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Chapter 1

They entered the Dayton International Airport with their heads down despairing from their loss at Nationals. Well all except one Latina who was still fuming at their co-captains for throwing away their chance to win first place for a stupid kiss.

Their parents weren't waiting for them since they'd decided to carpool. As soon as they turned on their phones the popular kids saw they had a message from Kelsey, the new Cheerios captain.

Party at mine at 7. Be there. -K

They ignored the text and started making their way to the parking lot when Quinn spoke. "We should go." They all stopped and looked at her questioningly.

"Go where?" Asked Mercedes.

"To Kelsey's party. It'll cheer us up. We can't stay depressed about losing forever."

"Quinn is right." Everyone looked at Rachel in shock. She'd been the most affected by the loss. She shrugged. "I want us to win next year and mopping around isn't gonna help us get there."

"Free booze, hell yeah!" Puck spoke his opinion.

"I'm down." Santana agreed. She needed a drink soon or she'd kill Finn and Rachel in their sleep. Quinn looked around at the rest of the gleeks and was pleased to see them nod their agreement. She really needed to unwind and alcohol was the second best way for her to do that. The first being extreme work outs.

"All right." Puck clapped his hands. "Let's roll."

As soon as they arrived Puck, Santana, and Quinn headed to the room with the most alcohol in the house: the kitchen. Quinn got unopened bottles of rum and vodka. She'd been blacking out more often which meant Charlie was gaining more control over their body and alcohol dulled her presence in her mind. She opened the bottles and drank from both until she felt a slight buzz.

"Damn, Q. Didn't know you had it in you." Santana complimented Quinn on her drinking ability. She really was impressed. Quinn had chugged half of both bottles and still seemed sober. Puck was the only one she'd thought could keep up with her.

"There's a lot you don't know about me, S." Quinn winked at her friend before heading to the living room to dance. She danced with many guys who she kept sending to get her bottle after bottle through the night.


Quinn groaned the light invading the room worsening her headache to the point where she had to wake up. The first thing that went through her mind as she became coherent was that she wasn't in her room. For as long as she could remember she'd never opened her drapes. Then she remembered last night. Well most of it. Everything after her fourth bottle was a blank.

She was met with two monstrous hands when she sat up. One was holding a water bottle and the other a bottle of Advil. She took them and swallowed four.

She finally focused on the owner of the hands. She was surprised to see Finn sitting on the edge of the bed with an understanding look. They hadn't been on the best of terms since their break up. Hell even before that, but that didn't stop her from thanking him. Etiquette was drilled into her for 16 years. She was still wearing her clothes after all which meant they hadn't had sex. That was good. Another pregnancy was the last thing she needed right now.

"Your welcome." Before thinks could get awkward she got out of bed and began her search for her shoes. "It makes sense now."

She stopped searching under the bed and looked up at him without getting up. "What makes sense now?"

"The way you treat Rachel and not wanting her to be with me."

Quinn's face didn't betray the panic she was feeling. She was great at hiding her emotions. Something else she'd had to learn. Quinn forced herself to calm down. He couldn't know. "What are you talking about, Hudson?"

"I'm talking about you loving Rachel." He answered looking down at her. "It explains a lot."

"I don't love Rachel." Quinn said with forced calm getting up.

"Don't deny it Quinn. You told me last night." Quinn having no more reason to school her features let Finn see her shock and fear at that statement. "I won't tell anyone. We talked about it last night and I'm cool with it."

Quinn sighed in relief. She and her mom were patching things up, so right now wasn't the best time for her to find out about her preferences. "Thanks. I won't fight you for her. It's clear that she loves you."

"I know." He stated. "You told me that last night, too. Though I'm not sure if she still loves me after costing us Nationals."

Quinn was sure Rachel loved Finn. She was also sure the only reason she was saying no to him was because she didn't want anything tying her to Lima and she told Finn this. "You need to let her see you'll either let her go when the time comes or follow her."

Finn smiled. "Thanks, Quinn, but why are you helping me get the girl you love?"

Quinn had resumed her search, but stopped at the question. She was facing away from him and without turning around said. "Love means wanting the one you love to be happy and I think you can give her that."

"You threw your shoes at Puck for making a move at Rachel. They're probably still downstairs."

"Thanks." Quinn started walking towards the door and didn't stop at his next question.

"Need a ride?"

"No, thanks." She threw over her shoulder. Quinn looked all over the first floor, but couldn't find them. She was about to look outside when her phone vibrated. She opened it to see a text from her mom.

Quinnie, where are you? I have to go to work, but I'm calling the cops if I don't hear from you soon. -Mom

I'm fine. On my way home. -Q

Quinn ran home barefoot. They hadn't been her favorite pair anyway. It was only when she was standing on her porch that she realized she'd left her purse in Puck's truck. She looked around for the frog her mom kept the spare key under.

"There you are." Quinn turned it over with a stick and grabbed the key not bothering to fix it. She knew it was fake, but she still didn't want to touch it. She wasn't afraid of frogs. They disgusted her and she hated them. Even the fake ones.

Quinn made herself a Sue Sylverster protein shake to sate her growling stomach. She'd just put her glass in the dishwasher when she felt the familiar feeling of being smothered before everything went black.

"Drinking isn't a permanent solution, Quinnie." Charlie chuckled even though she knew Quinn couldn't hear her. She ran up to her room and moved her dresser so she could lift the loose boards. She took out the black backpack with a gleeful smirk. "A tragedy we can't be too loud, but I couldn't wait any longer. I'll come up with something to keep them quiet."

She sent a quick text to their mom.

Hanging with S, and B. Don't wait up. -Q

Charlie put the floorboards and dresser back before getting their car keys and driving to the city. She'd been out a lot more recently. She knew if she wasn't careful she'd get caught, but she couldn't stop.

She got home after midnight and cleaned up before getting into their bed and letting Quinn take over.

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