Her fingertips brushed lightly across the box's dusty varnished surface. She puffed out her cheeks and blew the dust away. Coughing slightly on the air-borne grime. Trisha Elric looked fondly at her old jewelry box. It had gone so many years without being touched, without a daughter to take interest, and her son's still too young to have girl friends. She turned to knob and lifted the lid. She smiled, twisting her mother's locket in her fingers. She placed it back on it's cushion, in the midst of reminiscing, her eyes fell on a glinting diamond ring. The story was one she wanted to be told over and over again. Her father work non-stop for 5 years to buy that ring. As a small-time alchemist at the time, money was hard to come buy.
"Maybe someday I'll give that to one of my sons to give to his fiancé. I'm sure mother and father would want it to passed on." She looked back at the locket. "I'm sure any girl would love this necklace too. Who knows, It might even be that charming girl Winry." She laughed to herself. "What am I'm doing, that's so far in the future. Ed's only 5...But, for some reason, I have this sneaking suspicion..."
"Mommy?" Ed's small voice drifted into her room. "What's that you got?" He ran in, excitedly. "Wow! Is that a treasure box?"
"Yes, Edward dear, it's my special treasure box."

"Can I see?"

"Are you really so interested in jewelry?"

"No! Well! Uh," His face fell in a weird grimace. "Winry keeps talking about jewelry and treasure boxes and, I don't know. I thought she might be happy if I gave her some, and I wanted to look at some!" She laughed at how articulate and observant he had already become.

"Here. It's just my old locket and, My parent's engagement ring. I got this locket from my mother. I wanted to give it to another girl, but I didn't end up having any daughters."

"A girl. Like Winry?"

"Maybe, if you still like her enough when you grow up." She tousled his hair playfully.

Brushing off his disgruntlement, "And that ring! How'd you get that ring?"

"It belonged to my mother as well. It's something a man gives to a woman when he wants to marry her."

"Married. That's what Winry's parents are right?"


"They're always so happy, and nice." His eyes were wide and glinting.

"Okay. I'll definitely give that to Winry when she's older!" He grinned wide and then ran back out shouting to his brother. "Hey! Guess what!"

"Oh dear, perhaps I was right. That boy..."

"Ed! Don't you dare complain! The first step to rebuilding this house is to clear away all the rubble!" Winry called to her boyfriend. Or, Fiancé, or whatever.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm just a little sore." He grumbled, pushing a charred beam out of the way. He knew that he was near where his mother's room used to stand. He was still surprised to find a scorched little box gleaming in the rubble. The wood varnish had been boiled and caramelized by the fire. He took it up in his hands, staring in disbelief. If memory served him right, there would be-

"Hey, Winry. Come over here. You should see this."

"What is it? Did you find something?"

"Just come over here!" He tried to force the wavering from his voice.

"Okay! Okay! Why are you-" Her eyes were drawn to the tiny precious object nestled in his calloused palm. He let the charm hang off his fingers. "My mother showed me this when I was five. She mentioned giving this to you someday. I guess, you were the closest thing to her daughter." He kept a smile as a held it out to her. She took it in her hand, looking closely at the ornate oval.

"I wonder if she kept any pictures-" She stopped when it snapped open. "Oh! It's- empty."

"Really?" He moved over to look over her shoulder.

"Yeah. But there's inscriptions on each side." She squinted. "It says 'The one I love', and 'the one I miss'. Weird. I wonder why she never put Hoenheim's, or maybe her parent's picture."

"Maybe she just didn't have any."

"Maybe," She pondered. Letting it spin around in the sunlight. "but it's beautiful. I think I know exactly who to put in here." She looked Ed in the eyes meaningfully, for a moment. "You, and, my parents." Her smile stayed strong.

"Here, I'll but it on." He moved behind her and took the chain from her grasp. With minimal fumbling and Winry pulling her hair aside, he draped the chain around her slender neck.

"How does it look?" She turned around and posed.

"Great, Winry." He smiled.

"You ready to get back to work?"

"Yeah." She pecked him on the cheek as she passed by. When she left, he took the box back in his hands. Holding it tightly.

The ring. I have to give her the ring.

"Hey! When we get back to the house, I have something else for you!"

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