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"How long are you going to hide in here?"

"I am not hiding."

The bald Third seat merely shook his head and leaned against the wooden doorframe that was left open. He watched as the violet-haired Fifth seat continued on with slaving away to organize and re-correct reports that had been left neglected to collect in piles all around the room. That set look on the man's face was a fake expression of concentration and was more suitable for the look of a man trying to avoid something. Or rather… someone.

Yumichika let out a silent, snort-like exhale and turned to look back at his bald-headed, sometimes 'friend' and 'colleague' alike. "For your information, I'm trying to at least get some organization done around here. After all, no one wants an ugly mess of a Division house, do they? Ugh, it's embarrassing whenever someone comes around to visit or even drops in for a few seconds. This place is next in line to be burned down in a quarantine."

"Yeah, sure, blame it on the Division house." Ikkaku started; watching as the remark only seemed to tick the man off even further.

"And what is that supposed to mean?" Yumichika inquired.

Ikkaku shrugged and pushed himself from the doorway. "Here, I'll lay it out very plain and clear for you: you're too scared to confront someone who you find personally interesting."

"I am not." he retorted as he went back to picking up the mess of papers laying around.

"Yeah you are; you're just too scared to admit that you're scared in the first place."

"For the last time, Ikkaku, I am not scared." Yumichika reinforced; tossing a couple stacks of papers into the nearby trash. "If I wasn't so preoccupied with cleaning up this mess, I would… walk right over there and tell her exactly what I think."

"I don't think you have the balls to do it." Ikkaku pressed; grinning as he watched as the comment only further the irritation in the man's eyes. "In fact, I think even if you didn't 'preoccupy' yourself with this 'mess' you still wouldn't go over there to her. I think you would just stay cooped up in your room and fantasize about her."

"Ugh, please, that's a right I believe you reserve yourself for that woman of yours- what's her name again? Oh yeah, Mizuho." Yumichika muttered; watching as it was Ikkaku's turn to look annoyed. "I mean, I'm sure you stay up all night thinking about her and her… hideous attraction in fashion."

He thought about punching out the man but stopped himself; a sly grin replacing his irritated expression from before. "Okay, fine… then I guess I'll be the one to go tell her."

"Please, you don't even have the right to be around her-" Yumichika started.

"Oh yeah? And who's going to stop me?" Ikkaku challenged as he stepped back and out into the hallway. "I mean, you said yourself that you were too busy in here to bother her so… I guess that just leaves me and every other man in this city to talk to her."

Every nerve in his body seemed to engulf itself in flames at the man's words as he ripped the reports he held in half; an eruption of paper pieces clouded around him. "You. Wouldn't."

"What? Oh hell no, of course not." Ikkaku shrugged. "She's not my type but…"

"But what?" Yumichika pressed.

"I've seen Hisagi visiting her Division house more often than not… and those aren't medical visits either." Ikkaku spoke; grinning as the words seemed dig themselves underneath the man's skin. "You know I respect you enough to not invade on your 'potential territory' but not everyone here respects you like that."

Just the thought alone of someone else speaking to her irritated him- and Hisagi of ALL people! Ugh, that man could chase away a sunny day with his hideous… everything. Tossing aside the shredded papers in hand, he stormed his way to the doorway. "I'll be right back."

"Are you kidding?" Ikkaku chuckled; watching as the man pushed past him and headed down the corridor. "I've got to come and watch this."

There wasn't much distance between their two Division Houses, right? He was in Eleven and… she was Four… There was a slim chance that someone would sneak in and take this chance right when he stepped forward, right?

Even if they did, he wouldn't take their advances seriously.

No one else deserved her; she was far too beautiful for just anyone.

"Isane, when do you get off this shift?"

Chuckling lightly, the silver-haired woman turned to see the blonde-haired part-Lieutenant hanging through the nearby window; her upper body just barely able to balance on the thin window frame. "I get off at the end of this hour but I'll have to be back for the midnight shift; you know how it is around here sometimes."

"Pft, tell me about it; I know plenty." Kiyone replied with a rough sigh. "So how long of a break do you get?"

"I don't know, probably… five hours max?" Isane offered as she did her best to rearrange some of the few furniture pieces that resided in the lobby setting of the Division House. In cases of extreme emergencies, the room was opened up for spare cots, so they made a notion to keep as little furniture in there as possible- but still tried to make it somewhat welcoming. She wasn't sure if it was working or not, a lot of people just didn't seem to enjoy walking into Division Four overall. "Why?"

"Oh I don't know, me and a few of the girls were going to head down into town and see what's new." Kiyone shrugged. "I just thought I'd ask, since you're my sister and all and I never really get to see you that often."

"Okay, okay, I get it." Isane chuckled as she tossed aside a pillow before she turned back to the blonde. "I'll meet up with you guys as soon as I get free from here and I'll try to spend more of my breaks with you. Happy?"

"Yeah- well not all your breaks, because sometimes me and Sentaro-"

"I don't even want you to mention that name around me." Isane interrupted; watching as the younger woman only grinned in response. "Just the thought of you two- ugh, drives me insane."

