Sasuke Uchiha was restless and furious. Restless because his stupid blond best friend had woke him up from a beautiful slumber where he was having a wondrous dream of him and Luna. Furious because he actually agreed to attend this little shenanigan that that Naruto has cooked up. Sasuke paced in his bedroom and thought to himself, "What is Naruto going to get me into… That idiot isn't the type to spend his time wisely by doing anything productive except for chowing down on noodles…he did say to bring money…"

The young Uchiha shook his head and figured he was probably going to spend his valuable Friday at Ramen Shack. Naruto would never get over the 10% discounts on Fridays…even though he really only saved 50 cents.

"A penny saved was a penny earned," quoted Sasuke in his head.

So the young Uchiha decided to change into his Naruto-hang-out clothes. Clothes he specifically bought to be fool-proof against the dangers of Naruto's stupidity. Stupidity such as spilling food on Sasuke's new clothes or getting his clothes ripped off when that idiot got them into unnecessary troubles. Needless to say, the clothes were not very fancy or casual. They were dark, rough, and sturdy. Clothes people might use to combat natural forces was Sasuke's protection from his own best friend. Nevertheless, he is an Uchiha, he would not wear anything that wouldn't display his sexiness. Instead of looking like a mess in a tasteless jumpsuit, Sasuke looked sexy and refined.

As soon as he was "body proofed", the clueless Sasuke went to what he thought would be a typical day with his favorite idiot, Naruto…

Hinata sat quietly to herself on a deserted bench. She felt nauseous inside and hoped she wouldn't barf. Never had she ever experienced this gnawing feeling that made her want to run away since middle school. Girl empowerment class had prepared her for moments like these but frankly, she was slowly going into panic mode.

Breathe, breathe, breathe. This is nothing. Breathe. Breathe, damn it. Calm thoughts. Happy thoughts. Rainbows and unicorns! Lollipops!

Okay…maybe she was already in panic mode. The last time she had a real confrontation was when she unfortunately received an unfortunate B- on her final exam and had to ask Jiraiya sensei for extra credit...

He was no doubt a good teacher but his behavior was..unique to say the least.

The suddenly timid girl looks around her surroundings. Most of the contribution to her mini panic attack was that the address that Naruto told her to meet Suckse was at the local amusement park! Out of all the sensible places they could've gone to, like a tea house or a cafe, Naruto told her to come to the amusement park. Now she felt like a fat hippo lingering in a crowd of tiny tortoises because of her dress clothes.

Hinata was dressed for a friendly business interview; after all if she had to bear the unfortunate awkwardness of a confrontation than she might as well dress as if she knows exactly what she was doing.

Hyuga Hinata was serious. And also a bit concentrated on how to give that cocky stick-in-the-ass guys a lesson on never to question a lady's honor. But at the moment, Hinata clearly had disadvantages.

She stuck out.

She looks ridiculously dressed up.

But most importantly, she was hungry but she knew that if she got fluffy pink cotton candy right now and Sasuke happened to show up; then she would look like a whimsical idiot and Sasuke would smirk at her with his usual sexy-as-hell smirk and she would lose her train of thoughts to properly burn him.

In simple terms, Hinata was miserable already.

But like every responsible and respectable girl, Hinata knew she couldn't put up a fight on an empty stomach. So she promptly stood up and walked towards the cotton candy cart that passed her a minute ago. Who cares if she looks like an idiot to Suckse, she was hungry. Everyone knows not to mess with a scorned and hungry woman. Hinata then left her empty bench in search for some nourishment to help get her through the already long day.

Sasuke had texted Naruto to ask him where to meet when he got out of the house, and Naruto, being the sly dog he is, told Sasuke to come to "Cotton Land" and wait for him by the bench south of the park. Regrettably Sasuke complied with his stupid blond companion and walked himself towards his destination.

Upon his arrival at the empty bench, Sasuke realized that he was right on 5 minutes early. Meaning dumb Naruto wouldn't be here for another 20 minutes he thought to himself annoyingly.

Was he supposed to wait for that blond idiot? Hell no he wouldn't! He had better things to do with his life like work out, finish his essay, or even find the cure for cancer.

But in the end Sasuke wound up sitting on the deserted bench by himself waiting for that half-wit blond to show up.

He was getting all restless until Naruto finally texted him, "Sorry teme, but this is for you and for the greater good of your future babies aka my future godchildren. I will not come, but someone else is there for you. You'll see and have fun. Never say this best friend of yours never did anything for you ;)"

As soon as he finished reading, the poor young Uchiha could only muster enough patience to let out a scream that could portray both his frustration and confusion in just one syllable.


Almost instantly after he had screamed out loud and perhaps embarrassed himself, fate had decided that at this very moment Sasuke would turn around only to be greeted by heels clicking behind him.

Hinata herself couldn't quite suspicious and shady figure brooding by her bench as she walked towards it with her hand holding the Super Extra Fluffy Strawberry Pink Cotton Candy she had waited for 15 minutes in the super long line. She certainly didn't expect the creep to explode with such a loud remark and she certainly didn't expect it to sound suspiciously like that jerk Suckse.

But perhaps it was really Uchiha Suck-Sasuke that couldn't believe his luck that he had done one of the things he swore he would never do in front of a girl…

Embarrass himself.

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