Nanotechnology, when in the wrong hands, is a very dangerous thing. They can come in all different forms, though the common one seemed to be children. Nine years ago, two scientists had begun researching the science, and had made two weapons.

The first one was the perfect one, made by Tearju Lunatique. The girl's name was Eve. When she showed what her powers could do, people were astounded. She was immediately taken into the hands of the rich Torneo Rudman. Tearju quit nanomachinery after that, not to be seen again. The second one was made by Tearju's rival, Lanta Kinderson. The result did not have a gender, and they did not give it a name. Why bother? It was imperfect. A failure. Nothing. The failed experiment was hidden away in Lanta's personal lab, and then she killed herself.

Two years passed.

Eve had been bought by Torneo Rudman and saved by a sweeper named Sven Vollfied.

Failure had been living in a tube. Alone.

So when someone came into the lab it had been stored in, it wasn't sure what to do.

"And you're sure you can recover it?"

That's what Failure awoke to. It didn't open its eyes- it wasn't sure how to. When its creator locked it away, she took all of its knowledge with her. How to talk, how to move... the only thing it could do was breathe and hear.

"Of course, Creed. It'll be simple." A button was pressed, and the warm liquid that had kept Failure company changed. It began to bubble and the temperature lowered, as if it was attempting to wake up its contents.

Its mind was suddenly filled with knowledge. Failure received everything its creator Lanta had and more. Its eyes fluttered open, and it saw two men and a woman smiling back at it. Who are these people? It thought, looking at them cautiously.

Another wave of bubbles hit. Its bald head suddenly grew long green hair. Its eyes turned to a rosy red, and its skin gained a tan color. It developed further and further, until the bubbles and the liquid drained out. Failure, not knowing how to stand, hit the ground of its container. It looked down, only to see it had turned into a she.

The container opened, and Failure was covered with a blanket. The man that was pressing buttons was walking over, smiling. "Can you speak?" He asked. She looked up at him and blinked.

"You have a personality, right?" The other man, the one who covered her with a blanket, asked. Her attention turned to him. He seemed more trustworthy then the other one. The one with the glasses... There was something off about him. He didn't seem right... All three smelled like blood, but he... He just emitted something that put Failure off.

"Yes." She answered, jumping at her own voice a bit. It was very light, not like the others'. Well obviously, stupid. She scolded herself.

The man in front of her smiled a bit, and the one in the lab coat was smirking and writing something down on a pad. "Do you have a name?" He asked, looking up from his pad. Failure shrunk a little bit, shuffling a bit closer to the other man instead. He saw this and raised his eyebrows, writing something else down.

The other man saw this too, and he put a hand on her head. "It's ok. We're not going to hurt you." He said reassuringly. "My name is Creed Diskenth. You can call him Doctor, and the woman's name is Echidna. Will you say your name now?" He asked as if he was talking to a shy five year old.

She looked at the woman now, who was flicking a cigarette on the floor with a bored expression, before looking back to Creed. "I don't have a name. Back when I was around people, they called me Failure." She stated, looking down. She had been calling herself that in her thoughts for years, but only now did she know why.

Doctor wrote down something else on his pad. "Ok... Can you tell me everything you remember?" He asked. She looked at Creed again who nodded in assurance.

"It's still a bit hazy, so I'm sorry if I don't get it completely accurate…" The green-haired machine mumbled before she began. The man simply nodded and allowed her time to think about it. "My creator, Ms. Lanta, wanted nothing more than to pass her rival Ms. Tearju. Ms. Lanta tried everything she could to beat her in anything, so she dabbled in quite a few subjects at a time, extending her knowledge. When she found out about Ms. Tearju going into nanotechnology, she did the same thing. I was the result of many years and millions of dollars, but Ms. Lanta rushed me so as to get done before Ms. Tearju. My nanomachines didn't have enough time to develop before she presented me to the many rich buyers that could have done so much with me… Raw power flowed from the machines and I…" She looked down, taking a moment to truly register what she had done so long ago. "I killed almost everyone in the room. Not on purpose, I just killed to kill. That's all my nanomachines had known what to do… Afterwards Ms. Lanta locked me up in here, marking me Failure. I haven't been out since."

"You're not a failure." Creed said almost immediately. "You're the most advanced thing I've seen. You're perfect." He said, putting his hand under her chin. "We have come to give you an offer that'll show the world just how perfect you are. Join us and The Apostles of the Star. Then you'll never have to be alone again." Though his actions were a show, it was very convincing. It almost made Echidna chuckle a bit, but she held it in, looking away and smirking instead.

Failure looked up at him again. It was either go with the first person who has ever treated her kindly or go back to being alone. "Ok." She nodded, smiling for the first time. Creed stood up, offering his hand to her. She grabbed it and lifted herself up, her brain reminding her how to move. Doctor, who had been scribbling things down the whole time, finally spoke up.

"Well, we can't call you something you aren't, Failure. What should we call you?" He asked, walking over to her and Creed. Failure was unsure how to answer, not knowing any names that would be exactly good for herself.

"I know." Creed began, smirking. "We'll call you something that is meaningful. We'll call you Destiny, for the one you are going to fulfill by joining us." He was dramatic about it, as to be expected. This made Echidna roll her eyes.

"Anyway, let's get going. Shiki is going to want to see our newest recruit," She spoke for the first time the entire meeting. She made a hole in the space, Doctor walking through it. Creed was next, and then Echidna took her hand and they went through together.

Failure- no, Destiny- started her new life as the perfection of The Apostles of the Star. What she didn't know is how far they intended to extend this perfection.