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Poké Rangers Element Warriors


The small, bright stars twinkled in the night sky of the Kanto Region, one of the many lands that make up the planet known by mankind as the Pokémon World: a planet which inhibits a variety of mysterious yet wondrous creatures who go by the same name, Pokémon.

Deep within Cerulean Cave, a cloaked figure could be seen on the plinth of a rock formation surrounded by water, separating the figure from the cave's mainland. The figure itself was sitting quietly in a meditative position, it's ears perked up and listening to the sound of the waves rocking to and fro. Blurry images suddenly flashed in the figure's head as it meditated.

When the last image faded into nothingness, the figure stood up in an instant. But as the figure did so a heavy gust of wind brushed past it, forcing the hood of the cloak right off with the cloak itself flapping about violently revealing the figure's appearance. The figure looked exactly like the psychic legendary Pokémon, Mewtwo except with a couple of differences in appearance. It wore a black tight suit which covered most of it's body minus the hands, legs and a small portion of his lower back where the tail was. Along with the suit was a set of silver and dark purple armour with curved a blade on each wrist; however the armour didn't have a helmet so the Mewtwo look-alike's face was showing. He had a funny-shaped glowing red gem was on his forehead and a scar ran from his lower right cheek up to under one eye where the other was currently being covered by a white mask.

"So," the Mewtwo look-alike said – well literally thought out loud as he was using telepathy. "It's time, huh?"

The Mewtwo look-alike then raised one of his three-fingered hands up to the gem and gently tapped it. The gem glowed brighter in response and a bright red light surrounded him, eventually causing him to vanish out of sight.

Silph Co.

Saffron City

At the building that was the Silph Company, a young man dressed in a guard's uniform and in his early twenties had his back leaned against the building with his arms folded across his chest, his eyes practically closed and a snoring sound escaping his sealed mouth. He was asleep. Whilst he slept, all the light posts surrounding the area began to flicker off. The guard let out a yawn and peeled his eyes open before they suddenly widen in surprise at what was happening.

"What the… what's going on?" he asked

The guard then jumped backwards, crashing into the building and landing on the ground with a thud when he saw a glint of red light in front of him began to form into a figure. When the figure was forming, the guard hastily grabbed out the nearest Poké Ball he had with him, ready to fight whoever was going to invade the building. The formation finished, revealing the Mewtwo look-alike.

"No way!" the guard exclaimed. "M-Mewtwo?"

The Mewtwo look-alike landed on the ground, the balls of his heels making a soft contact with the pavement underneath.

He smirked. "No. Not Mewtwo."

Flinging his right arm back into the air and clenching his hand into a fist, a bright purple light surrounded the blade on the arm of his armour. The guard, seeing this was about to throw his Poké Ball when a wave of psychic energy was released from the blade and slashed at him, tearing his shirt and opening a long fresh wound that started to bleed. The Mewtwo look-alike disappeared in a flash then reappeared in front of the guard, grabbing his collar and hoisted him up into the air before slamming him into the ground; causing the guard to cough out small specks of blood.

The Mewtwo look-alike kneeled down. "My name is Merqias, remember that," he said, finally revealing his name.

"D-damn you," The guard spat before his eyes glazed over and he passed out.

Merqias sighed in disappointment and shook his head, knowing fully well that he shouldn't be meddling with a weakling right now. Standing up, Merqias turned his attention to the building. Stretching out his hand, a ball of black light played in his hand and then threw it at the door, destroying it. He levitated into the air and floated into the building and manoeuvred his way to a certain room.

Inside the certain room where Merqias was heading to, another man in his late forties wearing a lab coat was sitting down at a desk, his fingers running along the keys of the keyboard typing in information on a document in the computer when jumped up after hearing the sound of an explosion. He ran out of the room but skidded to a halt as he saw Merqias standing 5 metres away from him.

"You…!" he gasped.

"Why hello. Doctor Linwood Morgan is it? I wish to have an acquaintance with you," said Merqias.

