This was written fulfulling a prompt on tumblr. I don't know whether to continue or not so... yeah.

Reed opened his eyes to darkness. He froze, trying to figure out what was happening, when he realized he must have just pulled his blankets up higher than usual in his sleep. But something was different. His body felt smaller than usual, there was something furry brushing against his cheek and he felt something on top of his head that shouldn't be there. He frowned, wriggling up out of the blankets and looking around in shock.

Everything was massive. His pillow was probably ten times the size of him and his bed looked at least 10 meters long. He spotted his phone (which was now the size of his pillow normally) lying not far away from his head, from where he'd fallen asleep whilst texting Shane last night and reached out a paw to grab it.



He looked down at where his hands should be, starting to freak out. His eyes widened when he saw that instead of his normal small, pale hands, there were white furry rabbit paws. What. The. Hell.

His breath coming out in short gasps as he started to realize what had happened, he looked around madly for a reflective surface, finally catching a glimpse of himself, or at least he was pretty sure it was him, in the glass of the photo frame next to his bed.

There, next to Shane's smiling face, was a rabbit.

Him. A rabbit.

A white, fluffy rabbit. With a tail and everything.


Not knowing what to do and completely freaking out, he hopped over to his phone, and tried to work out how to use his new paws to send a text. Shane would know what to do, right? Or maybe Dwight? No, he'd ask Shane first. Then Dwight. Then maybe the twins.

It took him almost ten minutes to write out two sentences, every second spent cursing the fact that he no longer had opposable thumbs.

Shane. gwt ur ass iver gere. ewe havr a nagor oproboen on out hanfs

He managed to send the text and lay back down ontop of the blankets, anxiously waiting a reply.