Light was staring at L. How can he just… sit there and work. All day, every day. And those sweets! He just eats and eats and EATS! I can't take it anymore. We're going out today, no matter what.
"Hey Ryuuzaki, I was wondering if we could maybe… go outside for awhile?"
L turned around and blinked at him, "Well I suppose it couldn't hurt to take a small break from the case."
Light was jumping for joy inside but kept a calm exterior. "I heard there was a new action movie out yesterday, maybe we could go there?"
L nodded and they left for the movies with Light celebrating in his head and L as indifferent as ever.


Light was stuck carrying all the snacks while L walked ahead eating his skittles one by one after examining them. Once in the theater L demanded they sit in the exact middle and Light sighed and nodded. When they got to the seat L stared at it.
"Raito… What is that?"
"Ryuuzaki... That is a theater seat."
L glared at the seat while Light just sat down and watched the detective struggle with disgust anger and slight confusion on how to sit. He sat on the edge first but ended up tipping forward and Light bit back a small laugh. L scooted to the back but ended up with the seat folded up half way with him stuck in it. Light couldn't help it and burst out laughing.
"Ry-Ryuuzaki… Are-Are you okay?"
L glared at the teen and said in his usual monotone, "I would appreciate if Raito-kun would help me out of this evil contraption."
Light nodded and wiped his tears away and pushed the seat down where L proceeded to tip forward into the seat in front of him. A few minutes and much struggling (and laughter) later L finally settled in.
"We're not going to a movie ever again."
Light just kept laughing.