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Previously on Poké Rangers Element Warriors: After a training simulation gone wrong, Mira awakens from a nightmare of the past and the other rangers believe that she's hiding a secret from them. At the same time Lutemecia's soldiers: Hekomime, Purrima and Fearnult devise a strategy to get rid of the Rangers by taking the entire Viridian City Academy campus hostage only for it to fail. Later on, four out of the Rangers are forced to retrieve bombs that have been set up around the region; yet something strange occurs to each of them. What will happen now?

The forest was quiet that morning as a young girl wondered through it for Arceus knows what reason. When she came into the opening taking on a similar appearance to a shoreline, the girl stopped all of a sudden upon seeing someone lying there on the ground with a trail of blood seeping into the sand.

She screamed. "MOMMY!"

Karol: Long ago, there was a war on this planet. Victory was assured when five brave warriors eradicated the evil that tried to conquer the universe. Now, years later…

The Poké Rangers logo slides across the screen.

Mira: Poké Rangers

Rangers: Element Warriors!

Make a dash!

Un-morphed Rangers are running towards the camera.

Cross the region saving the world

Scene shifts to zooming over the Kanto region.

Dash off! (Dash off!)

Explosions occur behind running morphed rangers.

Whole 'round the world waiting for the peace

The Aerojet flies in the sky.

Metamorphosis! Element (Warriors)

Rangers pose in front of their Zords with their weapons. More explosions occur.

When the heart beats, the elements shine

Red Ranger helmet moves to the left. Mira fires her Element Power. "Mira Coolidge – Red Element Ranger" created by MakiZanaX13.

Listen close to the heart

Green Ranger helmet moves to the right. Kaine fires his Element Power. "Kaine Grendell – Green Element Ranger" created by Hotrod198.

Beating strong enough to save the lives

Blue Ranger helmet moves to the left. Dama fires her Element Power. "Damaris "Dama" Hall – Blue Element Ranger" created by ReD rIvInG rAvEn.

Element energy

Yellow Ranger helmet moves to the right. Ben fires his Element Power. "Benjamin "Ben" Harris – Yellow Element Ranger" created by Blazin' Saddles.

Filling up power to space

Purple Ranger helmet moves to the left. Tom fires his Element Power. "Tom Jackman – Purple Element Ranger" created by Chelvek.

Come on Element Warriors!

Appearance of Captain Rivera, Karol, Ace, Emil and Mew at EPO HQ.

Ride on Element Warriors!

Appearance of Lutemecia and her soldiers at the Chaos Palace.

Five elements from the planet, combine together!

Start of the morphing sequence.

Come on Element Warriors!

The Warrior Megazord forms.

Ride on Element Warriors!

Warrior Megazord attacks the screen with Knight Strike.

Piercing through the region with element power!

Shows crystals scattering throughout the region; Rangers pose once more underneath EPO HQ.

Poke Rangers Element Warriors!

Poké Rangers 2006 – present by Blaze Productions.

Chapter 9: To Protect the World Part 2

Dama started to cough the second she roused from her sleep; eyes opening to meet an unfamiliar ceiling. This place… Dama pondered while slowly staggering to her feet. The room she stood in was empty, save for her being the sole tenant. "Where am I?"

Then Dama's eyes widen at the sudden realisation. "That's right, Lutemecia…!" She attempts to grab her morpher but to find that the braces weren't on her wrists at all. This is bad, if their gone then…

She clenched her shaking hand into a fist and looked at the door ahead. "I have to find a way out."

Stepping towards the door, she gulped nervously, pushed it open and walked out.

"How's the progress going?"

"Smooth. But we recently got hold of them, why can't you have some patience?"

"That word was never in my book; besides my mistress wants it done quickly as possible."

The man snorted and turned back to his computer. Why did he agree to work with this woman in the first place?

He was sitting alone in his quiet office per usual while working on a particular project when the lights suddenly turned off. "What happened?"

Just as he was about to stand and check the situation, he stiffened as something sharp was pressed to the back of his neck. "Don't move." A voice warned. He could tell it was feminine by the tone. "Unless you want your life spared."

