My name is Donatello. I've always loved technology – the more high-tech, the better. So when these weird rings came and attached themselves to it, I was in techno-nerd heaven trying to figure out how they work! Turns out they're all connected to some kind of emotional energy – Leo's runs on will, mine on hope, Raph's on rage, Mikey's on compassion, and Master Splinter's on love. We thought we were the only ones with rings, until we found out the Shredder had not one, but two!
After getting our shells well and truly kicked by the Shredder, we returned home to find seven strangers waiting for us. Something tells me they want their rings back...

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Chronological note: This story takes place somewhere between the TMNT 2003 episodes "The Christmas Aliens" and "Bishop's Gambit", and between 'Brightest Day' and 'War of the Green Lanterns' in the DC Universe.

Legal note: All Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles characters and concepts are © Nickelodeon. All Green Lantern characters and concepts are © DC Comics. All Usagi Yojimbo characters and concepts are © Stan Sakai. I own nothing (I doubt I'm even the first to think of the idea, just the first to do it like this!).

"If the Shredder controls such power, then he must be stopped, or the entire world is in great peril."

"But, Master," Michelangelo protested, "he kicked our shells big-time! How can we beat him?"

"Good question..." an unfamiliar voice sounded.

The Turtles and Splinter whirled to face a group of seven beings, each wearing a different colour of the rainbow. More importantly, they were all wearing identical rings to those worn by the mutants and the Shredder.

"More importantly," the unfamiliar voice continued, now showing itself to belong to a brown-haired man clad in a green and black uniform similar to that worn by Leonardo who somehow reminded the Turtles of Captain Kirk from Star Trek, "how did you all get these rings in the first place?"

The Turtles immediately took up fighting positions, ready to strike at a moment's notice. One of the intruders, a large being clad in an outfit similar to Raphael's, snorted derisively.

"A reptile? My ring went to a mere reptile?" the red being said in a guttural voice. "If you are the angriest being in this world, then this world must be pathetic indeed."

Raphael snarled. "I got yer 'pathetic' right here, skull-face!"

He hurled himself forward, his ring faithfully generating his sai, but was stopped by a blue force field. Raphael bounced off the wall of blue energy, shook his head, and glared at Donatello. His brother shrugged, as if to say 'Wasn't me'.

The force field had, in fact, come from one of the intruders, a being with a long, dangling head, as if he were wearing a stocking cap that was much too long.

"Calm yourself, reptile," the long-headed one said serenely. "All will be well."

Raphael growled. "Aw, great. Now we got Earthworm Jim here sayin' it!"

The long-headed being frowned. "What is an 'Earthworm Jim'?"

"We're not here to start trouble," a resplendent woman clad in shimmering violet said. Her outfit was similar to the skimpy costume Splinter had found himself in after charging his ring for the first time. "We're just here to find our rings."

"I think we'd better explain first, Carol," the green-clad man said. "My name is Hal Jordan. I'm a member of the intergalactic police force known as the Green Lantern Corps. These are"

One by one, he introduced the other intruders. The woman in violet was named Carol Ferris of the love-powered Star Sapphires. The creature with the long head was Saint Walker of the hopeful Blue Lantern Corps. The red giant was Atrocitus of the rage-filled Red Lantern Corps. The red-skinned man clad in yellow and black was Sinestro of the eponymous Sinestro Corps, masters of fear. The tall woman with cornrows was Indigo-1 of the compassionate Indigo Tribe. Finally, the snuffling creature clad in orange was Larfleeze, the only member of the avarice-driven Orange Lantern Corps, or so he insisted. It turned out they were from another dimension, something the Turtles had recently had experience with, little of it good.

Upon seeing Larfleeze, Michelangelo couldn't suppress a laugh. "He looks like a Muppet! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!"

Larfleeze looked confused, rolling his eyes. "Why does every Earth creature say that about me? What is a Muppet anyway? Whatever it is, I want one!"

The indigo ring on Michelangelo's finger flashed, and he suddenly felt bad for Larfleeze.

"Er, sorry about that. I guess that was kinda insensitive of me."

Larfleeze shrugged. "Whatever. I still want a Muppet, though."

Leonardo turned to the Green Lantern. "So, Hal, how did these copies of your rings come to our dimension?"

"Good question," Hal replied. "We recently created duplicates of our rings to deputise, 'friends' to help us in a battle to save the entire universe. It seems something went amiss, causing another copy of each of the rings to be sent into your universe. In our dimension, a month or two has gone by, but as time seems to flow differently in your universe, it's as if the Blackest Night only happened a week ago."

"And now you're here to take your rings back," Donatello said, connecting the dots. "But why? What's the problem with leaving them here with us?"

"The dimensional tear that brought the rings here is unstable," explained Saint Walker. "If anything from our universe is left here, the tear will grow larger and larger, and the barriers between your world and ours will break down. Such a thing would be catastrophic, to say the least."

"Besides," snorted Larfleeze, "I want my ring back! It's mine! No one else can have it!"

"Problem is," growled Raphael, "the Shredder's got it, an' one of those yellow rings too! He was bad news before I got those fancy rings, an' now..."

Donatello laid a calming hand on his brother's shoulder. "Easy, Raph. We'll stop him."

For the second time that night, the Turtles related their encounter with the power-ringed Shredder and his Fear Ninjas. Sinestro smiled evilly like a classic serial villain – all that was missing was the twirling moustache.

"Impressive," he intoned. "This 'Shredder' seems to be a man after my own heart. Perhaps I'll invite him to officially join my Corps..."

"Dude, I would seriously not recommend that," Michelangelo said definitively. "The Shredder does not play well with others!"

"He's more of a 'kill you and steal your throne' kinda guy," Donatello added.

Hal stroked his chin thoughtfully. "It took almost the entire Green Lantern Corps to take down the Sinestro Corps, and it seems this Shredder has created his own Corps. We're gonna need reinforcements. You guys know anyone else that might be of use?"