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Against the Storm

Stiles was heartbroken for three weeks. After hurting for almost a month, he said 'Fuck it.' and decided to take action.

After the night Derek pretty much dropped him to the floor and ran, Stiles called Scott and asked him to take him home.

{{{Flash Back{{{

Stiles pulled out his cellphone and dialed his best friend. Scott picked up within the first ring, thankfully.

"Hey... Scott. Can you come and get me?" Stiles said. And then could you maybe rip my heart out? Because if it's gonna hurt this bad, I really don't want it anymore.

"Yeah, Stiles, I'll be right there." Scott heard the hurt in his voice. That made it easier since Scott didn't stop to ask any questions.

Scott drove up and Stiles got in the car.

Scott looked at Stiles, questioningly.

"What happened?"

"I just want to go home, Scott." Stiles kept emotion out of his voice. If he let himself feel just yet, he'd just break down into tears in front of Scott.

"But, what about you and Derek?" Scott asked, worry had crept into his voice.

"There is no me and Derek!" Stiles yelled. He fell apart as emotions flooded him. He just wanted to go home, curl up, and die.

"I'm gonna kill him," Scott stated, getting out of the car.

"No, Scott! He isn't even there. And I'm not that vindictive. Just take me home, okay?" Stiles pleaded. He wanted to get out of here, now.

"Fine. But if you want me to kill him, then just say so, because, for you, I'm sure I can." Stiles smiled sadly at how his best friend was so protective of him.

Stiles got out of the car when Scott pulled up to his house.

Scott got out of the car at the same time, and before Stiles could run up to his room to cry out his weight in watery tears, ran over and hugged Stiles close.

Stiles' eyes watered.

"I'll be fine." The words were meant for Scott, but Stiles knew trying to convince himself more.

"Call me. When you're ready. You'll be fine."

"I know."

}}}Flash Forward}}}

Stiles spent Friday and Saturday locked up in his room, bawling his eyes out.

By Sunday, he was ready to go back out. Not ready to continue living, but he felt like he should probably try not to miss any more school.

That first week back, Stiles brooded, depressed. Scott stayed by his friend and comforted Stiles.

The second week, Stiles was over it. He didn't care anymore. Danny had been right, sure it had hurt, but now he could go on with his life. But apparently the results of his infatuation had resonated with Scott more than he had liked.

{{{Flash Back{{{

"So, how's learning to control Mr. Hyde?"

"Not so great, actually. I can't seem to just reign in my emotions."

"You'd think Derek would at least be able to teach you that. The way his face is always so stony, you'd think he has Botox injected every hour on the hour." Stiles mulled the thought over as a chicken tender mulled over his in his mouth.

"What?" Scott looked at him like he was crazy.

"Come on, Scott, you know how Botox-"
"No, not that. Do you honestly think I've been training with Derek?"

"Yeah... I remember you being covered in leaves and shit the other day. I figured it was from getting your ass kicked."

"No, I was in the woods with Allison. I haven't talked to Derek in weeks."

"What? Scott you need to be learning from someone. You need Derek!" Stiles couldn't believe Scott. If he didn't learn how to control his wolf-side, he put everyone in danger. This wasn't a 'manageable with time' condition, and even if it was, they really didn't have time.

"No! I'm not working with Derek! Not after he hurt you!" Scott looked at Stiles like he was crazy. How could Stiles actually be suggesting he still have anything to do with Derek?

"Scott," Stiles looked at his best friend, "Derek didn't really hurt me. Well," Stiles nodded his head, "Yes, he did grab me in very threatening manners, and I think I'm going to have to deal with a lifetime of fearing walls, but, even so, I hurt myself Scott. I made a move on Derek, and he didn't really want to make a move back."

"No buts. Derek is the only person who can help you with this. You need him. So you're gonna go back and just learn to deal with the fact that he broke my heart into a hundred tiny little pieces. If you want, when you grow up to be big and strong, you can kick his ass. But for now, just learn to control this. Unless you want to be the one explaining to my dad how I ended up being attacked by a wild animal in the locker room of a school full of students in the middle of day."


"Don't you 'Stiles...' me. You eat up. I want my wolfie to be in top notch." Stiles grabbed Scott's cheeks and shook the anguished teen's face. Yep, Stiles thought to himself, I really will be okay.

}}}Flash Forward}}}

The third week, glad to finally be able to move without his cast on, Stiles was in the high school library looking, once more, for information on werewolves. Sure, he couldn't really be much help with the tangible aspects of werewolfdom, but he could at least try to find out ways to kill the alpha.

In the library, he had come to a revelation. Well, he and Danny came to a revelation.