His eyes narrowed. "What do you want?"

"A favor; I need your assistance, Doctor Darren Gibson."

"How did you find out about me?"

"I have my resources. More importantly, do you know a woman by the name of Karolyn Masters?"

"No." Dr. Gibson replied in a low growl.

"Is that so?" He felt the object being removed. "Oh well, guess I'll have to find someone else."

Next there's a sound of retreating footsteps until he swivels around. "W-Wait a minute!"

The person stopped. "What?"

"Please." Dr. Gibson almost begged. "Whatever it is, let me help."

"Interesting… finally coming to an agreement?"

He nodded. "Yes."


Dr. Gibson sighed. Let's hope he knew what he was doing.

EPO Headquarters

Moonlight Island

Karol angrily slammed her hands on her desk. "Dammit. What the hell are you guys doing? I want them found now!"

One of the male officials grimaced from her sudden outburst. "But Doctor Masters w-we already searched everywhere and-"

"That's not a good enough excuse!" She retorted. "Do it again. Even search the Orange and Sevii Islands if you have to!"

"Y-Yes ma'am!"

The officers scurried out of the room once Karol slumps into her chair, resting a hand on her head. "I need something to calm me down." A familiar bitter smell infiltrates her nostrils and glanced up, seeing a mug in front that was held by Ace. "Here."

She appreciatively took it. "Thank you."

"I think you went a little too far there." Ace commented while taking a sip from his mug. "Normally takes you at least three days to relax after you blow your top."

"I know… I'm just worried. Their like a family to me."

Ace grinned. "Yeah; they are. Where in the world did they go?"

Across the control room Charmeleon shuddered upon hearing them. "Karol's scary when angry sometimes."

"True. I for one don't wanna be on her bad side." Pidgeotto added.

"No kidding." Dewgong stated. "Though I'm worried about Dama and the rangers more so than Karol's anger right now."

"Agreed buzz." Electabuzz said.

A melody sounded through the field; the sound was coming from a young red-head woman playing a flute whilst she sat on a tree branch. "Such beautiful music." She paused in an instant and faced the owner of the voice, a young man who stood on a lower branch.

He shook his head. "No. Please, don't stop."

She hesitated until sighing in defeated and continued playing; he smiled and glanced at the vast field.

"This world is…"

"Ah! She's waking up!"

Mira sat up once she roused from her sleep. It was then that a surge of pain invaded her senses, causing Mira to grasp her wounded side, when she looked at it though it appeared to be wrapped up in bandages.

"H-Hey, you shouldn't move too much! You can aggravate your injury." She felt a gentle hand grip her shoulder firmly and pushed her back down, feeling her head touch a pillow underneath.

"What happened?" Mira asked.

"My daughter Amber found you unconscious by the shore near our home, here. You were injured so we had to nurse you back to full health."

"I see." She turned her head towards the girl who stood beside the bed she rested in. "Thanks."

Amber beamed. "No problem. Oh and this is my mother, Leslie." She gestured to the woman next to her. "What's yours?"

"Mira, Mira Coolidge."

"Mira… that's a nice name."

"Alright, you two stay here while I get some tea." Leslie said. She left the room, leaving both girls behind. Stepping into the kitchen she began to prepare for the drinks. In the midst of the preparation Leslie gazed at a photo placed on the bench, showing a picture of her, Amber and a man who was smiling. She saddened slightly prior going back to the tea.

Darkness shrouded the hallway which Kaine scuttled in. His breath came out in short pants by the time he turns into another passage. "Damn." He groaned. "How long is this going to be?"

Shaking his head, Kaine pressed onwards; desperately finding a way out. Next thing he found after taking one more corner was a door. He stopped and cracked his knuckles. "This must be it."

The moment he shunted it is when something hard smacked into him, sending Kaine back a bit.

"Ow, ow, ow, ow! Jeez, watch where you're going!"

Kaine glimpsed ahead, noticing that the thing took on the form of a person very familiar to him. "Ben!"

