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Luka's POV

"NO." Kuro-kun's eyebrows were knit together.

"Do you want to get back at Shion or what?"

"Still, I don't want to do this. Luka are you sure he's changed, what if this is just some sly ploy?"

"Hello, I'm right here."

I sighed. "Yes, he's different and even if it is a trick I'm not interested in him."

"Ouch. Still right here."

Gakupo stood up and brushed his knees. "You heard it yourself she's not interested in me. At all, that's a good confidence builder, thank you very much. There's nothing but Shion's discomfort to gain from this. All you have to do is stand by Luka's side."


"Thank you Kuro-kun," I smiled.

"I still think he's enjoying this too much."

Gakupo gave him a mischievous grin. "Anyone who get's to be Megurine Luka's guest even for a night is a lucky man." He shrugged, "maybe I'll even get lucky tonight."

Kuro-kun growled. I sighed. "Come on guys are we gonna start this plan or not?"


Gakupo knocked on the door.

I heard footsteps running to the door and it was swung open. "Lu-"

"Kaito! It's good to see you too," Gakupo beamed at a stunned Kaito. I had the hardest time trying to keep the corners of my lips from twitching upwards.

Kaito looked to me for an explanation. "I met him today while I was out and invited him over for dinner."

Kuro-kun walked around us into the house, the grumpy look still on his face.

Kaito turned to Kuro-kun in disbelief. "You're okay with this?"

Kuro-kun met my eyes then sighed and turned his gaze to Kaito. "I believe in her."

Kaito swallowed and shifted on his foot uncomfortably. I started feeling guilty about this but I pushed the feeling down. That's what's different about me and the main character in the dramas. They wouldn't stoop to revenge, especially against the guy they love but I'm not the goody-goody main character that takes the guy back when he apologizes. No. I've been hurt and I'm going to get my revenge.

"Oh what a fine home you have Luka-chan!" Gakupo broke through the awkward pause and surveyed the home. "It must get awfully lonely by yourself though," he turned back and gave me a flirtatious smile.

Kaito stepped in between us. "It's fine because Kuro and I live here with her, actually we even eat dinner together all the time."

"Which reminds me, I need to get dinner ready," I said on cue. Our plan would officially start now.

"Oh, do you need any help," Gakupo asked.

"It's fine, your a guest, I'll help her," Kaito answered with a tight lipped smile. "You probably wouldn't know the way around our ki-"

"Thank you Gakupo, the more help the better," I interrupted.

Kaito gave me a betrayed look but I pretended I didn't notice.

"Oh yeah, Luka-chan, fish is your favorite food right?" Gakupo asked with a smile. This was all part of our plan.

"Yes, actually," I answered, "how did you know?"

"Well when you like someone you try to learn as much about them as you can," he leaned in and nudged my shoulder.

"Actually," Kaito squished himself between us to start chopping some vegetables, "her favorite is tuna."

Gakupo gave me a knowing smile. Our plan was working. Gakupo told me the signs. If he starts feeling jealous he'll try to intimidate me with special things he knows about you.

"Well back to you Luka-chan," Gakupo brushed aside Kaito's comment, "I heard you write a lot of your own songs."

"Um, yes, I do," I am genuinely embarrassed about this. Gakupo never talked about bringing that up during our planning stage.

"I hope you can show me some of your songs after dinner," Gakupo shot me his million dollar smile that would probably have had my heart beating like crazy if I wasn't already in love with the jerk between us.

Kaito didn't say anything but he seemed to be chopping the vegetables up more violently than usual.

Dinner was so much fun for me. I spent the time talking to Gakupo and Kuro-kun and Gakupo isn't such a bad guy to hang out with. Especially after watching him annoy the heck out of Kaito by butting him out of our conversations.

"Kuro-kun I'm taking Gakupo up to my room to show him some of my songs," I called to Kuro-kun from the bottom of the stairs as we were finishing up the dishes.

"Nn," Kuro-kun grumbled.

"What?! You're okay with this?!"

"I trust her," Kuro-kun sighed.

"What, I am that kind of girl after all," I bit out bitterly. That wasn't part of our plan but I couldn't help it.

The guilt was visible on his entire face and I began to regret what I said. He turned away and mumbled, "...okay... I, I'll bring you some snacks later."

I didn't reply and I was grateful Gakupo followed me up without teasing Kaito for that.

"Sorry my desk is so messy," I tried picking up as many papers as I could. I wasn't planning to show him my desk one of my biggest embarrassments. Gakupo just leaned against the door watching me fret back and forth trying to clean my room.

"Yes, she used to fall asleep back at the dorms, I always had to come over and carry her to her bed," Kaito chuckled carrying a plate of fruit. I had trouble gulping. I couldn't believe he remembered...

I looked at Gakupo and he winked. If he gets more intimidated he'll start sharing special things between you guys.

My heart felt bubbly and I had to fight the urge to touch my cheeks. It felt good to see that Kaito cares about me even though I've heard it from his mouth already.

"Luka, would you like to do a duet with me sometime," Gakupo asked taking my hand.

"She can't," Kaito answered for me annoyance clear in his voice, "her schedule is very busy." Though I know it's out of jealous, I didn't like having him answering questions directed for me.

"I would love to," I smiled. I turned to Kaito," could you leave, you're getting annoying."

Kaito opened his mouth to protest but pressed his lips into a flat line before he answered. "Fine." He left without looking back and I felt guilty again.

"That was too harsh wasn't it," I slumped into the chair at my desk.

"No it's fine just watch," Gakupo smiled knowingly. We decided to go downstairs and chat with Kuro-kun and I noticed that Kaito had left the house. I began to really regret what I said. Then I heard the door open and Kaito's voice along with another person's. A girl's.

"Oh hey guys. This is Neru," Kaito introduced his guest smiling smugly. I was shocked but I wasn't looking at Kaito, I was looking at Gakupo.

He winked at me. He was right.

If he gets jealous enough, he'll try to get you jealous.

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