I woke up to my alarm clock blaring right next to my ear. By then I had realized that the dream had been a mixture between two memories, my mother's crash and my recent victory on the same track. That's right Eva Wei; the daughter of the great Maya had beaten the finalist from Gul, Tarum. I just shrugged it off. To me it's just racing, even though I loved it and it was my passion, I tried not to let it all go to my head. I drug myself out of bed and unwrapped the sheet that miraculously tangled itself around my waist at some point during the night. I brushed my hair out and tried to get it to look something like hair and not some birds nest.

I sighed. It had been a week since I won that race and a month since I moved up from the minor leagues. Already it seemed like things are changing. Endorsements from companies I had never heard of and companies that wanted to sponsor me so that I'd advertise for them, my dad had to create a team of people to handle it. I knew that if I made it in to the big time these things would happen but not this fast. My room had been reorganized to fit all my new stuff. The sunglasses alone needed their own 6 foot tall cabinet and I had no clue when I'd ever wear them all. Then there was everything else.

"Don't forget you have school today, Ms. Eva," Maria, our maid called through the door.

I decided to take a shower and then get dressed. My closet had been doubled since the victory, most of it was designer worth thousands of dollars a piece that I might never wear, not that I knew where to wear it to. I found my school uniform and grabbed my bag. I passed Maria on my way down to the breakfast room.

"Is my father still here?" I asked.

"No, Ms. Eva he left early this morning."

"Thanks, Chelsea is giving me a ride today and my bikes at school so I'll be ok to get to practice tonight if he calls." If he cares. For the past ten years he really hadn't cared. Maria and my old nanny were the ones who really raised me. Ever since my mother's death he'd pulled away throwing himself into building up Wei Ind. and leaving me behind.

I heard a car horn outside and I grabbed an apple on my way out. Chelsea and Morgan were waiting for me in Chelsea's convertible. I hopped into the back seat with a grin.

"Long time no see, champ." Chelsea said with a wicked grin as we drove out.

"I've been busy," I said lightly.

"You missed all the excitement over your win and the school's new co-ed-ness." Morgan said with an evil grin.

"Oh crap, I totally forgot!"

"Does your dad know? I mean last year he was ready to call in his contacts in the government to get you out of the dance but freshmen are exempt from it."

"I doubt he remembers, not like it matters he's so busy he'll probably never notice."

Every year Galla Academy for Girls held a dance with the Darmouth Military School for Boys but in order to make sure the students were able to interact they put the students together at Galla and paired them up. The year before when I had been a freshmen and starting my real career as a racer my father made me sit it out. He had kept me in all girls' schools since I started my plan to become a racer. That year there would be no arguing, it was school policy, to make sure girls would be able to communicate with their male counterparts.

"Did they hand out assignments yet?" I asked.

"Yeah, the boys start today actually. Don't worry I'm sure they left you someone." Chelsea said.

We pulled in to the parking spot next to my bike. Once we were out we noticed all the boys in dressed down military uniforms standing around on the quad. "Come on, I need to check in on everything I've missed." I said walking into the school. "Headmaster Danaher should have it in his office."

The three of us made our way into the school. A group of three boys walked up to Morgan and Chelsea with large smiles on all but one of their faces. I held back letting them do the talking. Meanwhile I focused on the third member of the group. His hair was two different colors, black and yellow, and he seemed like he had a too-cool-for-this attitude. I bit my tongue thinking that I needed to get to the Headmaster's office before the bell rang but I didn't speak.

"Who's your friend?" One of the boys asked finally looking over at me.

With those words their heads all turned to me. "I'm Eva Wei." I looked at the girls. "I gotta go."

"Oh, come on, we have time, the bell doesn't ring till…." Morgan looked down at her watch. "Oh."

"I told you I gotta go, I'll see you guys in fourth hour." I started to walk away but the other guy stopped me. "Yes?"

"You're Eva Wei; we're partners for the time being. I'm Jordan Wilde," he extended his hand and I took it with an awkward smile. "Where are you going?"

"She's been out for a while, the headmaster has all her missed assignments." Chelsea said jumping in. "Don't worry we'll get you to first hour safely."

I nodded and ran off. Along the way students from both schools cheered me on with congratulations. The office was busy with double the amount of workers as usual. The secretary pointed me on to the headmaster's office with a small smile. Two people were in the middle of Headmaster Danaher's office, the second wore a military uniform and the two were talking quietly as I approached. I knocked on the door frame gently. Danaher looked up and smiled when he saw me.

"Welcome back, Ms. Wei, I have your missing work right here and the name of your partner right here." He picked up a small stack of paper and a small card. "Jordan C. Wilde. There's a picture on the card if you can't find him." He handed me the stack of paper and the card.

"He is a good soldier, ma'am, a little hot headed, though." The other said.

"I've met him, sir." I nodded.

The bell rang as I'm walked to class. My first hour teacher smiled and nodded for me to sit. Several classmates gave me high fives as I past. Jordan was seated next to me and gave me a weird look about all the attention I'd been getting. I shake my head like I'd tell him later. Somehow I made all day without having to tell him anything. Last hour we missed an announcement about my championship victory. It surprised me that Jordan didn't know anything about it. The only reason the girls at Galla knew anything about the racing world is because I was a professional racer. Our group met back up in the parking lot around my bike that had been left at the school for a week. I had changed clothes just before so I could drive to work comfortably. Waiting for me on the bike was a bottle of oil and a note.