The younger male's eyes went wide. "Kaine? Didn't realize it was you. Sorry 'bout that."

"No kidding, it's so dark around here I couldn't see anything. Speaking of which, how did you get here?" He asked.



Ben jumped. "That voice…! Could it be?"

"Must be Dama; if it's her, then Tom's most likely to be here too." Kaine answered.

"And Mira?"

"I'm not certain. Anyways, let's find them." I can only imagine the worst case scenario if we didn't.

Ben grinned, clamping a hand on his shoulder. "Don't give up!"


"They'll be alright, I'm sure of it. Until then, never give up. Believe that victory will always be by our side."

"You… you're weird." Kaine commented.

The latter faltered briefly. "What? Then I probably said too much."

"No, you didn't… thanks."

"Heh, you're welcome."


At the same time Dama wondered through the hallways nervously; being dark not to mention completely unknown territory, she had no idea where to start.

"What should I do?" Dama ruminated. No, what can I do?

She bowed her head in defeat, looking at the ground beneath.

You think you can give up? Just like that? Mira's words from the previous day rang in her head. I'm not afraid.

"I'm not afraid. I'm not afraid." Dama repeated; she glanced up. "That's right, I'm definitely not afraid!"

However when Dama went into the next room, she screamed. Maybe it was too soon for her to say that.

Chaos Palace

Merqias strode into the throne room where Lutemecia was awaiting him for his return. Once going up to the throne, he knelt in front of the woman who sat on it.

"You've returned." She said.

Merqias nodded. "Indeed I have my queen."

"What do you have to report?"

"Serafina is observing the Guar- I mean Rangers as we speak. But…"


"What of the red one? Surely she'll find about their disappearance soon enough."

"We have that already planned; it's the reason why I'm going." Lutemecia responded.

"To do what exactly?"

The latter smiled. "Confront her face-to-face, that's what. Show her the revenge I've vowed for over these past 40,000 years."

His eyes widen and stood up abruptly. "No, you can't! You still haven't fully recovered from your injuries!"

"Are you questioning my orders Merqias?"

Merqias backed away, realising his mistake; kneeling once more.

"Begin preparations for departure when you've located the Red Ranger." She ordered.

"As you wish, my queen."

Mira frowned when Leslie told her a story. At the current moment, she was sitting at the table in the lounge room having a tea break with Amber and her mother. "I see." Mira glanced at the young girl. "Your father is…"

"Yes; my husband Darren vanished a few years ago. We've searched for him for ages but couldn't find him. It's as if he's off the face of this world." Leslie muttered the last line.

"You must miss him a lot, considering he's gone." I wonder how my father is… or where he is. She gripped her cup as the bitter memory of her leaving Ni-Cufola resurfaced in her mind.

Amber looked at her worryingly. "Are you okay?"

She smiled softly. "It's nothing; just a bad retention. I don't really want to talk about it."


Then Mira stood. "Sorry. But I need to get some air," she limped out slowly; trying not to worsen her wound and sat the base of the closest tree, gazing at the clear blue sky above. This world is really different compared to Ni-Cufola. Still… Mira took out her flute and grasped it tightly.

It's a world that needs to be protected from the very face of danger. No matter what the difference.

Footsteps sounded while both Kaine and Ben ran through the hallways towards the source of the scream they heard earlier. It wasn't long once both men found Dama leaning against the wall of the spacious room, terrified at the sight in front. Since the place was dark, they could still sense someone in it.

"Dama!" exclaimed Ben.

Said woman instantly turned to the two who jumped in and delivered a kick to the face of the person whom let out a cry of pain that was somehow familiar to them. After the person fell with a thud, Kaine knelt next to Dama. "Are you alright?"

"Kaine? Is that you?" She asked in a shaky voice.

As he was about to reply, all the lights suddenly turned on; forcing them to shield their eyes from the brightness illuminating the surrounding area.

"What the?" Kaine cried until he was able to see.

A pained moan was emitted from the person lying on the floor, causing all three to glance in the person's direction; their eyes widening in realisation at who it was.

