I have decided, after many requests, to revise my story, Their Ray of Sunshine, and repost it instead of permanently deleting it. Some parts of it (mainly the beginning) are fairly different than the original story, but the basic idea is still the same. New story, new name for the OC. The later chapters will probably be the same as before. So, let's have another go at this.

Disclaimer: Now, I am writing this purely for my enjoyment, nothing else. I am making no profit, etc. I do not own any characters or actual events in my stories, mainly the men of Band of Brothers. I do however own Christine and any OCs that I see fit to write about, along with any events I make up. This idea comes from the HBO miniseries and actors, not what actually happened or the real men. I mean no offense to anyone, especially the men of Easy company and anyone who served in World War II. This is purely my imagination. Also, as this is my imagination, I might not be historically accurate; I really don't care.

This story will be rated T for violence, language, gore and sexual themes.

In case you didn't catch it in the summary, this story contains a Mary Sue, though hopefully it doesn't totally ruin the story.