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Chapter 1: The Past

I never felt as loved as I did when I was held in his arms. My darling bronze-haired man-child. When he held me in his strong arms and whispered words of love and forever in my ears, I couldn't help but melt. I can't remember a moment of my life without him. We had always promised each other; from cradle to grave, never to part. And from our first steps to our first time, it was always the story of us. The jade depths of his eyes told the story of his love and passion for me; and my brown eyes followed him in utter and complete devotion.

Then life got in the way.

He got into a prestigious university on the east coast; I could only afford the state college nearby home in Washington State. He begged and pleaded with me to go with him. That he would pay for me to go closer to him. But my mind was set. A belief that our love could conquer time and distance. We fought; we had never fought before that day. We'd had little tiffs before that—especially when he spent too much money on me, or when I refused to believe him when he told me that I am, to him, the most magnificent creature on earth. Never had we fought like this though.

He had yelled and told me that I didn't love him as much as he loved me. I argued that we could make it work—there were vacations and ways to communicate. He cried that he couldn't live without me. I cried and told him I would always be there. We made love then; and he thought I had caved. Afterwards, he talked about our life in Boston; he started by asking if I wanted a house or an apartment. I was angered that he thought I would give up so easily. He claimed he felt deceived. He stormed out of my house and into the night.

I spent the first semester at school missing him and craving to hold him. I had decided by the end of it to transfer; I gave in. My need to be with him was greater than pride. I knew he would be home over winter break so the day he arrived I was there in the kitchen with his mom and his sister who happened to be my best friend at that time. We were baking his favorite cookies waiting for him to arrive home. We heard his arrival; and the sound of his velvet voice filled me up and made me feel whole again.

That was until I turned around to see the utter perfection of womanhood on his arm. They were like this perfectly matched set. He was tall and strong, the traces of boyhood gone completely from his handsome face. She was a curvaceous strawberry blond taller than my own 5'2 around 5'7 leaning into him. His hand was on her ass. Before he noticed me, he introduced her as his girlfriend. My world fell apart. I came out of hiding behind his mom, brushed past them and ran like the hounds of hell were after me.

Now, here I sit, almost 11 years later. I never let anyone in, I didn't trust. I had no boyfriends, no love life. I had work and my dog. I never thought I would like having a dog after killing so many goldfish but my Dad had insisted I needed the company and the security a dog brings. When he broke me, he also broke my faith in myself; I gave up on all of my dreams. I went from an English major to a nursing student at the community college. I went into nursing knowing that I could find a job at home near my Dad, in my safe little bubble. What drove me into it, also, was knowing that there would be a good strong profession where I could have some form of fiscal security to pay my bills and maybe one day own my own home. I no longer wanted to dream, I just wanted to find safety where I could. I found it by shutting out the world. I no longer wrote short stories or read my old favorite novels. Who cared about fairy tales of happily ever after? After all happily ever after wasn't likely to really happen for me. I had lost my prince; he left me for a princess. Last I heard they were engaged. You see… Cinderella had made it to the ball… but the shoe had fit someone else.