"It can't be." Ben said. "How can we be so careless?"

Dama hastily stands, running to the person and shook their shoulder. "Tom? Tom, please wake up!"

Tom opened his eyes. "Ugh… either that I'm seeing things or there's a really beautiful woman right next to me."

Ben felt a sweat drop go down his face. "I think he'll be okay."

Suddenly a laugh sounded through the room which grabbed their attention.

"Who's there?" demanded Kaine.

"So it seems that the children are finally up and about; ready to play a game?"

"What game?" Both he and Tom questioned.

There was a malicious laughter that riposted. And that was definitely not a good sign.

EPO Headquarters

Moonlight Island

"Karol, we got one of them!"

She immediately jumped from her seat after the word reached her ear when Ace ran into the control room. "You did?"

Ace grinned. "Yep!"

"Where's the location?"

"It's a faint signal, but the closest place we could get is Route 22." He replied.

"Route 22… If I'm right, that's near the Indigo Plateau. Then that means-"

"Yeah, it's gotta be Mira."

"Well don't stand there, find her!" Karol snapped.

Ace nodded vigorously. "Alright, alright!"

Karol groaned once he left and followed the latter outside; yet, she stopped when sensing someone behind her and turned around to face Emil who had an apprehensive expression written on his face.

"Karol." Emil said.

She bends down and grasped his right shoulder gently. "What's wrong?"

"Are the others going to be okay?"

"Don't worry, we're finding them now. It's gonna be fine. That's a promise." My only concern is that if Lutemecia has already gotten to them.

"If you say so." He muttered.

Route 22

Using his psychic powers Merqias floated through the air right before landing straight on a small cliff which was a small distance away from a house near a lake. It's only brief when he spotted a red-head woman in a red trench coat heading back to the house that he felt a familiar aura.

Isn't that- Merqias smirked then clenched his hand now being enclosed by a dark haze. At the same time a smog appeared from behind; it then died down to reveal quite a few Sandcutters and gazed at them. "Listen up. I want half of you to report to Lady Lutemecia that the Red Ranger has been found; the rest come with me."


Mira tracked back to Leslie's house once done. However she stopped when arriving at the porch by the entrance as a chill was sent down her spine. "I have a bad feeling…" she muttered.

"Mira?" Amber questioned while she came outside to find the latter scanning the area.

Her eyes suddenly widen at the realisation. "Get down!" Mira leapt forward and grabbed Amber, pushing the younger to the ground; wrenching out her sword to block the oncoming attack to defend the both of them. She growled seeing the attacker happened to be Merqias.

"So you're still alive, hmph no matter. You'll be dead once I'm through with you." He said.

Mira growled as she stood, pushing a terrified Amber behind. "As if you can take me down that easy." She turned to the other girl. "Get your mother and leave here now."


"No. It's not safe."

"What about you?"

"I'll be fine. Trust me."

She turned back the moment Amber scurried from them, poising her blade at Merqias. "Hope you're ready for a painful beating."

With that Mira launched herself in attempts at striking Merqias down. He merely smirked, winding sideways, letting Mira's sword barely hit him. "So you say. In that case, Aura Sphere!"

Eventually Merqias shots the blue-coloured ball. Yet she saw it and narrowly dodged the attack by flipping out of the way. Dammit, this seems tougher than it looks. She felt her left hand began to heat up. "Element Power, Flame!" Fire emerged from her hands managing to spray Merqias in the face who hollered upon the impact.

"Oh that is it!" He shouted.

Mira smiled when he charged at her. "Bring it."

"What's so funny?" Dama stuttered nervously.

"Oh you'll see very shortly." The voice answered.

Ben shuddered. "Why do I have a bad feeling?" Soon everything went silent, or so they thought. Next thing the group heard was a low rumbling sound.

"Uh guys, what was that?" Tom asked.

All of a sudden a huge hole materialised from the ground ensued which started to suck them in. "Everyone grab onto something!" Kaine shouted; they tried however failed when the hole completely swallowed them.