Doctor Morgan growled. "Why don't you have it with someone else? As you can see I'm busy now and from the looks of things someone like you shouldn't be here."

"Sorry," said Merqias, smiling. He then appeared in front of Doctor Morgan and forced the latter against the wall "but I have important business with you right now,"

"You'll do no such thing, I'll call the police!" exclaimed Doctor Morgan

Merqias sighed. "I'm afraid, that will be impossible at this point," he said.

"What do you mean?" asked Doctor Morgan, a bead of sweat trickling down his face.

"I'm glad you asked," said Merqias. He then grasped Doctor Morgan's head with one hand and used the other to remove the mask. The eye which was hidden behind the mask glowed and Doctor Morgan's eyes glowed in response.

"AAAAHHHH!" he threw his head back, letting out a scream when he began to feel pain surge throughout his body.

Merqias smiled in delight then placed his mask back on then suddenly disappeared. When the glowing died down, Doctor Morgan collapsed. Somehow he staggered back up and stretched his arms in the air.

"This is the beginning… of an end," said Doctor Morgan who's voice was now a deeper tone, realising Merqias was now possessing his body.

Soon my queen… soon you'll have your revenge against this pathetic race that destroyed you all those years ago… Merqias thought right at the moment he heard sirens in the distance, coming in the building's direction.

Long, long ago, approximately 40,000 years, the humans and Pokémon of the Kanto Region coexisted in peace and harmony for many generations. That was till one day a meteorite from space landed in the outskirts of a small town, gaining the attention of it's inhabitants. As they gathered around it, most believe that the meteorite was a miracle sent by Arceus, the Pokémon who created the Pokémon World; they agreed to enshrine the meteorite as worship for Arceus yet there were those who were reluctant about the idea. Oh boy, how right they were…

Soon after the shrine was built two hikers were travelling near the town when they suddenly stumbled upon the shrine itself. Not knowing that the place was a shrine, the two explored it and instantly found the meteorite. With one simple misstep both hikers eventually released Lutemecia, a sorceress from the distant planet of Ni-Cufola who was sealed into the meteorite and banished into space after she lost a war when she tried to conquer it. By thanking the two for her release, she transformed them into two of her most loyal subjects. Lutemecia wanted revenge and decided to take over the Pokémon World. After she destroyed the town that enshrined her seal and turned the people and Pokémon into her mindless slaves, she thought of paying the current king of the kingdom ruling Kanto a visit. She challenged him to a duel in which the bet was that if she wins she overthrows the king and becomes the kingdom's new ruler but if he wins he would exile her for all eternity. However she lost the duel due to the fact that her magic was weaken from being imprisoned for years. The king took his part of the deal and exiled her to the dessert where she was to remain for the rest of her life.

For days, Lutemecia was still mad about another loss. That was until she had another idea to overthrow the king. One night she made her way back to the castle undetected and poisoned the king in his sleep with the use of a rare poison from Ni-Cufola. Eventually the king died because there was no cure to the poison and Lutemecia was able to seize the castle and began her conquest of the Kanto Region, controlling every human and Pokémon in the process. However in the midst of the chaos, a mysterious traveller appeared out of the blue wielding nothing but a sword and a mystical box. The traveller challenged Lutemecia to a duel and was lucky enough to seal her magic into the box and weaken her. Yet this was only temporarily, as Lutemecia had an ability to regain her magic even though it had been sealed. This gave the traveller some time to set out again and this time gather 17 unique humans, each having the ability to manipulate at least one element out of the 17 elements used by Pokémon. Together these 17 individuals are called the Guardians. Their purpose is to collect the crystals scattered around Kanto, in which the crystals are a valid asset to seal Lutemecia again. However during their time in gathering the crystals, 12 out of the 17 guardians died due to unexplained circumstances, leaving 5 remaining. Those 5 individuals were: a noble's child (fire), a mercenary (grass), a merchant's daughter (water), a castle knight (thunder) and a sky pirate (wind).