{{{Flash Back{{{

Stiles perused the bookshelf. Werewolves, Witches, and Wandering Spirits... A Lycanthropy Reader: Werewolves in Western Culture... Werewolves. Cleverly named.

"You really are an oddball." Stiles looked to his side. Danny was there looking at cookbooks. Stiles grinned.

"Hey Dan-O."

Danny stared at him. Apparently they weren't close enough for pet names yet.

"So... whatcha doin'?"

"Um...," Danny looked a little conflicted for a moment then he shrugged, "Just looking up something to cook for this guy. It's like our fourth date, and we wanted to spend the night in."
"Sounds too cute," Stiles said with too much gay in his voice, "I have this really great macaroni and cheese recipe, if you want."

"If it's the one you cooked for your guy, I think I might pass," Danny joked.

Stiles bit his lip.

"I'm sorry. Was that too soon?" Danny looked concerned.
Stiles shook his head. "Nah, I'm pretty much over it."

"Come on, you can tell me all about what happened," Danny said, dragging Stiles to a table.

They pulled up seats opposite each other.

"So, what I've just figured is that you told him you liked him and he rejected you, but you should probably tell me everything that happened exactly."

"That's pretty much it. I talked, we kissed, he ran." Saying it out loud like that sort of hurt, how simple it had all gone down, but he'd survive.

"You kissed him?" Danny asked, piecing together the scenario in his head.

"Yeah. Wait, no. He kissed me." Stiles' brow is furrowed. He barely remembered that fact. Actually he tried to forget what happened for the most part. No one wants to remember being rejected.

"He kissed you. And then he ran." Danny has some sort of idea in his head.

"Yeah." Stiles wondered what Danny was getting at.

"Without really letting you down, like nothing along the lines of, 'I'm with someone' or 'I don't swing that way?'"

"Well, he said... somethings. He said that it couldn't happen."

"Is he in danger or something?" Danny questioned, skeptical.

"Well, kinda, I guess. He's less dangerous than Scott, if I think about it..."

"Yeah, because he must be fraught with all sorts of life-threatening situations." Danny quipped. Stiles had forgotten that Danny was in the dark about the existence of werewolves.

"Let's just say yes, he is a little dangerous."

"Okay, saying he has some sort of," Danny air quoted the next word," dangerous lifestyle, it sounds like he's just trying to be protective of you. In which point, you have to ask yourself something simple."


"Can you handle it?" Danny looked at him, genuinely asking Stiles if he was able to deal with having a dangerous boyfriend.

"I already do," Stiles said automatically. He already dealt with Scott's being a werewolf.

Danny looked at him, puzzlement written all over his face.

Stiles got up, packing everything into his bag. "Thank you so much, Danny, but I gotta go."

"Wait, Stiles-"

Stiles hugged a confused Danny thankfully and started to rush out the library.

"Stiles, could you at least tell me who this guy is? I think I sorta have a right to know!"

Stiles looked at Danny, debating whether or not to.

He shrugs.

"Derek Hale."

Stiles leaves a shocked Danny in the library.

}}}Flash Forward}}}

And that was how Stiles came to be walking in the woods, purposeful strides taking him closer to the Hale house. The woods were gloomy, and he was positive it was going to rain, and he didn't have an umbrella. Didn't change the facts. He was gonna let Derek have it.

His feet crushed leaves loudly. Intent on getting the werewolf's attention.

Eventually, he knew he felt somebody watching him.

Derek had tried to keep his distance over the past weeks.

Thing was, he really fucking couldn't. His feelings got the best of him.

Derek had trashed his room when he got back the night he kissed Stiles.

He was so fucking stupid. He kissed Stiles and then left.

Killing Stiles would've hurt them both a whole lot less. And easier to clean up. He'd kill Stiles, and he'd let Scott and/or the sheriff kill him. Then he wouldn't have to deal with anything else. Worked in theory, almost impossible in execution. He'd cut his own arm off before he'd even touch Stiles.

But Derek couldn't help himself.

Twice he found himself watching Stiles getting out of his dad's car before heading into school. Eight times outside Stiles' window, watching him sleep. And once when he had almost knocked on the Stilinski household door. He wanted to just let it out, tell Stiles he would do anything to protect him, to love him, and to make him feel like the most loved boy in the world.

It was stupid, mostly. And totally out of character. But Stiles did that too him. He made him want to be better. To be there for him. To make Stiles' his entire world.

But he knew he couldn't, so he had taken to watching Stiles from a far, far enough so he could never be noticed, but close to be there in case Stiles needed him.

