A/N: Going off the bad end.



Henry sighed unsteadily, fearing, and knowing, the inevitable. Walter stood by the door to his apartment, or what it had used to be, smiling the way that Henry had always known him for. "Henry," he began, taking the first few agonizing slow steps toward him. Henry remained where he was, in the center of what used to be his living room, and merely looked away. He didn't move when Walter touched his hand to his face, didn't speak when Walter forced him to make eye contact with him, didn't even flinch when Walter roughly pushed him against the nearest wall and held him there.

Walter began to bite and lick his neck and collar bone, quickly advancing upward to his earlobe. Henry shivered and clenched his eyes shut. "My beloved Receiver of Wisdom," he whispered harshly into his ear, causing Henry to jerk suddenly and barely stifle a whimper. Henry clawed helplessly at the wall behind himself, as there was no use in trying to push him away. Walter pressed himself closer against him, deciding to run his hands through his Henry's hair. Henry opened his eyes slowly to look up at Walter's ever-present smile, the feeling of sickness rising. "I'm sure Mother will love you just as much as I do." He kissed him then, just as rough and harsh as everything else about him, and Henry allowed him, attempting desperately to imagine himself anywhere else and with anybody else.

But all he could see were the decay and grime and blood and pulsing flesh walls of his entrapment and there was really only one person he could even imagine himself with and she was gone gone gone and not even when she was alive would she be so rough and harsh and demanding and be such a monster that would bring so much destruction and smelling of death. There was only that one place and that one person that could ever be that; could ever be this. So he accepted it. He accepted being slid down the wall and into a sitting position on what used to be the floor. He accepted having the monster straddle him and embrace him. He accepted that there was really no other choice.

Henry could feel him smile against his neck, and he didn't have to see it to feel its affect. He suppressed a shudder and the thought of her as he shakily brought his arms up and weakly hugged the monster back. "You're doing very well today, Henry," he cooed, and Henry laid his head down upon his monster's shoulder and began to sob, forgetting for the moment who exactly he was crying on.

Walter kept smiling.