Future-Take - Threesome with Blaise


I smirk into my teacup as I read a very interesting letter from my old classmate, Harry Potter. He wants to meet with me to discuss a private matter dealing with his new husband- whom I know is one of my old Slytherin housemates, the former Draco Malfoy, heir to the Malfoy estate -which Harry got as a dowry. My pulse races and my mind seems to be jumping to conclusions, but I don't care. My owl takes the reply to him; we'll meet at the Leaky Cauldron tonight for a pint…

The rest of the day is fairly dull and I can't find a single thing to keep my mind from the subject of Draco. I recall the many fantasies that I'd had of him and how he'd been cautiously friendly with me, but he'd never entertained the notion of being with me -or my current lovers- in THAT way. I can't help but wonder why Harry Potter would be contacting me about him.

When I enter the pub, I look around and note that I've arrived first. I grab a table near the corner and wave to Tom the bartender who sends over a pint of Guinness. I take a gulp and nearly choke when a cheer goes up. I look over to see the Destroyer of Voldemort…the Boy Who Lived…

Harry Potter waves to everyone and takes a seat at my table. "How are you, Blaise?"

We've known each other for a long time and sometimes associate with the same people, so we've long been on a first name basis.

"Not bad, Harry; how's Draco and the job?" I ask as he orders a butterbeer. He's never been one for the hard stuff.

"Well, the job's great. I'm still head auror for the ministry and Draco's…" He hesitates. "He's good…but that's what we're here to discuss." He casts the Muffliato spell and continues. "Draco and I don't have the most… vanilla…relationship, Blaise. I like to tie him up, you see… He enjoys that and often fancies a bit of a spanking and some dirty talk. We've also continued the Master/ slave roles and it spills over from our sexual encounters to our daily interaction."

I keep my face calmly composed, but inside, I'm practically jumping for joy. Feeling quite proud of my self-control, I encourage him to go on with his topic. "Oh? And why would this be of interest to me?"

He clears his throat. "Well, when I first took him into my home, as a slave, he asked if he'd have to serve anyone other then me. At the time, I'd never considered it, but over the past year, I've begun to fantasize. He's admitted to a few fantasies, as well, and we've been trying to think of people who'd not judge us or our lifestyle if we wanted to include them once or twice."

"And he told you that I enjoyed quite a few threesomes in the last year or so at Hogwarts?" I ask.

He nods. "Just so; yes… Would you be open to it?"

"I haven't done that in a long time, Harry." I pretend to think for a few long minutes and then, I smirk. "Don't tell him I said this but, I had a bit of a thing for him back then."

"You'll do it, then?" Harry looks excited.

I nod thoughtfully. "How will it work then?"

"Well, I think we ought to have a few rules." He says looking me right in the eye. "I love my husband, Blaise…make no mistake on that."

I catch a sparkle in his eye as he says that. "I believe you."

"Rule one: No permanent damage shall be inflicted." He raises an eyebrow, as if I'd dispute his demand.

I nod and make a rule against myself to reassure him of my understanding. "Rule two: I will not engage in sexual relations with anyone outside of our group if this turns into something longer-term then one night."

Harry accepts my offer. "Thank you, I would have added that soon anyway. Rule three: This is not an every day thing. We don't expect you to move in and we won't make too many demands on your time. I doubt this will extend any further than one or two encounters, so if there's a need for more rules, we'll discuss it then."

"Agreed," I nod. "When?"

"Tomorrow or the weekend?" He suggests.

I pull out my pocket calendar and see a business event scheduled for this weekend. "Tomorrow's best; I've got an event on Saturday."

"We'll look forward to it, Blaise." He says standing and reaching for my hand. "Oh, and Blaise…?"

I lift an eyebrow as our hands clasp.

"Rule four: No kissing on the mouth. He's mine and those lips of yours look like sin." Harry smirks.

I frown. "One kiss on the mouth per encounter; I've got to have a taste of him or it's hardly worth it."

"How about; we let him decide whether to give you that kiss or not?" He asks smugly.

"Done; and if he says 'yes'?" I ask.

