Sakura stared at Tsunade in shock, bright green eyes were wide and she felt herself stop breathing. "I'm what?" she asked again, hoping she had maybe just heard her wrong. She had her suspicions for a week now but hearing the Hokage confirm it was a different thing.

Tsuande tried giving Sakura her doctor façade, trying to treat this thing like she was just another patient but this was her apprentice and she couldn't do it. "You're pregnant." She said those two words again and watched the pink hair girl touch her stomach, confirming for herself that there was a baby inside her.

"I…how…we…this…" Sakura couldn't form sentences. Her mind had become one nig blank. She was pregnant? She was having a baby? She was going to be a mother? "I don't believe it."

"Believe it," Tsuande went over to the girl, putting one hand on her head and tried giving her an encouraging smile. "I know you're probably scared but you don't have to be. You have people that love you and will support you."

"Kiba…" Sakura tried speaking her boyfriend's name but couldn't. The two had been dating for three years now and their recent times together resulted in her requesting the Hokage to look at her body. It had been their anniversary a few weeks ago and the two spent it together in a cabin up in the mountains. They spent three days together before leaving and those three days/nights were spent mostly naked and in each others arms. "How do I tell him?" Although they had been dating for three years they were both only eighteen. They were still too young to have a child but yet she was pregnant with one.

"Simple," Tsuande brought a chair over to sit down in front of her apprentice. "You tell him straight out. He and his whole family will most likely smell it on you before you even speak so that's why you need to tell him," she told the young girl, arms crossed over her chest. "If Kiba finds out you hide something like this from him then it will cause a lot of fighting between you two and that's not what you need."

"I know, but still…" Sakura whined, her hands running through her short pink hair. Kiba had told her that he liked her hair short so she kept it short for him. She liked it better that way herself but hearing the person she loved tell her that made her feel special. "How do I tell him?" she set her hands in her lap and leaned her head back to look at the ceiling.

"Wait a minute," Tsunade stood up from her chair. "Sakura, what's on your neck?" she went over to the pink haired girl and pulled down the part of the fabric that was covering her neck.

"I assumed it was a bruise I had gotten from sparing with Naruto," Sakura answered honestly. "It didn't hurt so I figured I'd let it heal with time."

Tsuande stared at the mark on Sakura's neck and let out a long sigh. "Now this makes sense," she walked back to her chair and grinned. "That's no bruise. You're boyfriend marked you and that's most likely what caused you to become pregnant so fast."

"He…marked me?" Sakura's hand touched her neck, fingers running over the mark she had believed to be a bruise.

"It happens when an Inuzuka finds a person they want to mate with. When they do mate the male Inuzuka will bite down on his mate's neck, pouring in their blood and chakra that will cause a mark to appear on their neck. It's their version of a wedding ring." She explained how the ritual went and Sakura was gasping at the end. She remembered Kiba biting her back at the cabin but she just assumed it was something that he liked doing. She hadn't known he was marking her as his mate.

"He didn't tell me," she huffed and crossed her arms. She would have liked to have known that he was marking her. "I just thought he was biting me for fun. I didn't know he was marking me." She told their Hokage. She was upset that Kiba had not told her what he was doing to her during their time together and she wondered what else he did to her that involved marking her.

"Well it could be that he hadn't been aware of it at the time and was going on instincts." she stood up and stretched, heading towards the door to go back to her office.

"Or…?" Sakura knew her mentor Tsunade had much more to say.

She did and gave Sakura a big grin. "Or the boy's so helplessly in love with you that his marking you was his way of asking you to marry him. By you allowing it means you accepted it. So congratulations, you're going to get married and have a baby!" she shut the door just in time as a clipboard was thrown by an angry Sakura.

