He grinned at Ziva, who merely glared at him. She then turned to Tim and beckoned for him to continue. "A friend of mine approached me about doing an anthology. The theme was realistic characters in an unrealistic world. He figured if he could get some well-known writers to participate, it might sell better…"

"So he asked you," Tony said slowly, cocking an eyebrow.

"Can we just get to work," Tim said and stormed past Tony, heading toward the door. Ziva shook her head DiNozzo's way and raced to catch up. Tony looked over his shoulder, a smile on his face, and trekked forward to snatch the short story off the desk again. He figured Abby would get a kick out of it.

He shoved it in his jacket pocket and chased after his team members, scratching Jethro behind the ears before closing the door. Zombies, yeah like that'll happen…



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