"Then you get one kiss per encounter, but when he says 'no', you'll go without. Got it?" Harry grins.

I nod. "Agreed."

The next 24 hours seem to drag.


Harry got home late from meeting with Blaise last night and we didn't get to talk so I'm glad to see HE'S here for breakfast.

"What did he say, Harry?" I ask eagerly taking the bite of omelet from Harry's fork.

"He'll be here this evening for dinner and then…" HE shocks me. "He and I will have our way with you."

I gasp, "Tonight?"

"Yes, my dragon…You will be pleasuring us tonight. We spoke, he and I. I set some rules and now I can't wait to watch your mouth slide over his cock." Harry smirks into his cereal as HIS words make me shiver.

I bite my lip. "M-Master, what did you mean by 'rules'?"

"They're to keep us all safe, love. I wanted to be assured that he wouldn't harm you and he wouldn't expect this to happen every day. He also stated that, if this turned into a regular event, he'd not sleep with anyone other then us." Harry tells me.

"I see…anything else?" I ask as he continues to feed us both.

"One other thing, love; I told him no kissing on the mouth." HE seems to sharpen HIS gaze as HE looks at me. "He protested and asks for one kiss per encounter… I told him I'd give you the choice."

My heart races as I debate this. Blaise wants to kiss me? His lips are rather plump and sweet looking but I don't think I want to kiss him. Though I do recall seeing his school-days partners whimper into his mouth when he kissed them.

"You don't have to decide now, Draco. You have until after dinner." HE informs me. "I promise not to punish you if you want to kiss him."

Knowing that I'm not risking a caning, now that we've dispensed with the daily 'ministry ordered' one, settles my nerves a bit.

"That's good to know…" I say still thinking it over. "Do you have to work today?"

"Yes, so get over here." HE orders.

I crawl to HIS side and wait to hear what HE wants.

"You'll wear these today, Dragon." HE says, pulling out a small package from inside HIS jacket.

I sigh. Its from a lingerie shop…I should've known. Opening the bag, I reach in to pull out the frilly thing. "Do we have to do this with Blaise here?"

HE smirks. "Yes, my little whore, we do. Put them on."

I whine. "But…"

HE says nothing but looks at me with HIS calm stare.

"Yes, Master." I whisper. "Thank you for buying a new pair of panties for me."

"You're welcome, Dragon, but since you saw fit to offend me before accepting them, I'll have to spank you and punish you until this evening." HE says pulling me over HIS knees for a spanking.

By the time HE'S done, I'm in tears. HE doesn't waste any time before putting lubricant on my hole and sliding one of our toys into me. It's a large vibrating butt plug that HE can control with HIS wand from up to fifty miles away. It goes in pretty far also, so I really feel the stimulation.

"You're not to go out today and every time you feel this go on, you will play with your nipples. I'll have a surveillance spell on the house just for today and if I catch you misbehaving, I'll cancel this thing with Blaise. Do you understand?" HE asks.

"Yes, Master; I understand." I tell HIM.

"Show me." HE says waving HIS wand.

The plug goes on and I feel the vibrations as they spread to all areas of my body. I fall to my knees and begin to pinch and tease my nipples, whimpering.

"Good boy, Dragon…Now I want to see you cum for me. Take your cock in your hand and pump it in your fist." He whispers.

I wrap my hand around myself and obey HIM; pulling and rubbing my prick harshly, I cum in minutes, but not before HE commands it.

"Now, go shower and then bring me the chastity belt." HE demands. "You'll wear it all day…under the panties."

Knowing HE means it, I obey; quickly washing my body and rushing back to HIS side with the requested item. I wince as the lock clicks shut. HE watches me pull the undies up and settle them over the chastity device.

The next few hours are going to drag…


Six months have gone by since Ron and Hermione's wedding. I can't believe it's taken me this long to arrange this little gathering.

The meeting with Blaise Zabini went pretty much how I'd expected, from the stories Draco has been telling me over the past few months. He was instantly interested but pretended not to be. In the end, he'd agreed and when I suggested the 'no kissing on the lips' rule, he'd protested.