"Why exactly again?" Kiyone questioned; propping one arm between the window sill and her chin. "I mean, come on, he's a sexy piece of a man."

"If you're going to spend all evening talking about him and… whatever it is that you two do, I'm not going."

"Oh come on- okay fine, I promise to behave myself." Kiyone sighed. "You know, if you would return Hisagi's advances-"

"I told you before again and again, I am in no position to hold a relationship right now." Isane spoke. "I barely have time for myself without you breathing down my neck." the remark earned her a short raspberry from her sister. "And besides… I'm just not… romantically attracted to him; he's not my type."

"You sure about that?"

"Are you sure Sentaro's your type?"

"I don't really pay much attention to it; he's got a nice body and I like masculine bodies." Kiyone shrugged.

Isane rolled her eyes lightly with a low groan and continued on with her minor house-keeping to keep herself occupied for the last half-hour of her shift. "Remind me to never talk to you about any person who takes the form of the male body."

"Okay, okay, we won't talk about guys again, sorry." Kiyone chuckled.

"Why are you hanging in the window anyways? The door is just a few feet away." Isane questioned as she moved over to reorganize the messy stack of magazines that seemed scattered all in one corner; they were just a mix of medical articles and local gossip columns from downtown.

"I didn't feel like walking all the way to the door." Kiyone shrugged before she leaned back out the window to glance at something behind her. "Uh oh, looks like someone's coming in to ruin the rest of your shift."

"It's not so much as 'ruin' as it is letting me do my job- which is something you should probably take more seriously." Isane noted playfully; watching as her sister lightly mocked her afterwards. "Who is it? Does it look serious?"

"Nah, just Ikkaku and Yumichika." Kiyone replied. "Looks like something's up but… can't really tell from this distance."

"I wonder what they're doing here?" Isane mused to herself as she busied herself with the magazines for a little longer; carefully placing them back into their places, she ruffled up her hair for a moment and then tried to carefully piece it back into some form of style.

"Are you fixing your hair?"

"What? No, I'm pushing it out of my face." she quickly defended; practically feeling the woman's grin burning into her back. "Just because I work a full twelve hour shift, deal with patients every hour and get virtually no rest throughout the day, doesn't mean I have to look completely exhausted whenever a new patient arrives." Wow, that excuse did not help her case at all.

"Well I hate to break it to you but… you do kind of look like shit."

"Thanks, Kiyone."

"I'm trying to be honest, you know some people appreciate that."

She shook her head and looked back at about the same time the two seated members of Division Eleven showed up. There was Ikkaku, always with that crazy, psycho-killer looking grin of his- of course, this time it seemed to be more out of a humorous state than anything; and then there was Yumichika who… looked oddly rigid and tense despite his usual laid back and casual stance. "Hey you two, what brings you guys here?"

"Well you see, Yumichika and I were doing some late evening training and I think I might've busted his head pretty bad." Ikkaku started as he leaned up against the doorframe. "I thought I'd drop him by and see if there's any permanent damage to it."

"Oh, well I can do some tests and see if there's any damage… doesn't look like there's any exterior physical damage from here though." Isane replied.

"Yeah, I was actually surprised at that too but then again, you never know these days." Ikkaku shrugged. "Did I mention you're looking rather admirable this evening?"

"It's a new look she's trying out, it's called 'A la Division Four and five days without a shower.'" Kiyone answered.

"It is not!" Isane countered quickly.

"Admirable? Really? Is that all you can say?" Yumichika remarked as he glanced back at the bald man before he turned his attention back to the silver-haired Lieutenant. "Ugh, that is the… least accurate word at this moment. Isane, as of right now, you are the perfect symbol of natural beauty and I… you know what, you're always going to be the ideal example of natural perfection. You're flawless and the absolute figure of the female body- it's far greater than being just 'admirable' it's… it's a beauty that can't be defined and can't be captured on the human tongue."

She felt a hot flush of heat spread across her face at the words. He had to be kidding… there was no way he was serious. Although, he wasn't one to just kid around with something like that; that words 'beauty' and 'beautiful' were words that he had practically claimed ownership to- it was like no one else was allowed to say them. "Uh wow… you must've… taken a harder hit to the head than I thought." she chuckled nervously.

"What? No, that was just a story Ikkaku made up."

"Well, hate to burst your bubble but Isane's not 'in a position to hold a relationship' right now-" Kiyone started.

"Don't listen to her." Isane quickly interrupted. "She doesn't really speak for me."

"What? But that's what you said-"

"So… could I possibly see you this evening?" Yumichika questioned.

It was like a mix of clockwork in her head as she rattled off different questions and scenarios in her head; the same question kept popping up over and over again no matter how hard she tried to push it aside. Was he serious about what he said earlier?

"I uh… I get off work in fifteen minutes." Isane started. "We can go for coffee or tea or whatever it is that you drink."

It felt like the tight, silent tension inside of him released immediately at those words. "I would love that."

"Oh, I see how it is, just completely blow me off then." Kiyone teased.

"Have fun with the girls."