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Chapter 6: Epilogue Three Years Later

Edward was running late from the hospital again. I know he had three surgeries to perform today and I just hope that nothing bad happened to one of his patients. I twist my wedding ring and look out the bay window one more time. I wish he'd hurry up so I can tell him the good news.

"Ma." I look over at the baby swing and laugh. Our precious daughter Piper was waving at her favorite toy that was lying on the ground beside her. She must have thrown the stuffed dog again. It was her favorite game, making Mommy and Daddy play fetch.

"Piper, one of these days Mommy is just going to let the puppy stay there." I tell her sweetly, though I don't really mean it. Our sweet one, eighteen month old could probably get away with anything as much as we love her.

"Baby, I'm home." Edward calls coming through the door. I hand Piper her dog and rush to greet him.

"Hi," I whisper between heated kisses. Thankfully this time the door was closed and we weren't giving the neighbors another peep show.

"Mmmm… I missed you and shortcake today."

"We missed you too. Though we did have a visitor."

"Really, who?" he asks.

"Rose." He smiles, I know he's happy that Rosalie and I worked through our issues a while ago. It took some time, but we were well on our way to rebuilding our friendship. And Alice and I had built one as well.

"And how was my fair sister?"

"Good and married." His eyes bulge out.

"What?" Em and Rose had been living together for years, but had yet to get married.

"Yep. When they went Skiing in Aspen last week, they swung by Vegas on the way home and tied the knot. Your Mother doesn't know whether to kill them or hug them."

"I bet. Shit! Dad is probably just happy he didn't have to pay for a Rose-style wedding." I laugh and agree, Rose would have been a Bridezilla from hell.

"They are going to have a small reception for family and friends though. Rose insists that Emmett just wants to see how many toaster ovens they can get."

"We can give him one of ours." Edward laughs. We had received five of them for wedding gifts. Edward and I gave one to Charlie, and still had three unused in the attic.

"How about we give him two, one from us and one from Piper?"

"Good idea, love."

"Da!" Our baby girl finally notices her Daddy and he rushed to her side.

"Hello, baby love." I giggle at the way she automatically tries to give him Eskimo-kisses. "You look so much like your mother." He tells her softly.

"She looks like you," I argue. It's an argument we have frequently.

"She looks like us." He concedes. "She is the product of us, the perfect symbol of how much we love each other."

"Forever." I remind him.

"Forever." He agrees.