I'd have protested also…

Draco's reaction to my gift had been disappointing, to say the least. I knew he would be nervous and embarrassed to wear it while Blaise was here but that was part of the point. The other part was that they'd be coming off within moments of being seen. His punishment went well and I had quite a few minutes scattered through the day that I'd been able to torment him and watch him follow my orders.

When I got to work this morning, I made sure to tell Kingsley I'd have to be home on time as I was having company. The day has been long and stressful but I think we've finally gotten all the rest of the leftover Death-eaters, from both the war and Umbridge's private stash, through their trials. I still can't believe there were so many of them.

I pull out the pocket-watch the Weasleys had given me for my 17th birthday, and note that there's only one more hour before I get to go home and greet the first- and possibly the only- man I will be sharing my submissive-husband with.

The time is going to drag…unless I just tell Kingsley I'm going now… I quickly pull out the enchanted memo paper and dash off a note. K- I'm heading home. –H

When I step through the fireplace, Draco is kneeling there, waiting for me. "Good boy, Draco. How did you know I was coming home early?"

"I didn't, Sir. I saw the fireplace spark as I was walking past it, and I knew that it would either be you or a letter from you, so I stopped and knelt… waiting." He says quietly.

"Well, good…While we have company I usually allow you to walk, but Blaise has been warned about the Master/slave roles and I know it'll turn you on even more for him to see you like this. So tonight, you'll remain on your knees." I say watching his face carefully to make sure he's not too distressed by this.

He flushes with color but doesn't protest.

"If you had been good about my gift this morning, I wouldn't be as harsh with the humiliation, Dragon, but as it stands…" I trail off. "Now, come and help me get ready. Blaise will be here soon."

Draco follows me, crawling to the Master bedroom before helping me out of the auror robes but into something more comfortable.


I'm not sure what I expected to find when I stepped through the fireplace, but this wasn't it. Harry is standing to the left of the fireplace and Draco is kneeling at his side…wearing- is that ladies panties- and nipple rings? Will wonders never cease?

"One thing we haven't addressed, Blaise, is that my husband calls me 'Master' most of the time." Harry says, breaking into my thoughts. "He will call you 'Sir' for any of the encounters we may have. If you thought you'd have a nice 'catch-up' before dinner and our fun, you were wrong. You may contact him at any time after this or correspond by owl or whatever else you'd like…as friends…but tonight is for dinner and sex."

I nod my understanding.

"I don't usually do things just to humiliate him, Blaise, but you see, I gave him a gift this morning and he was rather ungrateful about it. I don't let things like that slide." He comments.

"Of course, it should be punished." I say adjusting myself discreetly. "What else did you do to chastise him?"

"Interesting choice of words, Blaise… I gave my errant husband a spanking and then placed a few toys to tease him through the day…" Harry informs me.

A glance at Draco tells me he's mortified by the discussion of him without his input, so I continue to converse with his Master.

"Oh? Like what?" I ask.

He motions for Draco to stand. "Show Blaise what I made you wear all day, Dragon."

I smirk at the 'pet name' and recall that his mother used to call him that.

Draco stands and pulls his panties down. He's wearing a cock-cage and when he turns around I see a large plug in his ass as well.

I'd heard of chastity devices but never seen one up close. "May I take a closer look? I've never personally seen one."

Harry nods and leads us into a parlor with Draco crawling. "Our elf will let us know when dinner is ready and it's almost time for the cage to come off anyway. I'll demonstrate." He motions for me to sit on a couch, so I make myself comfy.

"Dragon, straddle his lap but don't sit. We want him to see the device." Harry's got quite a commanding voice and presence.

I watch fascinated as each piece comes off and goes together again. "And how does it feel, Draco?"

"It's rather comfortable as long as I'm not hard, Sir." He says.

Wow. Draco just called me 'Sir'. The feeling of that one three-letter word as it was applied to me was stunning. I feel my cock harden in my trousers. Looking up, I see the smirk on Harry's face.

"Liked that, did you?" He asks. "Imagine 'Master'…"

I lick my lips as Draco steps back to Harry's side. I know I won't make it to the dinner table if I don't calm down. "Harry, may I use your bathroom?"