"This isn't funny!" she cried at her teacher. She was not amused that Tsuande had been making everything sound like it was a pleasant joke. It wasn't. This was a serious matter and Sakura had to handle it like a serious person should. "What do I do?" she laid back down on the examining table and sighed. She hadn't been expecting this and wasn't even sure if she wanted this baby. Of course she wanted to be a mother but did she want to be one this soon? She wasn't sure and put her hands on her stomach. Kiba was away on a mission so she had time to decide what she would do. For now though she would go home and take a much needed nap. All the information she had been told had overworked her mind and now Sakura just wanted to sleep.

She wanted sleep but her stomach suddenly wanted something else and Sakura ran. Going home to sleep had been her plan but the minute she sat up her stomach churned and she vomited in the nearest waste basket. "Morning sickness," she groaned out, emptying the rest of her breakfast in the waste basket. "This isn't going to be fun."

"It never is," she had been surprised to hear Shizune's voice, her smooth hands holding her hair back as she vomited. "Lady Tsunade told me of your conditions and wanted me to make sure you were doing fine by yourself. I guess I came at a good time." She tried to lighten the moment but Sakura only replied with another heave of her stomach.

"This sucks." She breathed out once she felt she wasn't going to hurl anymore.

"I know," Shizune has seen more than enough women suffering from morning sickness and other symptoms that come with being pregnant. "Come on, I'll take you to see Lady Tsuande. I'm sure she'll have something to calm your stomach." Sakura didn't have it in her to argue and let the woman bring her to the Hokage Tower. Sakura had her resting on Shizune's shoulder, her mind was spinning too much for her to walk on her own and she didn't care if people were staring. She was just amazed that her legs were still working despite how weak she felt.

"Shizune?" she called to the woman, they were inside the Tower now and no one was around them. "How long does morning sickness last again?" she had studied this when she first became a medic ninja but her mind was too fuzzy for her to remember.

"A few weeks, sometimes even months." Shizune said and Sakura groaned. She didn't want to feel this way for months.

"I'll get Kiba for this." She muttered mostly to herself. Eyes glaring at the floor as she thought of her boyfriend that not only marked her without telling her but now he got her pregnant and she was forced to vomit who knows how many times during the day.

"Just relax," Shizune opened the Hokage's door and let Sakura sit in one of the chairs that were in front of Tsuande's desk. "I brought in Sakura and it seems her morning sickness has already started."

"I see," Tsuande gave her apprentice an apologetic smile but Sakura just shrugged it off. She felt too horrible to feel anything. "Well I found out that Kiba is coming home early so you'll be seeing him very soon," Sakura would have jumped in her seat if she wasn't sure that it would cause her to throw up all over again. She hadn't expected to see Kiba so soon. "There's more, Kiba's mother seems to have picked up on your scent and wants to know if you are indeed pregnant. She wants to talk with you once Kiba returns to the village."

She didn't know if she should be happy he was coming home early or frightened. She didn't know how she was even going to tell him. She was nervous about telling him about their sudden baby and worried he might even leave. "My head hurts." with every thought spinning out of control in her mind and her body still adjusting to the pregnancy, Sakura couldn't keep her balance and fell to her knees. Her shoulder bumping against Tsunade's desk. "Great," she groaned, frowning when she saw a little blood start to spill. It was only a little cut, it wouldn't require her to use a lot of chakra, she only needed to run her finger over the wound to heal it. But when she went to heal it the wound glowed a light green color, like her healing chakra, and healed on its own. "What on earth?" she couldn't believe her eyes.

"Sakura? How did you...?" and apparently neither could Shizune

"So the rumors are true." Although it seemed Tsuande could. "I've heard rumors about strong medical ninjas when pregnant their bodies heal all injuries at will. Almost as if the baby inside them know their mother is hurt and wants to help them."

"So the baby inside me has control of my chakra?" Sakura didn't mind too much that she could heal at will but hearing someone else had control of her chakra made her a little nervous.

"That is correct. As long as you're pregnant all your wounds will heal without you having to lift a finger," Tsunade placed her chin on top of her hands, suddenly turning serious. "Now I know this probably sounds like a good thing but if you're not careful all your chakra could get used up and you and the baby will die. You're at an even greater risk since you're so young."

