The hissing sound of a lightsaber ignition broke the silence aboard the Ebon Hawk. It was early, not that there was any sense of time in deep space. The passengers on the ship only knew it was early because their leader woke up before any of them, to train. The electric whooshes and hums filled the various halls and rooms of the Hawk. The noise, as usual, awoke Bastila from her sleep. On a normal day, she would begin her mediation, a state she would then stay in for the three hours that remained until the rest of the crew awoke, but today was different.

The previous night, after several grueling days of star map searching on the desert planet of Tatooine, Bastila and her companions returned to their flagship tired and hungry. They had found the map they sought and they were now able to leave the horrid planet. Bastila however, left with a new item in her possession, her father's holocron. She had boarded the ship with a new found respect for a man she only knew to be Revan, the former lord of the sith. He had gone out of his way to help her confront her mother and find the missing holocron. So that morning she decided she would train with him, and thank him personally for his help.

So she got up from her cot and walked slowly past a sleeping Mission into the main hallway of the Ebon Hawk. As she approached the door to his room, she raised her fingers to knock.

"Come in."

She felt surprised for only a moment, their force bond never ceased to amaze her. The door slid open and she walked in.

"Good morning Bastila." Revan swung his long yellow lightsaber in a arc across his chest.

"Good morning... Amagen." A small smile that graced Revan's lips did not go unnoticed by Bastila.

"Anything I can help you with?" He brought his blade up above his head and swung it back down. His movements were fierce yet controlled, like a series of synchronized explosions. Bastila was entranced, she had seen Revan in battle, but usually he only used a certain set of attacks, but this was like a dance.


She blushed softly when she realized how long it had been since she last spoke.

"Yes, I've been meaning to thank you for the help with my mother."

Revan smiled at her, that rugged smile he flashed that was just so charming.

"You could show your thanks by training with me?" This was an outcome she had foreseen, and readily accepted. Unhooking her lightsaber from her belt she dropped into a defensive stance.

Revan smirked and lunged toward her, throwing a heavy attack she easily dodged. Of course he also blocked her counter attack with minimal effort.

"Bastila?" The fight continued, Bastila's yellow saber clashing against Revan's with explosions of light.


"Have you ever been in love?"

The hilt of Revan's saber softly tapped Bastila's head. She was caught off guard.

"I am a jedi." She twirled her saber and the dual blades hissed, "As are you. We do not have such emotions."

"You never once felt desire toward anyone? Even in your youth?"

She cringed slightly at his next attack.

"Once, when I was young, before I had such a strong connection to the force, I had feelings for a fellow student."

Bastila swung, and Revan ducked, his lack of effort began to frustrate her.

"What was he like?"

"Um... fine... he was... nice."

"Did you ever kiss him?" His voice was almost accusatory.

"Um... No! Of course not." She steeled herself, any display of emotion would betray her. If Revan knew that she had once been in love, he might begin to defend his own feelings, and even pursue Bastila more actively. This was something she could not allow.

"You positive? You didn't kiss him late at night? Past curfew? In the room of a thousand fountains?"

Bastila's blood went cold.


Revan broke Bastila's block and held his lightsaber directly above her head. He leaned in and whispered in her ear.

"I know who I am Bastila." He grabbed her face with his free hand and kissed her frozen lips.

He snapped off his lightsaber and left the room. The door closed shut behind him.