When the time to confront Lutemecia once and for all came, the traveller revealed to the remaining Guardians that the traveller was really the legendary Pokémon, Mew in disguise who was asked by Arceus to do the favour of gathering them together. Eventually Mew and the Guardians fought the sorceress in the tallest tower of her new palace. Lutemecia proved to be a challenge. However, at one point during the battle, Lutemecia got the chance to destroy the box and released her powers and was able to fully recover. This turned the tables on the Guardians. While they were getting beaten by a healed Lutemecia, the Fire Guardian stood in the way between her and the others and sacrificed his life to save the other Guardians and Mew from being killed by one of Lutemecia's most powerful attacks. With one more down and four left, the guardians were encouraged after the sacrifice and finally sealed Lutemecia once more.

Once the battle was over, Arceus appeared before Mew and the Guardians and granted their wish of being reincarnated, along with the now deceased Fire Guardian, who, unlike the other four would have a descendant, to fight against Lutemecia in the future. Because of their victory, the Guardians were praised by the Pokémon and people of the Kanto Region as heroes and received the title of the Element Warriors, heroes of the Kanto Region.

Deep in outer space…


The Kingdom of Orlesana

The Kingdom of Orlesana is one of the few kingdoms in the continent of Terrisuya that make up the Chirona Legion, a group of kingdoms formed together, whose main purpose is to support each other through thick and thin. Uh… I think we're getting off topic here.

Anyhow, the Kingdom of Orlesana was tied to the war stet 40,000 years ago in Kanto as it was the birthplace of Lutemecia. The kingdom was located in a vast valley, stood in between two tall mountains overlooking the valley. It appeared it was from the medieval era. Walking around in the kingdom's bustling streets are beings that somehow were exactly like humans. Besides them are also humanoid beings that took on a similar feature to Pokémon. The one thing common about them was that they all had more of a somewhat medieval appearance than a modern one.

Above the streets was the kingdom's castle. Inside, a man in his mid-twenties was walking down one of the hallways. He was tall and had slight tan skin, shoulder-blade length spiky light green hair and violet eyes and was wearing the kingdom's male military uniform. The uniform consisted of a white one piece suit, a short long-sleeved, high-collared carmine coat with golden trims, a tight brown belt was wrapped around the waist, brown gloves and carmine boots that also had golden trims. A symbol was etched on left side pocket.

The man stood in front of a door. Feeling his nerves rise, he breathed in to release tension and rapped a closed hand on the door.

"Come in. It's open," Came a masculine voice behind the door.

The man sighed and released his hand. Grasping the knob he twisted it open and entered the room. Inside, the man spotted another man standing at a window on the far right with his hands behind his back. He is in the same uniform but he was more muscled with lighter skin, black hair that was already greying and brown eyes.

"You wish to see me, General Valieron?" he asked after he closed the door.

General Valieron turned around, "how many times do I have to tell you Keivor? Call me Chemour while we're like this." Chemour said

"Ah yes Gen—I mean Chemour," Keivor said, correcting himself.

Chemour shook his head.

"Was there something you wanted me to do, Chemour?" asked Keivor

He nodded, "yes indeed Keivor. I'm sorry to call you off duty." he answered.

"N-no it's alright. No need to fret now," said Keivor.

Let's just hope I'm doing the right thing… Chemour thought.


Chemour looked back up, "ah it's nothing. The reason I want you, is to get her for me." he said.

Her? Thought Keivor before the realisation hit, "wait! You don't mean—"

Chemour nodded.

"WHAT? ARE YOU MAD SIR? You know that she will refuse to work alongside the kingdom's militia, let alone—" he was cut off when Chemour interrupted.

"I know, Keivor. But you are, by far, one of her closest comrades. I'm sure she'll listen to someone like you," he said.

"Alright, fine," Keivor said and went out of the room.