Sakura gulped before speaking. Her voice came out in a low and hesitant tone. "What if I got an abortion?" she had said the word before so other women that came into the hospital but saying it now made her feel so dirty.

"You can't," Both Tsuande and Shizune jumped at her. "Abortion is not in an Inuzuka's vocabulary. If you're pregnant with their child you're having the baby. There are only very rare circumstances for a person to abort a child in that clan and it hasn't been done in centuries." Tsunade talked in what Sakura called her Hokage tone. She was all business when she spoke like this and while she respected her when she spoke she was also a little scared of her at the moment.

"Tell me," Shizune came and rested her hand on Sakura's shoulder. "Do you want an abortion?" she down into the girl's green eyes, searching for any signs that would tell her what she wanted for her and for the baby she had growing inside her.

Sakura looked at Shizune, then at Tsuande, and then at her own stomach. Both her hands came up the small belly she still had and took a deep breath. If she concentrated enough she could feel the small amount of chakra that was a mixture of hers and Kibas. "No, I want to keep this baby." There was no sign of hesitant in her voice. Sakura would keep this child and love it forever.

"Good," Tsuande leaned back in her chair and smile. "Now you just need to tell Kiba."

"Tell me what?" All three women jumped when they heard who had come into the room. Kiba, followed by Akamaru, had silently come into the room to listen in on their conversation. He only heard the ending but knew they were talking about him.
"What's going on?" he looked over the room at their Hokage, at her apprentice, and at his girlfriend. "Sakura," he beamed when he saw his girlfriend and ran to her, picking her up in his arms and spinning her around the room. He hadn't seen her in a week and he missed her. "I'm back." He kissed her forehead and pulled her in his arms, waiting for a kiss back. He had missed his girlfriend after not seeing her for a week and he wanted attention and affection from her.

Sakura however was frozen in his arms. "Welcome back." She said weakly, not sure if she should be happy or worried about his sudden return. She was glad he returned but she was also nervous because his sudden return meant she had to tell him. While she would love raising a child with Kiba, she loved him, she just wasn't sure if he was ready to be a father. He loved being out in the open air, fighting rouge-nin, and training. Having a baby would mean staying up late and being with it 24/7, so training and missions would have to be put on hold. "What do I do?" she wondered, her mind spinning again.

"Sakura?" Kiba looked down at her, his slit-like eyes filled with worry and concern for her. When they had began dating he was the same height as her but somehow he just kept growing until he was a head taller than her. Her head just reached his neck and he could put his chin on top of her head and always seemed to make fun of her for being shorter than him now. Back in the academy she was the taller one and now he was getting her back. "What's wrong? You're acting strange and…" he put his nose in her hair, taking deep breathes that made her shiver. "Your scent is different." He sniffed her again and Sakura's heart started to race. He was going to find out.

"Kiba," she moved his nose out of her hair and looked up at him. Tsuande was right, she had to tell him before he found out from someone other than her and then she'd be in bigger trouble. "I'm pre-" she opened her mouth but quickly covered it with her hands. She ran to the Hokage's desk, dropped to her knees, and threw up in the waste basket she had brought with her from the hospital. It seemed the morning sickness was still with her and she groaned.

"Hey," she felt his large hands on her back, rubbing circles to calm her down. Akamaru was there too, licking her legs and whimpering. "Are you alright?" he moved some of her hair out of her face and Sakura could still see the worry in his eyes.

She gave him a small smile and asked him to help her stand. She would tell him and not worry about his reaction. She was having a baby and it was Kiba's. "I'm pregnant." She said it, no worry or fear in her voice as she spoke. She told her boyfriend she was having his baby and now she just needed to wait and see what he thought of it.

