"Kyaah! I'm best friends with the luckiest girl on campus! I can't believe you got to meet and talk to the Uchiha Sasuke, Hinata!" shrieked Sakura even though said person was just one feet away.

Hinata groaned for the sixth time today. What people saw in that obnoxious prick of an ass, she didn't nor did she ever want to know.

"Sakura I don't see what's so great about him, what about Lee? He treats you like a princess and confesses his undying love for you every other day…Besides. What Uchiha-san did to me was rude and obnoxious. As my best friend, please don't mention his name to me." Hinata tried reasoning. Key word, tried.

Sakura rolled her eyes. Of course she knew her boyfriend loved and cared for her! Annoyingly he told her every time and in every way he could! But Uchiha Sasuke was every girl's dream, and often times, wet dream. So what were a few rude comments and gestures? "After all it's the Uchiha Sasuke. Uchiha Sasuke, the SEX god!" exclaimed Sakura out of her thoughts with a big drooly smile and a peace sign.

Hinata sweat dropped.

Fine, Uchiha Sasuke had merit. After all what Uchiha wasn't smart, athletic and attractive? Perhaps it had something to do with his chicken butt hair that he somehow rocked or that nice ass that even she, the picture of innocence, noticed. But whatever it was about him, Uchiha Sasuke could turn most girls in Konoha University; scratch that, Konoha City into goo.

But certainly not Hinata. After all she had some merit for being a Hyuga. With hyuge eyes, (pun, haha?) silky dark blue hair, and curvy body; she's stopped plenty of guys in their tracks with just one look. But besides her graceful looks, modesty and quick mind, she was the star swimmer! Meaning a guy like Uchiha Sasuke shouldn't even faze her.

Oh but he did. Badly.

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