When Keivor left, shutting the door in the process, Chemour sighed and walked to his desk. He picked up a photo that showed him and a young woman in a uniform. Her uniform was similar to the male one but it the coat was lavender instead of red and sleeveless; the white suit was there but it was shorter and just reaching the thighs. Instead of the brown belt was a white obi belt minus the ribbon, black thigh-high socks and lavender high heel boots with golden trims. There was also the addition of fingerless purple elbow gloves yet the one on her right covered her fingers as if it was to hide something. Her boots were also flat instead of high-heeled.

Chemour placed the photo back down on the desk then walked back to the window and smiled at the way he saw the people and Pokémon beings being happy.

I hope my theories are correct, otherwise we're all doomed… he thought.

His eyebrows knitted together and he sneered at the next thing that came in his mind.


To Be Continued.

Maki: FINALLY! After over a year and a half of getting around to edit this flipping thing! (Excuse my French; I just want to relieve some tension after getting this frustrating thing out of the way) I'm finally getting this posted as a comeback for my past Poké Rangers fanfics. *Ahem* as some of you might know, that at the end of every Poké Rangers prologue (not literally all of them though) there are submissions available for rangers, monsters etc. which I'll be putting in for this fanfic. But I'm already made a ranger myself who, unfortunately will be the Red Ranger for this team. So sorry to anyone who would like to submit one.

I'll be putting in the description of my red ranger, so that others who want to submit rangers can follow the guide placed after the description itself.

Name: Souma "Mira Coolidge"

Gender: Female

Age: 20 (Preferred early twenties)

Hometown: Unknown. (Can be anywhere in the Pokémon World but I do prefer one or two rangers to be from Kanto.)

Ranger Colour: Blue and Silver (Female), Green, Yellow, Purple and Gold (Male)

Appearance: long peach-orange hair tied in a braided ponytail with heterochromatic eyes – blue (right) and red (left) and long rectangular crimson markings, one on each cheek. (You can put anything else that can fit the character's appearance)

Attire: (1-19) a sleeveless high collared open red trench coat, a black tunic shirt with a red stripe at the end, bandages wrapped on her lower right arm, black gloves, two denim belts with one trailing off the left side, white knee length pants and low-heeled buckled black boots. (20-37) wears a high-collared zippered red shirt, a midriff white jacket with rolled cuffs, brown gloves, black shorts, knee-length white socks and red and black lace-up shoes. (38-55) wears a sleeveless denim jacket, a white shirt, red and white stripped arm gloves, a red skirt and ankle-length white flat boots. She is never, ever seen without a red forehead bandana or a sword which is kept in a cloth holster on her back. Souma also carries a flute that once belonged to an old friend of hers.

(Notice: If you are sending a blue ranger, I only want sets 1-19 and 20-25. There is a reason for this but I'm not explaining it, as it will spoil a part of the plot in the story. As for Silver and Gold their sets are 29-37 and 38-55.)

Personality: Normally quiet and stoic who doesn't open up to anyone except to those really close to her. Hates being touched especially on her right arm. Has a habit of hitting anyone on the head for things she find stupid. She starts opening up to everyone later as the story progresses. (This is just me, but I at least one male ranger, preferably purple to be a womaniser. Don't ask. I just do.)

Pokémon: Not applicable (Souma's from an alien planet so she doesn't know anything about Pokémon. But I do want the available rangers to have Pokémon.)

History: Nothing much is known about Souma, except for the fact she's a single child and her parent's were killed when she was at a young age. Since then she's been raised by General Chemour Valieron of the Orlesana Kingdom who had also trained her into becoming a member of the military. Surpassing all other applicant's with amazing skills she joined the militia at the mere age of 10 and became Captain at 15 before being promoted to Major when 19. However a traumatic incident during one mission caused her to quit the military. Souma soon became the leader of a resistance guild when she hears rumours of the military being corrupted.

Now if you want to do supporting character's, here's the guide to do so:










As for monsters, well it's slightly different from the above submissions but anyways:


Gender: (does that apply?)



Strength level: Easy, Medium or Hard


Unlike rangers, supporting characters and monsters can be continuous posts throughout the fanfic and once I have my rangers I will finally start working on the first chapter of Element Warriors.

This is MakiZanaX13 Signing Off!