And now he needed to know why the fuck was Stiles walking through the woods alone. Again.

"I know you're there! You might as well just come out to talk," Stiles yelled. He hoped that he was talking to Derek, and not the alpha. He couldn't exactly be sure.

Thunder rumbled and Stiles jumped a bit.

"You shouldn't be out here alone." Derek said from behind him, hands in his jacket pockets. Probably had been for most of the time. "Especially after last time."

"Well, I'm not here alone. You're here too. You've probably been behind me since I first got here."

Derek doesn't answer. He doesn't need to.

"Look, I wanna talk about what happened."

"There's nothing else that needs to be said. You're gonna go home, right now, and live a long life. You're gonna date someone, marry them or civil union or whatever the fuck you want, and have or don't have kids and live in a big house with pets. It doesn't matter, because at least you'll live. But you will not have anything to do with me or, if you're smart, Scott. And you'll have absolutely nothing to do with werewolves."

"Two points. A.) Don't fucking tell me what to do! B.) Do you honestly think I'm gonna just let go of this whole werewolf business?"

"Stiles, you don't want to-"

"Don't tell me what I want! You obviously have no fucking idea!" Stiles screamed. He blinked hard when he felt a cold raindrop fell in his eyelash. The rain starts to drizzle on them both, but neither of them take notice.

"I can't protect you!" Derek's words are a roar; anger at Stiles, anger at himself, anger at everything building up to this point. He points in the direction of the attack, "I wasn't there to keep you safe. And I was the cause!" He pointed at himself.

"Yeah and I'm the cause of all this!" Stiles threw his hands out about him.

Derek looked at him. The thunder really started to rumble now, and the drizzle turned into full on showers.

"I'm the one who got Scott to come with me the night he was bitten! He wanted to stay home... I'm the one who coerced him into... Scott's only a werewolf because of my mistake." Thunder roared more.

"Stiles, this isn't-" Derek started.

"You're the only one who can take blame for anything here?" Stiles snapped.

"Stiles. Nothing we feel would make it worth it. Against the alpha... the Argents... I wouldn't be able to-"

"You're so stupid!" Thunder crashed. "I don't want protection! All I want..."

Derek shook his head. He doesn't want to hear Stiles saying those words. He can't keep someone who loves him safe. Fate always finds a way to rip them away from him. And he can't bring himself to bet on losing Stiles. Not when the odds were so intently against him.

"All I want is for you to... to love me." Stiles pants out.

Derek's wants refused to be denied. In seconds, he has Stiles' lips in his own, savoring the taste that he loved about the teen. Stiles wrapped around Derek's soaked head, pulling himself closer to Derek's embrace. Derek pulled away, but this time he grabs Derek's jacket to keep him from going.

"If you love me, than that's all that matters."

"I do, but-"

"Then that's all that matters... Love is all we'll need." Stiles laughs a little at his allusion.

Derek looked into Stiles' eyes. They were so sure. Looking into those eyes, he felt that maybe it would be all they would need.

Maybe, just maybe, things would turn out okay. Derek kissed Stiles again, this time, passion winning out over affection.

Derek threw Stiles on the bed roughly. Stiles smiled and bit his lip as Derek peeled his shirt and jacket off. The older man tossed the clothing to the side and crawled up to his young lover's face. Stiles caught the lycan's lips between his own, craving the taste of Derek.

Derek smiled against Stiles throat as he breathed in. Inhaling Stiles' scent wasn't just inhaling for him, it was like sparking a fire in him using his olfactory senses. Every breath left him wanting more, and he'd demand it.

Derek's hand undid the zipper on Stiles' hoodie. He slipped it off of the teen and threw it off to the side. He peeled Stiles' t-shirt off and it joined the jacket. His eyes drank in the sight of the teen in the moonlight. He kissed Stiles a bit more. Then he started to mark a trail, using light, sensual nips of the lips to trail down.

He paused at Stiles' left nipple. He took it in his mouth and lapped at him for a few moments. He then took the darker flesh and bit it, lightly.

Stiles whimpered aloud. Derek got harder hearing the sounds he had so badly wanted to before.

Derek continued to kiss down Stiles stomach, and pays special attention on Stiles abdomen.

Stiles' eyes were closed as he arched his stomach up to Derek. Derek stops and takes off Stiles' socks and shoes as well as his own.

Then he undid the button on Stiles' jeans. He looked up at Stiles and grinned.

"Third time's a charm."

Derek pulled off the jeans and revealed some very familiar looking boxer-briefs.

"Did you plan this?" He said eyeing the undergarment.

