AN: Ok, this is a short smut drabble I wrote for someone in our tumblr RP group. In it, Julian and Reed are best friends and Jukes/Juke box and Strawberry are their nicknames for each other :D


The shorter boy let out a gasp as Julian pushed him onto the bed, crawling on top of him. "Ju-Jukes." He managed out, trying to keep his breath even. "Ar-are y-ou sur-re?" he stuttered over his words, moaning as the actor rubbed him through his tight designer jeans.

The taller boy paused as he made to pull the young artist's shirt off. "Do you trust me, Strawberry?" He whispered, his voice husky and his eyes hoped with lust. A jerky nod came in return, 'Strawberry' not trusting his voice to speak. "Good." Julian smirked as he ground his hips down.

"Oh..!" The shorter one cried out, the sound almost a whimper. "Pl-lease Juke box. Oh, fuck.."

Julian smirked again as he rolled his hips again and again, creating a rhythm. "Please what, little Reed?"

"Please." Reed whimpered again. "Please, stop teasing and just fuck me!"

"Very well." Julian stripped them both of their jeans and underwear in seconds, rolling on a condom and lubing himself up. "Ready?" he whispered, kissing Reed's jaw lovingly. Reed nodded, biting his lip nervously.

Julian pushed into Reed, groaning from the tightness and warmth, as the little dormouse let out a cry of both pain and pleasure that could be heard all the way to Windsor house.