Title: Jaded Memories

Author: Miyuki Meiru/ Mai Sasaki

Summary: I saw headlights, heard an almighty ear-breaking screech, and then nothing. I woke up in an entirely different life than I ever imagined. –Onodera Ritsu

Pairing: RitsuxTakano

Genre: Romance

Rating: M

Warnings: This fic contains boy's love scenes.

This fic isn't beta edited, so probably there are errors in grammar.

Hmm… should I say badly written smut. I never tried to write anything besides 'kissing' so I'm still awkward in writing explicit scenes.

Author's note: Hello everyone! This is my very first story for Sekaiichi Hatsukoi. The idea was random; it just popped out while I was having my classes earlier. Anyway, please be easy on me, after all I'm just an amateur writer.

Also, if anybody wants to be my beta reader for this story, please feel free to send me a private message.

Disclaimer: I do not own Sekaiichi Hatsukoi

Chapter One: Unrequited Love

I saw headlights, heard an almighty ear-breaking screech, and then nothing.

"You want to do it with me, right?" Saga-senpai's voice resonated throughout the silence of the room. Was it really happening in reality?

I flinched as Saga-senpai continued to unbutton my uniform. "No, we can't…" I tried to resist, but senpai's touch was alluring. Every nerve in my body was on fire; my skin came in contact with his. I felt my face flushing from embarrassment; my body was exposed to him. Senpai could see everything! Panic filled my thoughts as I unconsciously hid my face using my hands.

It was a weird encounter but ever since I saw senpai at the library on that day, I fell in love with him. When our hands met, I wasn't able to resist the feeling I harboured for years. My unrequited love overflowed and I confessed to him, I knew it was really weird to fall in love with a guy but I myself couldn't explain it.

I felt senpai's hand remove mine so that he could see my face. His lips ravished my own, I was surprised by the sudden action. Stunned by the moment, I simply closed my eyes and shut my lips tightly. Saga-senpai pulled away as he broke the kiss. My mind was hazy. Did I do something that irritated him? Did I displease him?

"Stop clenching your lips shut," there was a slight pause. "I want to kiss you with my tongue."

"Tongue!" I exclaimed, my face felt hotter than the usual. I wasn't used to this, senpai being so aggressive and bold. Saga-senpai was usually calm and serious. His lips were on mine again, this time I slowly opened my mouth and felt senpai's tongue exploring me. I gave out a soft moan, something that made senpai smirk a little.

Saga-senpai slid his tongue to my throat then into my navel. It felt so good, I was so lost and all I could think of was the happiness I felt at the moment.

"I'm sorry," I was confused. I wonder why senpai was apologizing? "It hurts right?" My eyes fluttered open as I stared at senpai's worried face. I blushed, senpai was worried about me. Just the thought of it made my heart go wild.

"I-I'm fine," I replied as I tried to reassure him, "…b-because it's you."

"Ritsu," It was the first time that senpai called me by name. I was so happy that I felt like I could die any moment. My eyes were heavy and my body was aching. "I love you…"

Did he just?

Did I really hear him right? If only he could love me a little…

Senpai, I really love you so much…

"Onodera-san! Will you please pay attention!" I heard an irritated scream. My eyes snapped open and realized that I was in the classroom and we were having classes. "I wonder why you're very distracted today?" The teacher asked while I stood there, my cheeks burning red with horror and embarrassment. Now, who wouldn't be? After what happened with Saga-senpai last night, it would be more unlikely to be focused. I heard laughter from the class, I guess I never cared. The embarrassment that I felt when senpai touched me naked was even a worse experience than being humiliated in class.

It was lunch time and I decided to stay at the library, I really wanted to be alone for now. The memories of last night was still vivid, it was as if I could still feel senpai's touch. I clenched my fist as I blushed, remembering how our bodies collided and senpai's low whisper of my name.

"Are you okay?"

"S-senpai!" I was caught off-guard. My face flushed as I saw Saga-senpai.

"I think I overdid it last night."

"I-I'm okay!" I clasped my hands, "See you around, senpai." I simply ran without looking back at him.

I sighed as I stared at my classmates running into the open field. Why the hell should we have P.E classes on this day? Of all days in the week, why today? My body still ache from that. I heard the coach's whistle, shit it was my turn.

"Onodera, on the field!" He yelled, as I scampered my way nervously. I half-dragged myself trying to ignore the discomfort in my lower anatomy. How the hell would I be able to kick the ball in this damn state?

The practice game continued as I aimlessly wander into the field completely losing my focus. I couldn't help it but to think of Saga-senpai and last night. I wasn't in the right condition to play soccer.

"Onodera, watch out!" It was too late. A soccer ball was flying towards me! I was frozen and I wasn't able to move, it struck me like a lightning bolt and everything went black.

My eyes fluttered slowly, the light was blinding me. I didn't think something was wrong with my vision but all I could see was white. As far as I know, this wasn't my room.

"Ritsu!" Mom almost plunged herself at me. The interaction was unexpected; I felt tears on my shoulder. Why was mom crying? "R-ritsu, I thought we lost you!" She was almost hysterical. I was very confused, what happened?

"Mom, I think you're overreacting," I simply said. I was just knocked out by a flying soccer ball; I didn't think it was enough to make her so worried.

"You were unconscious for three days! And you have the nerve to tell me that I'm overreacting!" Mom was angry. So, I was knocked out by a soccer ball for three freaking days? How weak could I possibly get? I felt the tight cast around my left arm. Did I broke a bone when I fell?

The door swung open, I saw An-chan, dad and a doctor came in. "Ricchan! I'm glad you're awake!" An was crying too. Did An-chan really look this beautiful before? It was just three days then she suddenly turned into a strikingly beautiful lady! I swore, it must be my eyes. She wasted no more time and embraced me, "I'm really glad you're alright."