"I may have had an inkling where this might've ended up," Stiles said, grinning like a drunk, "Besides, I seem to remember you not being able to keep your eyes off of them last time you saw them."

Derek knelt between Stiles legs, draping them over his shoulders. Thinking, he turned to Stile's inner right thigh, and put his lips there, sucking in, popping blood vessels with the force of his sucking.

Stiles gasped in surprise, feeling the sensation was new to him.

Derek looked and examined his work. Content with the forming hickey, he paid attention to Stiles obvious want.

He grasped the hem of the black boxer-briefs and tugged slowly until the tip was visible. Seeing Little Stiles' head, Derek kissed it. He took the tip into his mouth and sucked.

Stiles groaned in carnal pleasure.

Derek kept Stiles' tip in his mouth while pulling off his underwear. Each tiny revealing of Stiles' cock found itself enveloped in Derek's mouth. When the entirety of Stiles' boyhood was uncovered, Derek pulled off and removed Stiles' underwear completely.

As Derek moved to return to servicing Stiles, the teen stopped him. He bit his lip shyly.

"I... I don't want to be the only one enjoying this."

Derek crawled up and made to give his lover a kiss.

But Stiles was more interested in putting his lips on other things; he hooked his ankles around Derek's denim-ed calves and rolled the couple over, reversing their positions. He kissed Derek, noticing the way he tasted on the other man's tongue.

Stiles descended down Derek's body and came up to Derek's fly. Stiles took the button into his mouth and, using both teeth and tongue, maneuvered button out of the catch.

Derek looked at Stiles: he'd never seen anyone undo the button with their mouth before. Stiles undid the fly with his teeth, completing the move. Stiles tugged off his beau's jeans, letting Derek's erection spring out.

Typical aloof male, going commando.

Grabbing Derek's cock, Stiles held it up to his mouth. His tongue wiggled along the tip, taunting the werewolf. Derek inhaled sharply, and growled.

"You tease. I seem to recall you claiming-" Derek gasped mid-statement. He breathed hard trying to focus, the warm, tight, and moist heat around his member made him see stars. He could barely breathe, it was so tight.

Stiles had gone from head to base without hesitation. He sucked expertly, forcing the soul in his grasp to arch up deeper into his throat. Stiles shook his head, burying his nose into Derek's pelvic region.

"Oh fuck!" Derek shouted. Stiles bobbed his head up and down, saliva coating Derek's rod. He grabbed Derek's base and expertly went at the piece. He went at it like an expert, alternating between strokes and speeds, and he kept it clean, he didn't slobber, but he didn't let Derek dry out.

In one hand, he held Little Derek, but with the other he raked and rubbed down Derek's washboard abs, eliciting pants from the man. He used his fingers and dragged his nails across each abdominal.

"Stiles... stop... I'm too close..."

Stiles ignored him.

"Stiles. You need to stop..." Derek begged, pleaded.

Stiles looked up at Derek, he wants to push buttons.

"Stiles, stop!" Derek's hand flew to the back of Stiles' head. He was literally nanoseconds from orgasm. He hoped Stiles didn't feel the need to push it.

Stiles grinned against him, but pulled off. He kissed Derek's hip bone seductively and laid beside Derek.

"I was just about to get to the good part!" Stiles whined.

"I wasn't gonna make it past whatever part you'd call that!" Derek said. He wish he had the tolerance to see what got better than what just happened.

"You're too sensitive."

"Something that I didn't think was a weakness until just now." Derek's breaths are heaving. He wants to make things enjoyable for both of them. Mutual pleasure. "If you want something to suck, put these in your mouth." He holds out two fingers.

"Oh, um... I've never done that before." Stiles looks at him shyly.

"But you did that with your mouth before?" Derek accused, jealous of the thought of Stiles with another man.

"No! That was just practiced. You've seen me; I play with my food. I practiced on hotdogs... corndogs... Scott." Derek growled angrily. "I'm just kidding!"

"You know what, just put these in your mouth. Everytime you talk, I wanna maul you."

Stiles rolled his eyes and opened his mouth.

Derek had to stop himself from fainting when Stiles resumed his ministrations on the fingers with his tongue.

When he felt there was enough lubrication, Derek withdrew the moistened fingers from a whimpering Stiles.

"On your knees."

Stiles very anxiously bent forward, presenting himself to Derek.

Derek placed one of the moistened digits at Stiles' entrance.

"You need to relax for this."
"Yeah, yeah, I know the drill. I've watched porn before. And read it. You know, it is amazing how descriptive people get." Stiles rambled a lot when he's nervous.

Derek ignored him and shoved a finger in.

Stiles gasped at the feeling. He didn't expect it to feel... feel so right.