"Why use your hand when Draco is quite willing?" He asks.

I gulp.

"Didn't think I'd guess?" He smirks. "I saw you adjust yourself before… and I know what it does to a person to be called 'Sir' or 'Master'. Blaise, please, let Draco help you with your problem. I've been dying to watch him give someone else a blow job."

I stare at the boy who used to think he owned the whole of Slytherin House…the whole of Hogwarts, actually.

He's staring at the floor, completely calm and submissive.

"Would you enjoy that, Draco? Do you want my cock in your mouth?" I ask nervously.

"Yes, Sir." He whispers.

I savor the sound of those words as I unbutton my trousers and bare myself to him.


I'm fulfilling my fantasy of being shared. I'm also fulfilling Harry's fantasy of sharing me. Knowing this eases my fear as I allow myself to be guided to Blaise's crotch. Harry holds my head so I can take in the scent of the other man.

He smells of citrus…limes …I've always liked that scent.

Blaise places the head of his dick to my lips and I open them to get the first taste of someone other then my husband. The taste of his pre-cum is salty but a little sweet.

Harry had instructed me earlier to do my best to give Blaise a wonderful experience, so I obey. Using every part of my mouth, from lips to teeth and tongue, I'll suck him good and hard but at differing speeds. My hands manipulate his balls but he still seems nervous. When Harry places Blaise's hands on my head, though, he takes over quickly. My old friend thrusts into my mouth over and over.

I feel a bit used when he cums, but then Master takes control demanding that I swallow. As it goes down my throat, HE teases my nipples.

Blaise asks about the rings, once he's covered his decently sized cock, and I listen, savoring the feel of HIS hands as they move over me, while Harry tells him the story of my last birthday.

Just before the end of the tale, Kreacher interrupts to tell us that dinner is ready.

I crawl with them into the dining-room and kneel at Harry's side, like always.

"Uhmmm… Harry, does he always kneel there during dinner?" Blaise asks.

"Yes, that's his place during most meals. Unless Narcissa or Hermione and Ron are over he is very much the slave." Harry looks down at me fondly. "Or unless we take breakfast in bed…"

I blush, recalling the last time that happened but pull my attention back to dinner because I'm being fed from Harry's plate.


Dinner goes quickly and I note that Blaise gets more and more comfortable with Draco's role in our marriage and the arrangement we've made with him. Near the end of the meal, he asks if he can feed Draco the last bite of his chicken.

I grin. "Of course, you can feed my pet dragon, Blaise. Call him over to you, however you would call a cat or dog."

Draco moans.

"Here boy; c'm'ere," Blaise's voice has some confidence to it, so my grin becomes a leer.

Draco slowly approaches Blaise and stops at his side, looking up and opening his mouth.

Blaise's fingers place the chicken on Draco's tongue and I watch as Draco closes his mouth around our guest's fingers. I imagine he's sucking the juices off of them.

"Fuck!" Blaise whispers in shock. "Has it been decided yet as to the kissing?"

"No, it hasn't. I gave him until after dinner for that." I inform him, snapping my fingers. "Dragon, come to me." When he reaches my side, I ask if he's decided yet.

He nods. "Yes, Master… I know this wasn't a choice, but could I kiss 'Sir' just once?"

"You would kiss him just one time and never again?" I inquire curiously.

"Yes, Master, if it's ok with you." Draco asks. "You see, I've wondered about it since seeing him kiss his lovers at school and this would give me that experiment without me feeling like I betrayed you. If I kissed him a second or third time, I'd feel like I was cheating…no matter if I had your permission or how much time was in between."

I look at Blaise.

"I wouldn't want him to feel bad about it. I'll accept his offer." He says.

I nod. "Then I accept it also. Don't forget you can kiss his body anywhere and as many times as you want, but his lips; only the one time."

"Understood, Harry," Blaise is certainly a pleasant loser…but then, he's not really losing. "I'll wait until it feels right, shall I?"

I nod and lead them up to the Master bedroom.

"Where's Draco's bedroom?" Blaise asks on the way up.