He stands up shortly after regaining his composure from the sudden fall. "Man that went well."

"Hey!" Kaine swivelled around to find Tom darting to him.

"Hey yourself."

"Dude what the heck was that about?"

"Got me; but whatever it is, it can't be a good thing. That's for sure."

"I see. Anyhow should we look for Ben and Dama?"

He nodded. "Yeah, I guess that's our only option for the time being."

As both men started the search, Tom couldn't help but worry; especially being in a clear landscape where he had no idea how he got there. "Y'know I hate to admit it, but this feels kinda creepy."

"No kidding." Kaine replied. "We were in a room for one second then outside the next… still, the atmosphere vexes me; we have to-"

A loud roar interrupted him. Kaine stiffened before slowly facing the source, a giant Kabutops. "Uh Tom?"

"What?" The other man looked in his direction and his eyes immediately went wide. "The hell's a Kabutops doing here? It's huge!"

"I thought their mainly extinct." Kaine muttered.

"At least it's not a Spirit Beast. We can still take it."

"You actually said something smart for once."


"Not now; we have to deal with this first." He took out a Poké Ball, glad that he still had them. "Go, Quilava!"

Tom smiled and followed suite. "Points, come out!" Then a Quilava and Starmie materialised from the Poké Balls. "Let's take 'em down!"

Both Pokémon cried in response.


Meanwhile Dr. Gibson smirked from his position at his computer as the two men on screen battle it out with the giant Kabutops. "Oh, but this is only getting to the fun part."

Route 22

Mira screamed when she was thrown across the field onto the shore where Amber previously found her; Merqias chortled evilly while watching her attempting to stand. "For a woman, you got guts. I like that."

"Guts huh? Well you-" she is cut off from the impact of an energy blast sent in her direction, hurling Mira back to the ground. "Oww what the hell?"

"Did I hurt you? Oh sorry about that." A new feminine voice interrupted sarcastically.

"Right on time." Merqias said.

Mira looked up and gasped; before her happened to be none other than Lutemecia herself. "You…! You're Lutemecia!"

"Indeed I am." She replied. Yet her eyes narrowed. "You… don't appear to be the Fire Guardian."

"What are you talking about?"

"Actually my queen, this woman here is a descendant. The real Fire Guardian died in the line of battle against you 40,000 years ago; don't you remember?" Merqias asked.

Then it clicked in her head. "Now you mention it… yes. Perhaps I forgot after being put to sleep all those eons ago."

"Hmph Fire Guardian or not, I'm still going to defeat you!" Mira shouted.

"Hahahaha what a laugh, give up. You're powerless without your comrades."

"That maybe so; but I'm really going to give it my all!"

"Fascinating… Let's see how you'll fair with me then."

"Gladly." She swiped the red star on her silver brace.

"Set up ready. Standing by."

"Metamorphosis Activate!" The morphing sequence started and it wasn't long until Mira is garbed in her suit.


"Flame Wheel!" As it was told, Quilava ran towards the giant Kabutops; a burst of fire surrounding its body. Next Quilava jumped and rammed into its opponent, knocking the Kabutops back.

Tom grinned. "We can't lose to them Points, Rapid Spin!" The Starmie started spinning rapidly and collided with Kabutops. He shared a look with Kaine. "How 'bout a double attack?"

"You've read my mind. Quilava, Ember!"

"Water Gun!"

Both Pokémon fired their attacks together: Quilava's flames wrapping around Points' water forming a spiral which eventually sent the Kabutops into unconsciousness. Since it is their victory, Tom and Kaine high-fived each other. "Nice! Now let's get outta here."

"Couldn't agree more."

However as the two returned their Pokémon back to their balls, another rumbling sound echoed. "Great. Now what?"

To their surprise, the Kabutops rose to its feet. Only this time its mouth opened wide and fires a flurry of explosive projectiles. "Run!" Tom screamed. He started to run with Kaine following not far behind; though the issue is that the giant Kabutops was hot on their heels, continuously firing the projectiles. Just as Tom turned a corner, he felt someone grab him around the waist and was pulled behind a fairly large boulder.