Kiba's body stiffened at her words, eyes went wide and his hands that held her were shaking. He didn't speak but instead put his nose in her hair and in her neck, taking in her scent with deep breathes that it was making Sakura laugh at the feeling of it. Her laughing pulled him away from her neck and he looked in her eyes, making sure she wasn't lying to him. "You are? With mine?" his voice was low and Sakura nodded, saying he was the father. "I…" he put his hands on her hip and took a step away from her. Sakura's heart throbbed when he pulled away put it stopped when her feet were no longer on the ground. "Yahoo!" he spun her around the room, cheering and laughing that they were going to be parents. "We're parents! We're having our own kid!" he kept spinning her around and Sakura had joined in on the cheering before her stomach decided to ruin the nice moment. She kicked Kiba away from her and went back to throwing up in the poor waste basket.

"I don't like this." She sighed, pulling her head out of the basket and sat down on the ground in a defeated slump.

"You're going to have to get use to it," Tsuande came around and helped pull her apprentice to her feet. "It just comes with being pregnant, but don't worry. It'll get easier." She gave her a big grin that scared Sakura.

"It had better." Sakura huffed, crossing her arms and wishing that her dizziness would just disappear. She couldn't work if her mind wasn't clear and she was going to continue working at the hospital. She would just be assigned to the area of doctors that didn't use chakra or be bumped down to a nurse. Either way she was still working at the hospital and nothing was stopping her.

"Sakura," Well one thing might. Kiba wrapped his arms around her stomach and his head on her shoulder while he gave her the widest grin she had ever seen. "Let's go. We gotta tell ma about this. She and everyone else in our clan will love this!" he was already pulling her to the door.
"Our clan?" Was she hearing wrong or did he say it was their clan? She wasn't an Inuzuka; she would be part of his family after she married him.

"Of course. You're having my kid so you're an Inuzuka now. Not to mention my mark." He touched the part of her neck that he had marked and was happy when he saw it was fully developed and was easy to see.

"Yeah, thanks for telling me you marked me by the way." she gave him a look that said she was annoyed he hadn't told her what he was doing. He somehow missed the look and just continued to drag her to the door. He wanted to get home fast so he could tell his family the great news. "Wait a minute, Kiba," she stopped him just as he opened the door and tried to walk out. She had gotten out of his embrace and took his hands in hers. "Are you really happy about this? I mean we're both only eighteen, are you sure you want us to have this baby this early?" she had to be sure he wasn't just going along with it because he felt like he was responsible for it happening. He would stay with her because he wanted to stay, not just because he felt like he had too.

"I want it," The hands she was holding pulled her forward into his arms and he hugged her. She gave a happy sigh and let him hold her. She was so glad that he wanted this baby too. "Besides, it's normal for most Inuzukas to have kids at this age. We usually mate and have our first litter of pups after the marking goes on for three days." She nodded saying she understood but suddenly froze up.

"Three days?" she remembered their anniversary and how it lasted for three days. That was when Kiba marked her and it was around that time that she had become pregnant. She was starting to put two and two together. "Did you plan this?" she cried out. No way was all of that just by coincidence; they had done everything that he said the people in his clan did to mate. He planned to get her pregnant?

Kiba didn't answer her, he only smiled and laughed. "Come on, mother is waiting for us." He pulled her out of the office by her hands and Akamaru was pushing her from behind. They wanted her to hurry up so they could go to the Inuzuka Compound.

"Dammit Kiba, answer me!" Sakura tried again and again to get her answer but he wasn't saying anything. He just kept pulling her down the road to his home.

"Lady Tsuande," Shizune held Ton-Ton in her arms. After the screaming the frightened pig jumped up in her arms for protection. "Do you think he really planned that?" They could still hear Sakura screaming for answers and Kiba just ignoring her.

"Shizune," Tsuande took a sip of her sake and looked over a file that was on her desk. "Not even I would take that bet."

"Would you just tell me already?" She cried out again, arms crossed over her chest as she glared at her boyfriend that she swore got her pregnant on purpose.

