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Chapter 1


Aurors are positioned on all sides of me. I've spent a month in Azkaban Prison. My parents' trials went quickly and they received their sentences with little drama because of the testimony of one man.


The aurors escort me to my place in the center of the courtroom and I look around not seeing HIM. Why would HE testify for my mother and against my father but not testify either way in my trial?

The questions are asked and answered by myself and my mother, several other witnesses and a written confession and testimony from my father, the late Lucius Malfoy.

The new Minister for Magic, Kingsley Shacklebolt, makes it clear that they're conducting a thorough investigation and fair trial, but, from the looks of it, they'll be sending me back to the prison, and this time it'll be for good. I'll be stuck in that small cold cell with only on outfit and no wand…no more magic…forever. I want to cry but I won't give my audience the satisfaction of knowing they've broken me.

"Minister, may I speak on Draco's behalf?" A voice calls from the entryway to the courtroom.

It's HIM! Shock rocks through my body as I turn my head in that direction to try to see HIM.

"Yes, of course, Harry! Far be it from me to dismiss the words of the Savior of the Wizarding World." Minister Shacklebolt welcomes HIM.

What will HE say? Will it be positive or negative for my defense? I hold my breath to see what will happen.

"Thank you, Kingsley. Ladies and Gentlemen, Witches and Wizards of the Wizengamut… Draco Malfoy has done many things that require punishment. I'm not going to deny that, but he is NOT his father! Lucius' crimes were on a totally different scale and to compare Draco's misdeeds and his father's would be a horrific miscarriage of justice! This man has saved my life and I won't stand by and watch him be carted off, back to Azkaban. Nor will I allow the Dementors to Kiss him." HIS words are received with many gasps and horrified looks. "I will, in fact, cast my patronus for him if you give out that sentence."

I can't believe HE'S is stepping up in front of all these people and defending me.

"Why, Mr. Potter? Why would you protect him?" The Minister asks, sounding genuinely confused.

Yes, why offer me protection? I'm not worthy. I'm Draco Malfoy, but I'm not worthy of the passionate defense HE'S putting up for me. I stare at the back of HIS head in shock, knowing that any dignity that remained in the Malfoy name was obliterated at the same time Voldemort was killed by the curse that rebounded from his own wand a few months ago.

"I'm doing this for many reasons, Minister; the main one being that our dear, departed friend, Albus Dumbledore, wouldn't approve." HE says in a steely voice. "Not many people know this, but during the war, Draco had a chance to out me to a roomful of Death-eaters, and he didn't. His refusal to identify me enabled Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger and I to escape a little while later along with Luna Lovegood and Mr. Ollivander, the wand maker as well as a goblin named Griphook. That not only saved my life and my friends' lives, but also the lives of the rest of the Wizarding World."

The one and only time I saved HIM… After all the terrible things my family and I have done to HIM and to HIS friends and family, I can't believe HE is doing this for me.

After a short pause, HE continues, "I request that you entrust Draco Malfoy into my personal care. He can be my slave or my 'guest'; it makes no difference to me. I further request that I be allowed to punish him as per my own judgment."

I wait with baited breath because this option seems to be the best one I can hope for.

The members of the wizengamut look back and forth between each others' faces until Minister Shacklebolt looks at his underlings and bangs his gavel. "…All in favor? All opposed? Motion passes. Mr. Potter, he is yours to deal with as you see fit, but he must be punished in some way so we insist that his role be one of slavery. Also note that if you are no longer able to fulfill your duty in this regard Draco's care and punishment will revert to this court and his original sentence will be carried out."

"I accept your stipulations, Minister; thank you."

What? What's that they said? I'm to live out a life sentence as HIS slave? How will HE treat me? How will I be expected to dress or behave? Will HE torture me? Will HE take all his anger out on me or will he take care of me, like some kind of pet? My thoughts overwhelm my mind and I whimper as an auror comes close to remove my charmed shackles.

As if in answer to all my questions, HE steps between the auror and me. "He's mine now, Nate. I'll remove them."

"Yes, sir, Mr. Potter; you're the head of the aurors' office, after all." Nate says backing off.

The Malfoy Trials were over. My father was given the Dementor's Kiss… I'm the slave of the Boy Who Lived… and my mother is free; punished only by the loss of her son and husband. Wow…

Magic is performed over us and, once the shackles are gone, Harry Potter places HIS hand on my arm. "Draco, you belong to me now. You will do as I say and you will be safe as long as you do not leave my home without my presence. Is that clear?"

I know my eyes are filled with awe as I look up at HIM. "Yes."

"I have a purpose for you and you will fulfill it or be punished." HE says just before I feel a tug at my navel.

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