Kaine looked around, eyes widening to see the person who got Tom. He smiled. "You guys…"

Dama smiled back. "Hello Kaine."

Ben rubbed the back of his head when he released Tom. "Sorry about that bro; had to get you out of the way." He gestured a finger to the retreating Kabutops.

"Thanks. But next time, please give a warning when you're gonna do something like that." Tom said.

He grinned. "I'll make a mental note, promise."

Dama shared a look with Kaine. "How are we going to get out? We don't have our morphers, especially with that giant size of a Kabutops running amok."

"You got a point." He rested his head in his hand. The others watched until Kaine suddenly jerked his head up. "I think… I got an idea, but it's not going to be easy. So trust me on this."

Ben clasped a hand on his shoulder. "Absolutely! Right guys?"

Tom and Dama nodded. "Of course!"

He sighed in relief; this better work or their in serious trouble.

Route 22

Karol hurried through forest where she heard explosions within the distance of her current location. That's probably where Mira is. Though when she neared the source, she heard a scream in the opposite direction; the voice belonged to Amber, along with Leslie were surrounded by Sandcutters.

"Hang on!" Karol exclaimed, reaching for a Poké Ball. "Girafarig, Zen Headbutt!" Once Girafarig was released it dashed to the Sandcutters and knocked them aside. She smiled prior moving to them. "Are you all right?"

"Yes, thank you." Leslie replied. "But what are those things?"

"Long story. Right now you have to get away from here. It's too dangerous."

"But we can't leave Mira here, she's still injured!" Amber protested.

Mira? How do they know her? "Umm… this Mira, she wouldn't happen to have reddish hair and strange coloured eyes, would she?"

She nodded. "Yup that's her. Still how do you-"

"I'm a friend. Can you tell me where she is?"

"Well… uh… she was back at our house. Northeast from here I believe."

"Okay. Girafarig, keep an eye on them until I get back."


Both females where neck and neck; and despite her injury, Mira is still going at it. She jumped back as Lutemecia launched another energy blast, making her miss it.

Lutemecia flicked her right wrist, creating a sword somewhat similar to Mira's which she held in her hand. "I didn't know a sorceress like you can use a sword." Mira said in interest.

"Oh, I can do more than just use magic. In fact, why don't I give you a preview?" Lutemecia lunged forward, swinging her sword.

Mira gasped, immediately called for her Flame Sword into blocking Lutemecia's own. She wavered a little after throwing the other off. Lutemecia took this as an advantage and slashed her sword down, where Mira's wound on her side was; making her cry in the process.

"You're injured already…! What are you, trying to give me a handicap?"

"As if I would; a true soldier in the line of battle would never do such a thing!" Mira stated.

"True soldier huh?" She dodged at another attempted strike.

Mira ignored her. "Multi Burning Strike!"

At the same time, Karol was closing in on them until skidding to a halt at hearing Mira calling out her attack. She hid behind a tree as she barely missed the cluster of flames. "Whew, that was close." Karol's hand turned into a fist while she knows the fact that Mira is near her limit. Hang in there.

Ben grinned, spotting the giant Kabutops scanning the area possibly to search for them. He looks behind from the distance between him and the others who hid in a ditch, giving Kaine a thumbs up; Kaine nodded then Ben went back, grabbing a Poké Ball and released his Tropius. Hoping onto Tropius they soared into the sky over where the Kabutops is. "Hey ugly, over here!"

The Kabutops roared and charges at him. Yet by putting some speed into it, Ben ordered Tropius to fly to the other rangers' direction. Whilst that happened Kaine glanced at Dama and Tom, they nodded and jumped out of the ditch, each holding one end of a rope Kaine found earlier. It was only seconds the Kabutops approached they stretched the rope far as they could to trip it over; making the Kabutops land in the ditch. It hit its head pretty hard that it feel unconscious.

"We did it!" Dama shouted happily, high-fiving with Kaine.

"That seemed pretty easy." Tom commented. "First time me and Kaine fought it, it was still standing."