"What does it matter now?" Kiba had both his arms around her stomach and he didn't seem like he was going to let go anytime soon. "We love each other and we're having a baby so let's just be happy with our little miracle of life here." He cooed into her stomach. Both his hands rubbing tiny circles and making her laugh at the feeling of his hands on her stomach. It was hard to stay mad at him when he was acting like this.

She should just be glad he wanted the baby and wanted to be with her. "Fine, but let me ask you one more thing," She turned her head around to look at him, her eyes full of questioning and his full of happiness. "Why are we riding Akamaru?" Right now they were walking along the streets of the village, both of them on Akamaru's back and everyone was staring at them. It was making Sakura uncomfortable and she wanted to walk on her own two feet.
"Because you're pregnant," he pulled her closer to him, her body being nearly consumed by his larger one. "I can't have anything happening to you or our baby."

His logic annoyed her. "Kiba I'm only three weeks pregnant, the baby doesn't even have feet yet," She tried getting out of his grip to walk but he only pulled her back, saying she had to take it easy. "Walking isn't going to kill me. Besides it'll be easier for me to give birth if I exercise and move around when I'm pregnant." She explained to him. When a woman moves around while she still can her body will build up strength and be able to handle the strain easier when the time comes to give birth.

"Don't care." He ended their discussion there and Sakura was becoming more and more annoyed at him. He'd better not treat her like a helpless little girl or she'll make sure this baby will be there one and only.

"Fine, but I'm still working at the hospital." She was not going to let him control her. Just because she had a baby inside her didn't mean she had to just sit on the couch and not do anything. She was going to let him know that and she did. He looked like he was going to argue with her but shut his mouth once he saw the look she was giving him. Her eyes were glowing red and her scent was screaming annoyance. If he ever wanted to touch her again he'd better listen to her.

"Fine," he sighed, knowing this was a battle he'd better let her win. "But I'm dropping you off and picking you up everyday until you go on maternity leave." His voice said he would do it whether she agreed or not. She didn't argue and would let him take her to work everyday; at least he was letting her go to work without to much of a fight.

They finally arrived at the Inuzuka compound and Kiba had carried Sakura to the door until she kicked him the face to put her down and he let her walk the rest of the way into the kitchen where his mother was. They both greeted the woman who was busy making tea when she stopped once she caught a certain scent. She stopped what she was doing and her and Kuromaru walked over to Sakura and started sniffing her. "You're pregnant." They both said and Sakura nodded.

"Yes, we are!" Kiba cheered, wrapping both arms around her and Sakura groaned. She really hoped he wasn't going to run around the village and shout out to everyone about her situation. She could already see her teammates coming to kill him and Ino coming to kill her for not telling her.

"Congratulations," Tsume shook hands with Sakura before turning to her son and punched him across the face. "You moron!" she yelled at her son who was holding his bruised cheek. "What did I say about marking her without telling her? If you're going to do that then let her know so she is prepared and doesn't try to terminate the child." She pointed at Sakura's still flat stomach that held the future generation inside.

"Sakura wouldn't do that!" Kiba jumped to his feet when those words left his mother's mouth. "Would you, Sakura? You want this child just as much as I do." He and his mother both looked at the pink-haired kunoichi in the room.

Sakura gulped. "Well the option did come up," she thought about being honest with him. It was usually better than lying to him but by the looks he and his mother wore she might have been better off lying. Both Inuzukas and their companion's faces darkened and their eyes were glowing red, burning with rage at the thought that she wanted to terminate the unborn Inuzuka. "But I turned it down. I said I'm keeping the child!" she shouted out quickly before she was attacked. Angry Inuzukas were scary and she didn't want to face any of them.

"Good." All four faces lit up and smiled.

Sakura sighed and sat down in the closet chair. "Lady Tsuande was right. Abortion is not in their vocabulary." They had been upset when she told them the option had come up, she didn't want to know what they would do if she actually agreed to it. "Kiba would probably kidnap me and not let me go until I became pregnant again." She meant to make it a joke but she couldn't. If she had gone with the other option than she was sure he would take her to some place not even the Anbu could find and not let her leave until she was pregnant again. She shivered at the thought.