"Oh god."

Derek started to add the other finger. He could feel how much Stiles was enjoying this, and it turned him on immensely.

He scissored and plunged into Stiles with his fingers, listening to Stiles pants of pleasure. Stiles was made for this. And Derek hadn't even gotten to his good part yet.

Derek curled his fingers and rubbed against a spot Stiles didn't even know he had. The resulting shockwave sent him arching back, and shaking with pleasure.

Derek pulled his fingers out; it was time for both of them to enjoy the moment. Holding Stiles by the waist, he dragged his nose along his boyfriend's spine, sending a shiver up the teen's back while each inhale made Derek's blood boil.

He pushed himself into the crevice and rubbed between those two perfect ass cheeks that he would cherish for the rest of his life.

Derek held Stiles against him and put his forehead to Stiles' shoulder.

"I love you." It's the first time he's ever said them to Stiles, but he knows it won't be the last.

"I love you too." Stiles replied, anxious.

Derek plunged in, slowly, keeping the entrance as consistent as possible.

Stiles is bent over, breathing hard. He wants this, but he wasn't aware it'd be like this. He relaxed himself, trying to let himself adjust. He doesn't need to let Derek know he's ready, the werewolf knows it.

Derek started to move, slowly. It tortured him, having to go at this pace, but he knew Stiles needed to get used to it. He loved the feel of Stiles around him, the walls of his body caging Derek's animal side. Stiles back was so warm against his chest.

Soon, Stiles got bolder, moving away each time Derek pulled out and slamming back to meet the oncoming wave of pleasure. Each thrust sent shockwaves throughout each other's bodies.

Derek took it as permission to speed up, much to Stiles' liking.

Derek's pace sped up, until he was jackhammering himself into Stiles, Stiles being fucked deeper into the bed.

Every few bursts, Derek would thrust the deepest he could, enhancing both his and Stiles' pleasure. Stiles wasn't passive throughout the experience though; everytime Derek plunged himself to the hilt, Stiles clenched himself around his member, tightening his grip on his lover.

They go on for what feels like hours, Derek thrusting so hard he feels himself sweating with exhaustion. He alternated between bursts of hammering himself in and long, drawn-out, almost romantic, thrusting.

"Fuck! Fuck-fuck- fuckitty-fuck fuck! F-f-Fuck me harder!" Stiles screamed beneath Derek. His fist choked his own erection, but it's not his hand that had made it harder than rock, it's the unbelievable forces that are ripping through him. He moaned, groaned, panted and whimpered all while Derek sent countless waves of pleasure throughout his body. He wanted so bad for this to continue forever, for Derek to never leave him feeling empty again, but at the same he wants this end. If the onslaught didn't stop soon, he'd die of a heart attack.

Derek felt like he was on fire; compared to this, all other experiences of sex were child's play. He never knew that he could feel sooo good during a fuck. How could one person make him feel so fucking ecstatic.

Derek felt Stiles on his brink and reached around, swatting away the younger teen's hand. He gripped Stiles' erection and, in a few tugs, pulled him past his limit.

"Oh my gooooood," Stiles screamed as he came, the feeling of his first real orgasm making him clench up in extreme pleasure. He came so hard that they felt like gunshots from his groin.

As Stiles came beneath him, Derek felt those walls of Stiles shut around him. His mouth opened as inexplicable pleasure gripped him. He cried out as his own orgasm clawed itself through his body. He felt himself spill the most he had ever felt into Stiles.

They fell forward onto the bed, Derek too worn out to even pull out of Stiles, let alone get off of him.

Stiles panted hard. "That was... was amazing. Is it always like that?"

Derek panted harder. "Not even. I don't think it's ever been half that amazing."

"What does... that mean?"

"Means... that you... are amazing."

Stiles smiled at that. There was one thing he didn't have to wonder about.

Derek woke up and found himself naked.

He looked over and saw Stiles hogging the damn blanket.

Taking the hem of the covering, Derek tugged just a little so he could wrap himself.

Moments later, a subconscious Stiles tugged the blanket back, reacting to the cold air in the space between them.

Derek tried again.

Stiles took it back again.

Annoyed, Derek reached over, wrapped his arm around Stiles and dragged him across the bed towards him.

Stiles, feeling the coldness of the sheet beneath him, woke up for a moment. He saw an annoyed Derek and found it in his interest to just snuggle up against his boyfriend's warm body.

Derek shook his head, but proceeded to drape his arm around Stiles, hugging his boyfriend against himself, warming Stiles.

Derek fell asleep to the sound of Stiles' soft breathing and heartbeat.


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