I smirk. "Draco may be Pure-blood, but I'm not, Blaise. I believe a husband should share his spouse's bed."

"I have a small room to keep my things in, but I sleep with my husband…in my Master's bed." Draco says quietly.

"Merlin…The power you wield over him is beautiful, Harry. He obeys you without question?" Blaise says in disbelief.

"Most of the time, yes," I comment. "Draco, remove the panties. What did you think of them, by the by, Blaise?"

"He looks hot in ladies panties, Harry." Blaise answers.

Draco whimpers as the panties fall to the floor.

"What do good little sluts say to a compliment, Draco?" I ask condescendingly, holding my hand out for the scrap of material.

"Thank you, Sir." My pet says softly, picking them up with his teeth and placing them in my hand.

I tuck them into a drawer and after Blaise says 'you're welcome', I have Draco stand. That's when I really begin. "Don't be hesitant, Blaise. He wants this as much as we do. Touch him…"


I reach out and start to stroke Draco's arm while Harry goes right for the balls. I stop and take off my clothing, all except for my boxers. Stepping up behind him, I kiss his shoulder, noticing the small bruise at the juncture with his neck.

Harry sees me touch it lightly and says, "That's where I like to mark him. It's temporary but I never let it fade away completely. In fact, I make him tell me when it's just about gone, don't I, Dragon?"

Draco nods and shivers at Harry's words, but leans back into my chest when I reach around to toy with his nipple rings.

"I think I told you that I enjoy binding him…yes?" Harry asks.

I nod absently moving my hands down Draco's body. My hand grips his cock at the same time Harry binds him using a spell. This causes Draco to cry out and squirm in my arms. "Calm down, Draco…You're alright; we've got you."

"Tell Blaise how dirty you are, Dragon…Tell him what you want out of this…" Harry prods.


I feel the plug every time my ass clenches and Harry's having fun humiliating me. I can't believe HE'S making me tell Blaise my request…it's so embarrassing. "B-Blaise, I-I want you to fuck me…I want both of you at once…" I feel my face warm but I know that won't be enough for HIM. My cock is hard in Blaise's hand and I want him to pump it until I cum but I know that the only way I'll get through a double penetration is if I'm randy as hell and begging for it.

His smile is no longer nervous or full of caution. It's the smile of a predator and I'm the prey.

Master notices it too. "We've done this before but not with a live person; just me and a dildo. I've had the plug in his ass since this morning. He should be stretched enough to fit both of us, but how about I get a bit of mouth action while you tease his hole. Make sure he's nice and slick. Draco, get on all fours on the bed."

I say nothing as I feel the binding spell fade. I just get into the position HE asked for.

HE is naked now and the moment I see HIS cock head for my mouth I open up for HIM. No sooner do I have my Master's cock in my mouth, and then I feel the plug being toyed with in my ass.

Blaise pulls it out almost all the way before pushing it back into me. I whine at the feeling but he keeps playing with it.

Master pulls my attention back to HIM as HE fucks my mouth and the moment I stop thinking about Blaise is the moment he pulls the plug completely out of my ass.

Suddenly I feel fingers probing me and fucking me. He presses on my prostate making me whimper as my Master cums in my mouth.

Having not swallowed every drop, I know Master will punish me somehow.

HE sighs as HE walks around to face my backside, waving Blaise away for a moment. "You know why I'm spanking you, Draco."

"Yes, Master; I didn't swallow all of your cum." I answer.

"That's right. Ten strikes; count silently." He says.

I endure each one as they come and feel more and more turned on.

When HE'S done, Master slides into place beneath me and they ease HIS cock into my stretched and well lubricated hole. "Look at me, Dragon…Blaise is going to join me inside you now. I want you to remain calm and try to keep your muscles relaxed."

"Double penetration is fun but there isn't much room to move around. Harry, is there a safe-word you guys use?" Blaise asks.

"Yes, if it's too much, Draco, just say 'Lion'." Master reminds me. "Also, don't forget to ask permission before you cum, little slut."

I nod and look directly into HIS eyes as I feel Blaise's prick touch my opening.

More lubricant is drizzled before Blaise pushes the head of his dick into me.

