Title: More Never Ending Torture

Author: Exquisitliltart

Disclaimer: I don't know these characters.

Rating: NC-17- Jane/Maura/Giovanni

Summary: This is a continuation of what might have happened after 2.3, "Sailor Man" Please read the first part, to see what happened before the episode:


"No. No way," Jane cut Maura off; automatically knowing what she was about to ask before the question even left her lips.

They had just pulled out of Giovanni's garage in Angela Rizzoli's souped-up car, and Maura had been uncharacteristically silent for all of 5 minutes.

"But…" Maura tried to start again.

"No. Not going to happen. Not in a million years," Jane stated emphatically.

Maura stayed silent, chastised and pouting because Jane refused to even entertain the idea.

After a few more beats of uncomfortable silence, Jane cleared her throat and then quietly asked, "I mean…if it were to happen…how would it even work?"

Maura smiled and turned to Jane just in time to see her cringe and blush, "Surely, you're not that naïve regarding sexual relations with men?"

"Maura! I mean a threesome. Who would be where doing what to who?" Jane couldn't believe she was even talking about this.

"Whom…Ideally, I would start in what is colloquially referred to as a "doggy style" position-" Maura was about to go off on a detailed summary of her fantasy threesome.

"Wait, no never mind…drop it," Jane cut her off, decisively changing her mind.

Maura pouted again, and the more she thought about how she had been deprived of her Friday night with Jane the angrier she became, "You know the most you've touched me all week was just now in front of Giovanni. The only kiss I've gotten was by proxy via stuffed bear. That is if you don't count Giovanni trying to swallow my face. Your mother and her incessant—"

"Whoa! Maura- calm down. I'm truly sorry about my mother, you know that. I know you have 'needs' and even though I didn't condone it- I said you could play with Giovanni all you want, but it turned out you didn't want him, so what do you want me to do?" Jane said exasperated.

Maura took a few deep breaths to try and calm down. This wasn't like her. She wasn't some sex crazed succubus, but the slow pulsing of never subsiding arousal was overwhelming her higher functions. It had just intensified with each passing second and she needed a release of some sort sooner than later.

"I'm sorry Jane. I'm not angry at you- or your mother. I know she's going through a hard time," Maura apologized and placed her hand over Jane's knee.

Jane looked down at Maura's elegant, soft manicured fingers and let out a breath she didn't know she had been holding. "Can I tell you something?"

"Of course, anything."

"The idea of a threesome actually sounds kinda hot," Jane chuckled nervously.

Maura smiled again, knowing how hard it was for Jane to admit that, "Does that mean you'd like me to continue my description?"

Jane focused on the road in front of her, "Yes."

Maura wasted no time, "I would prefer to start out with only you, while he watched from across the room. I want him to know that I am wholly yours. I'd want you to show him by dominating me. You would rip my clothes off piece by piece in between long, hard kisses, until we are both wet and breathless."

"Even Giovanni might get the message, you think?" Jane swallowed hard at the thought of him watching her and Maura be so intimate, "Then what?"

Maura was enjoying this; she had Jane on the edge of her seat. "When you decided he'd had enough torture, we'd tell him to strip and invite him into bed. By this time, he'd be completely hard and I would take him in my mouth for a little warm up."

"What would I be doing during this warm up?" Jane asked, hoping Maura wasn't going to make her suck on him too.

"You? Well, you'd be pressed against me from behind, just like you were holding me in the garage, possessively-with one hand wrapped around my hip and the other rolling and pinching my nipples…kissing down my neck, pressing your hips into my ass."

"Oh," Jane clenched her legs together as a rolling wave of arousal hit her hard. Her eyelids suddenly felt heavy and she was slightly dizzy.

"Then I'd turn over and face you on all fours, and he'd take me from behind. I'd tell him to fuck me hard, and I'd cry out at the delicious pain and you'd be on your back, beneath me rocking with me, kissing me, swallowing my moans."

"Huh…" Jane pulled the car to a stop, unable to continue driving due to the immense distraction of graphic visuals.

Maura leaned over to Jane's ear and whispered mischievously, "Do you want to know how'd we'd come?" She slowly slid her hand from Jane's knee to her inner thigh, pleased to feel heat coming from her core.

"Uh huh," Jane let her head slip back against the seat as Maura walked her fingers closer to her pussy and applied slow steady pressure directly to her clit. Jane gasped lightly, her hips rolled forward and her legs parted involuntarily as Maura continued to rub her and whisper in her ear.

"Just like this- I'd fuck you as Giovanni fucked me and we'd all come together."

Maura increased the pressure and speed of her hand as Jane approached orgasm. She gripped Maura's forearm with her thighs as she lurched forward a final time- coming hard.

When the fog cleared, Jane realized Maura was trying to get her attention and talking in a much higher pitch than she had been while describing their encounter.

"Jane? Jane? So can I call him to meet us at my house?" Maura asked giddy with the prospect.

Jane would have agreed to absolutely anything at that moment so she said 'yes' before she even realized what Maura had asked. Maura had her phone out in half a second and was on the phone arranging their date with the greasy mechanic immediately.

"Okay, he'll be over in 30 minutes," Maura bounced on the seat and urged Jane to drive. "He sounded really happy."

"I'll bet," Jane said wearily, as they pulled up to Maura's door. They went inside and Maura went to change into something sexy. She was finally going to get relief from her week of never ending torture.

30 minutes later, the door bell rang and Maura sprung over to answer it. Jane sat on the couch, chugging down her beer.

Maura flung open the door, putting on her best 'come hither' look. Her smile evaporated when she saw who was standing there, and the realization that she was not going to get laid yet again. Yes, Giovanni was there with his hair slicked back and an extra large cornicello prominently dangling from his neck, but he brought along a familiar face:

"Maura! You didn't tell me Giovanni was coming tonight. I went over to garage to thank him for my car, and he said he was on his way over here! I insisted I'd come over to help you and Jane cook up a little something hot for him- it is after all my only skill that I derive any joy from these days," Angela squawked muscling past Maura and the doorway and straight into the kitchen.

Maura was about to cry, and it didn't help that she could hear Jane laughing robustly from the couch. She looked at Giovanni and shook her head. He shrugged his shoulders and said, "Kinky, but I can work with it."