"It was probably weakened from the fight. Like I said before: never give up, right?" Ben asked as he landed on the ground.

Dama nodded. "Yeah, and we didn't run away. Even if we did, at this rate, many lives will be at stake. I'll feel ashamed if that were to occur."

"No kidding."


"Unbelievable… they managed to pull it off." Dr. Gibson muttered. "I must say, they truly have the efforts of teamwork."

He typed a code into his computer then a sound buzzed through the room. "Time to go meet them." Dr. Gibson stood and walked out.


The first thing Ben saw when he woke up is he is lying in a chair with a strange machine hanging over his head. Pushing himself into a sitting position, Ben glanced around; noticing Kaine, Dama and Tom were also in similar chairs with similar machines over their heads. Yet unlike him they were still unconscious. He groaned and leaned on the armrest. "Damn… what was that?"

Suddenly he hears the sound of sliding doors open followed by a set of footsteps. "A mind transportation device; you've just woken up from a temporary comatic state, so you'll feel its aftereffects for a short period of time."

Ben looked to the direction of the voice, with that voice belonging to Dr. Gibson. He growled. "You did this to us?"

Dr. Gibson raised a hand in defence. "I wasn't harming you at all, merely collecting data."

"Data? For what?" A small groan interrupted them; it was from Kaine, who started to wake up with Dama and Tom after him. "Guys!"

"Ugh… I feel dizzy…" Tom muttered.

"Ben where are we? Who's that?" Kaine asked.

"Everything will be explained." Dr. Gibson answered, adjusting his glasses. "Though I must commend you all for your bravery during this experiment."

"Experiment? I'm confused." Dama said.

"And what do you think you're doing?"

Everyone jumped from being startled by the new voice that appeared very familiar to the rangers. It's Serafina that stood in front of the doorway. Dama's eyes widen. "Serafina! What in the world are you here?"

"I should stay there if I were you." Serafina glared at Dr. Gibson. "You fool! I said I'll destroy them once they woke up!"

"Destroy? But you said-"

"Looks like I mislead you. Whoever said I'll let them live? The task was simple; collect data then eradicate the remaining material."

"You- not on my watch!" He shouted. Dr. Gibson ran far as he could towards the far left wall and pressed a few numbers on the pad embedded in it. Eventually a small door opened; he grabbed a box from it and threw it to Ben that caught it. "Take this and run. Now!"


"Stupid old man." Serafina wrenched out a sai, slashing it at him. He gasped from pain and staggered backwards, clutching onto his injured chest.

Seeing this Tom growled, lunging himself forward to kick Serafina. "I may be a ladies man, but I hate those who disrespect their elders. You are one of the worst."

She smirked. "Thanks, I'll take that as a compliment."

Tom ignored her and grabbed Dr. Gibson. "Sorry but you're coming with us!"

He lifted the injured scientist over his shoulder; Kaine nodded and threw a punch at Serafina, making her stagger sideways out of the door's entrance. "Go now!" he cried. With that they started running for it.

Dama looked at Dr. Gibson while trying to escape. "Excuse me mister-"

"Doctor Gibson."

"Uh right… Doctor Gibson, you know anyway to escape?"

"T-That woman, Serafina blocked all possible escape r-routes-"

"And?" questioned Kaine.

"Well there is one way I do know." He replied.

Route 22

Lutemecia laughed in delight as she saw Mira fell once more. "I already told you, give up. Continue fighting me and it'll only be a painful death."

Mira grunted and stood up. "That… that may be so; I've may failed to protect the most important thing to me in the past. But now, I… I won't give up! This world needs to be protected. And I won't let someone like you destroy it!"

Suddenly red laser beams flew in the air directly at Lutemecia. Merqias noticed it and blocked them with a psychic-created shield.

"Count us in too!"

Everyone looked in that direction to see four familiar faces. Mira gasped. "You guys! You're alive?"

"Of course, why wouldn't we be?" asked Kaine.

"Besides, we're Poké Rangers too. It's our job to protect this world after all." Tom added.