"Bloody Hell!" I yell.

Master's hands stroke my hair as I get used to the feeling of being so filled. "Shhh… We have you, my darling…my dragon… just relax and you'll be fine."

I whine and whimper as my ass continues to adjust to the feeling, but soon I feel other things. Blaise is kissing my neck and shoulders as HE plays with my nipples. My cock hardens in between me and my Master. "M-Master? Can you and Blaise change places? Or maybe I could turn around…"

"Sure, but why, Draco?" HE asks, kissing my lips lightly.

I look at HIM and kiss him back a little harder. "That's why…"

HE understands and they quickly change places. Somehow the whole thing becomes so comfortable and Blaise looks up at me. He kisses my face and neck as he moves up and into me. Master moves in a complimentary rhythm and I feel the most intense build-up of pleasure as they take turns pounding into my prostate.

Blaise shouts, "Harry, he's so tight!"

"I know…" HE answers, kissing the spot where he always marks me.

"Master! Oh, Sir! Oh, Merlin, Master! Please let me cum, Master?" I beg.

"Not yet, Dragon." HE snarls into my ear.

"Please, Master? Please, Sir? P-Please?" I cry as HE teases my nipples again.

"No." HE whispers again, this time guiding my hand to my erection. "Touch yourself, slut."

I don't hesitate to take hold and join the rhythm of our bodies.

"Ask Blaise for permission to cum next time, Dragon." HE commands.

I nod and pump my cock while they keep pounding into my ass. I whimper and whine as they enjoy my tight slick body. "Sir… Sir, please may I cum?" I ask desperately.

He looks into Harry's eyes and denies me again.


It breaks my heart to hear Draco cry like this but it'll be better and more intense the longer he's denied. The light in Blaise's eyes tells me he's only drawing it out longer to keep hearing Draco beg. I decide to nudge us forward again so I lick the spot on his neck and latch on, sucking hard to make it nice and dark again.


I pull Draco's hand off of his cock and pinch the head lightly while Harry acts like a vampire. Our toy whimpers out a chant of 'please, please, please, let me cum, Sir?'

Looking up into those lovely, slate grey eyes that are overflowing with tears of panicked desperation, I pull him down onto me and just before our lips meet for the first and only time ever I whisper one word. "Cum."


I hear Blaise give Draco permission and watch them kiss deeply as I continue to thrust in and out of his body. Both Blaise and Draco cum and, hearing that triggers my own orgasm. I cry out Draco's name as I pull out of him and decorate his back with my juices. They lay quietly for a moment and I let them rest as I cast Scourgify on each of us. We fall asleep that way.


My eyes flutter open to see Blaise still in the bed with us. Turning, I see Master has HIS arms around me. I creep from the bed and use the bathroom quickly. As I wash my face, I see that Master has once again 'claimed' my body as HIS. Even if I wanted to deny it, I'd never be able to. I am HIS…HIS husband…HIS slave…HIS in all ways. Blaise had rally spiced things up, last night. I'll never forget it but I'm not sure I want to do it again. It was so very intense and I love Harry in every way, shape and form. HE'S mine as much as I'm HIS.

"This is as far as it goes, isn't it, Dray…" Blaise says from behind me. "This was just a fantasy for you… and now it's over."

I nod. "Yes, Blaise…I love Harry. HE isn't just some passing thing. This just made us even closer. HE'S my everything, B. If you want more, then be our friend…but this isn't something I want to do more then once in a while and there's toys and stuff. It'll be a different story if HE wants to bring you back again. I'll accept it and enjoy it, but I don't need it. Tell me you understand?"

"I do, Dray." He says with a soft smile.

"As do I, Dragon." HE says. "I would like to do it again in the future but only once in a while."

"And I'll make myself available if you want me again…either of you. Draco, I'll be in touch. We'll stay friends. I won't take 'no' for an answer." Blaise says as he turns to get dressed.

"I wouldn't expect you to." I say as Harry takes me into HIS arms and leads me back to our bed. "And B…? Thanks…"

He just smiles and walks out letting us get back to our lives. I've no doubt we'll ask him over again, but it won't be soon.

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