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As she lay under the stars in the nests hat Farid and Doria had found, her mind wondered back to all those nights ago, when Doria had sat by her. Comforted her.

' "Meggie?" Doria sat down on the wet grass beside her. His hair was wavy from the rain. "Are you riding to Ombra too?"

She nodded. Farid glanced at them.

"I'll steal into the castle as soon as your father has ridden through the door, I promise you," said Doria. "And Dustfinger will stay near the castle too. We'll protect him"

"What are you saying?" Meggie's voice sounded sharper than she had intended. "You can't protect him, not just the two of you! The Piper will kill him. Are you thinking, she's only a girl, tell her lies to comfort her? I was with my father in the Castle of Night. I've faced the Adderhead. They'll kill him!"

Doria did not reply. He stayed silet for a long time, and she felt sorry she'd snapped at him like that. She wanted to say so, but she too remained silent, her head bent so that he wouldn't see the tears she'd been holding back for hours. What he's said had started them flowing. And now he'd be thinking, she's a girl, she cries.

She felt Doria's hand on her hair. He was stroking it as gently as if to wipe away the rain. "He won't kill him" he whispered to her. "The Piper is far to frightened of the Adderhead for that!"

"But he hates my father! Hate is sometimes stronger than fear! And if the Piper doesn't kill him, then the Milksop will do it, or the Adderhead himself. He'll never get out of that castle alive, never!"

How her hands were shaking – as if all her fear was in her fingers. But Doria clasped them so firmly in his own hands that they couldn't shake anymore. He had strong hands, although his finger's weren't much longer that her own. Farid's hands were slender by comparison'

She un-willingly found herself making more comparisons between the two of them, and liking Doria more and more. The feeling of safeness when she was with him, the touch of his hand, the comfort. Yes, she had known Farid longer, but he spent so much time with Dustfinger, always putting him first, that they had begun to drift apart. It was evident though that jeaslousy had begun to kindle in Farid. Jealousy of Doria. Fenoglio had told her as much on the journey to the nests. She recalled how the writer had said that he might have made up Doria, like the Adderhead and Dustfinger. She found it a little hard to believe, even moreso, when he told her of the boy's future. A future with a girl from a strange land, who often gave him the ideas for his inventions. Planes, clocks…..a prining machine for a famous book binder. Meggie found her self hoping that Mo was the book binder, that she was the girl.

Days later, when Doria was injured, and left unconscious for hours, Meggie finally realised her true feelings for him. She sat by his bedside, and told him tales of her world, what devices they had, like planes, radios. She finally realised when Doria came up to her, and brought out a miniature model of an aeroplane from behind his back. She was the girl from the distant land. He was the one she loved.

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For any who were wondering, this is actually more INKDEATH based. (final book in the trilogy) sorry for any confusion...