"Tch, the plan failed." Lutemecia said, glancing at Merqias. "We're retreating."

Merqias nodded. "At once my queen." He raised his hand. "Sandcutters get rid of them!"

Next a swarm of Sandcutters materialised and surrounded the rangers, congesting them from Lutemecia's escape.

"Their getting away!" Dama cried.

"Leave that for later. We'll deal with this first!" Mira ordered. "Guardian weapons, engage!"

"Gust Chakrams! Feather Hurricane Attack!"

"Spark Lance! Magnetic Thunder Cut!"

"Bubble Baton! Surging Aqua Blast!"

"Leaf Shield! Boomerang Razor Slash!"

"Flame Sword! Multi Burning Strike!" Straight after their attacks were called out, a large cluster of elements emitted from their weapons and demolished the surrounding Sandcutters. Once they were finally gone, the rangers de-morphed. Though in comparison to Kaine, Dama, Ben and Tom, Mira was still injured and collapsed to the ground in exhaustion; startling them.

"Mira! Are you alright?" asked Ben.

"I… I'm fine." She replied, trying to stand on her own but to no avail; Mira gazes up to see a hand in front.

Karol smiled. "Need a hand?"

"Yeah, thank you."

"Rangers..." All of them turned around to find Dr. Gibson. "Karolyn…"

Her eyes hardened. "You…! What the hell are you doing here?"

"Karol, do you know him?" Dama questioned.

"He's a scientist I once knew who betrayed the world of science by doing illegal experiments on Pokémon! He can't be trusted!"

"Whoa, whoa! Calm down Karol, he saved us!" Ben defended by waving his arms in the air.


"Karolyn, please listen." Dr. Gibson stated sternly. "What I did is now in the past because I was forced to work for Team Rocket."

"Is that so… why didn't you tell anyone?"


"Daddy?" He looks back, startled. There was Amber holding onto the hem of Leslie's skirt looking surprised. "Daddy!"

Amber started running and jumped onto him. Leslie followed her, but more slowly. "Darling?"

Dr. Gibson nodded. "I'm home Leslie." Eventually Leslie burst into tears and hugged him tightly.

"He… he was forced to work for Team Rocket… to protect his family?" Karol whispered.

"Apparently so." Kaine said. "And about those bombs, well it's a long story."

"Now everything's over, should you two make amends?" asked Tom.

"I suppose it's the best way to do it." Once Amber and Leslie let go of Dr. Gibson, Karol walked up and held out her hand. "I… I'm sorry. For everything I did to you."

"And I as well."

Mira smiled as she held onto Kaine for support and gazed into the sky. Heh, looks like your right. This world is truly wonderful. Despite the difference to Ni-Cufola. I thank you for making me realize that.

Meanwhile as that happened, a car was being driven on the road of Route 11 towards Diglett's Cave; when it stopped at the entrance Captain Rivera got out followed by another man in a EPO uniform. "The signal came from here yes?"

"Yeah it did." Both men travelled through the cave for a while not long until reaching a new room that appeared to have a futuristic design more than most rooms did.

Captain Rivera moved to a peculiar construction in the far back and traced a shaky hand over it.

"Captain, is something the matter?"

A deadly silence befalls on them for a brief second.

"Yes… it is as I had feared; the seal has already been broken."

"The seal?"

He nodded. "And it appears that we'll need… him."

Mira: Next time on Poké Rangers Element Warriors…

Ben: No way! The Manor's h-haunted?

Emil: It appears so.

Kaine: Just great, I hate ghosts.

Dama: Looks like we have to investigate this situation.

Emil: Aren't you scared?

Mira: AH!

Tom: Mira!

Chapter 10: Ghost of a Chance

Kaine: I knew it, we're cursed!

Maki: And there we have it. Glad this answers everything to the previous chapter? Except for the whole 'bomb' part, I decided to leave that as plot hole for you guys to figure out on your own. God I like teasing people XD As for this chapter's quiz, unfortunately there won't be one this time. So we'll be taking a break from them for the time being. Okay see you all around. Maki out.