Dad simply placed his hands over my shoulders, the gesture was full of emotion although he wasn't able to show as much as An-chan and mom. "That boss of yours almost barged in, demanding to see you, but of course we couldn't allow that."

Boss? Who the hell was that?

"Ritsu, I'm worried for your safety…" Dad said, "I want you to go back and live with us again, since you and An-chan are not yet formally married. I guess I realized how much my family means to me and I really regret spending little time with you." Why was it like I had been out of my life for years? I was still living with my parents, right? "Also, I'm begging you to transfer back at our publishing company. Honestly Ritsu, do you really even enjoy editing shoujo manga? I know you love literature down to the core."

Eh, I was a shoujo manga editor? What the hell was happening? I was supposed to be a literature editor!

This wasn't my life! Why was it so against my plans? I guess this was all a nightmare.

"Ritsu, dear, say something," mom kept her eyes on me.

"Umm, okay," I simply blurted out without thinking.

"You're unexpectedly agreeable," dad smiled, "I thought you won't give up without an argument."

My eyes widened, since when did I become a disobedient son? I always made sure that I got good grades and didn't eat anything instant and fast food.

I felt my eyes heavy again. "Umm, w-what happened exactly?"I asked, trying to muster up my courage.

I saw shock from their faces. This time the doctor stepped in, "It's okay, it's normal that victims forgot about the accident, it's just post trauma for him. Since Onodera-san already woke up and now showing signs of recovery, there's nothing to worry about." How the hell could I forget such things! It wasn't everyday that you would get hit by a soccer ball right in the face.

I was silent, I saw relief washed over their faces. "If you may excuse us, Onodera-san, I would like you to take a rest for tonight and tomorrow we'll run a few check ups and tests on you."

"A-alright," I said with a nod.

"See you tomorrow then, Ricchan. I'll come over again…" An-chan said as she gave one final hug.

"Take it easy, Ritsu…" Mom said before she kissed me. They all gave a final glance at me before they completely leave the room.

I was still confused about a lot of things. My body felt tired and battered. I closed my eyes and went back to dreamland.

I woke up for the second time. I was feeling a slight back ache and neck pain. Feeling uncomfortable of my position, I turned around facing to my right.

"Onodera, you're awake," This voice… it was familiar. Saga-senpai was here!

"Y-yes," I blushed. Saga-senpai came! I took a good look at senpai's features and realized that he was much gorgeous today. Now, I was having so many doubts if it was really only three days that I slept in.

The man pulled me into a hug, "You scared me, I thought you were going to leave me again."

Eh, I would never leave Saga-senpai!

"I w-would never-" Senpai placed his index over my lips.

"Listen to me; I'm sorry for yelling at you the other day. I didn't know that you weren't feeling well and I just scolded you like that." I felt his hand stroking my hair, "I shouldn't have done that. You were pressured with the deadlines and all but I still edged you instead of helping you sort it out. When I heard what happened to you, I was terrified…I simply rushed and demanded to see you. I was so broken when your father didn't allow me stay with you."

Another blush was visible on my face, "I-I'm sorry to make you w-worry." I couldn't look at him face to face; I was feeling so happy right now. Saga-senpai pulled me into a deep kiss. I didn't know why I was able to respond to him eagerly, I was able to kiss him properly. The kiss felt much better than the last time, I guess this time it's more passionate… and somehow I felt like I was used to this.

"Looks like you're compliant tonight," Senpai said with a smirk, "If only you're not injured, I would gladly make a mess out of you."

"W-what?" I was getting dizzy. I never knew Saga-senpai could talk dirty.

"Ritsu..." There was a slight pause, "I love you."

I was bedazzled and frozen. I wasn't dreaming, right? Saga-senpai just said that he loved me!

"Ritsu?" There was a slight confusion in his face.

"I-I love you too, Saga-senpai!" I blurted out.

I saw his eyes widened; before I knew it I was pinned into the bed and was pulled into another passionate kiss. He was practically crushing me and it hurt! "S-senpai… get off me!" I half-yelled as I pushed him away from me.

"I'm sorry."

"N-no, i-it's okay!" I hid my face. "In fact, I'm so happy right now like I could die anytime. S-senpai, you just told me that you love me." I tried to smile and face him properly without shying away.

"Ritsu, are you really okay?" Saga-senpai asked, "It's my entire fault."

"No! It's my fault for being unfocused!" I mumbled, "I wasn't really paying attention to the practice game! It was my own fault that I was hit by that soccer ball!" I explained to senpai, but he only stared back at me.

"I'm calling a doctor. You aren't alright."

"But, I am alright," I was frustrated, "why don't you believe me?" I felt like crying.

"Ritsu, how old are you?"

"Umm, isn't it obvious? I'm fifteen." Saga-senpai turned pale, "A-anou… S-saga-senpai?"

"You were hit by a car… not a soccer ball. You were in critical condition and we were all worried that you won't make it."

"Ehh! How could that possibly be?"

"I guess you hit you head pretty badly. And you're twenty five not fifteen."

"That's impossible! Unless I did time travelling!"

"That's it, Ritsu… I'm going to call a doctor." Saga-senpai said before he picked up the receiver.

It was unbelievable! Like what happened on those science fiction novels that I read, it was difficult to believe that I was ten years ahead of what I remember. I certainly had so many questions to ask Saga-senpai.

To be continued…

I just felt like playing with Ritsu in this fic. I wonder how 'younger Ritsu' would deal the situation of being with 'Takano chasing after him'. I hope you guys would leave me reviews and suggest ideas for this fic.