"Now then, we need to start making preparations." Tsume and Kuromaru went back into the kitchen to get the tea and snacks.

"Preparations?" Sakura asked from her seat. Kiba sat down next to her and Akamaru was lying by their feet. Both male Inuzukas were right up next to her and didn't seem like they would be moving. "I guess personal space isn't in their vocabulary either." She rolled her eyes and took a sip of her tea.

"For our wedding," Kiba had one arm wrapped around her shoulders and his other was holding her free hand under the table. "With it you'll become an official Inuzuka and I can take over the clan, making sure our child's future is a good one."

His words made her think again. "You really did plan this, didn't you?" his tried giving her an innocent smile but she has seen more than enough of those from Naruto when he was trying to hide a prank he did. Kiba had indeed planned this.

"We'll have to tell your parents and all are friends," Kiba began, once again ignoring her question but Sakura already knew. Oh well, no point in arguing now. "We'll have an official ceremony in front of the elders and the Hokage and then we have a big fun wedding with our friends." His mother handed him a red book that held dates and times in them that the elders would be willing to attend.

Sakura had just reached for her third cookies when he said that, although she had just eaten lunch not more than twenty minutes ago she was suddenly starving. "We're having two weddings?"

Kiba nodded his head, face buried in the book as he tried picking a good date. "One is an old Inuzuka tradition. Only those of our clan and the Hokage will be allowed to oversee it, so that means your parents and our friends can't come. So I thought having one right after it would make up for it." He circled a date in the book and handed it back to his mother.

"That's very thoughtful," she reached over and kissed his cheek. She was no longer mad at him and was happy he was enjoying himself with this. He really seemed like he wanted to be a father despite the age and she was glad. She didn't want to chain him down and keep him away from something he loved. "I love it." She leaned into his hold and sighed when he wrapped both arms around her.

"I thought you might." He whispered into her hair, kissing her head. The two seemed to really fit each other and Sakura was so glad she had found this man.

"So when's our wedding?" she wanted to know how much time she had to tell her parents about the official ceremony and the one they would be allowed to attend.

"Tomorrow night." He spoke out happily, taking another whiff of his mate's scent. Smelling her and their child was amazing.

"Tomorrow!" Sakura, Tsume, Kuromaru, and Akamaru all jumped. They looked at Kiba as if he was crazy and he was just sitting there grinning like an idiot.

"Yep," He just sat there grinning not seeing the anger and shocked looks his family and Sakura were giving him. "Under the light of the full moon tomorrow we'll be married." He said it with such glee that Sakura couldn't stop herself. She punched him and sent him flying into the next room, out the window, and he hit the dirt floor of his front yard with a large thud.

Sakura panted from the rage she just released and took a deep breath to calm herself down. She went into the next room and looked out the window she had broken and at her boyfriend, or was he her fiancé now, and saw he was rolling on the ground in pain. Akamaru had run out of the house to be by his master's side. She felt a little guilty for how hard she punched him and that she had broken a window in a house that wasn't hers. "The stupid fool deserved that," Kuromaru walked up to her and Sakura was a little surprised that she understood the canine but remembered she had Kiba's blood and Chakra in her now. So she should be able to understand nin-dogs now. "Don't feel too guilty. Tsume has punched him through windows before." The wolf like dog walked away after that and went back to his mistress.

Sakura just shrugged and walked back into the kitchen. "Tsume," she called to her future mother-in-law. "Would it be alright I go tell my parents now? I also want to tell Ino myself before we tell everyone else." she was sure that Kiba wanted to come with her but she was still upset with him and she wasn't sure if he could speak now after her attack. She had aimed for his jaw so he may not be able to speak properly for some time.

"Go ahead," she waved her off. "I'll take Kiba to the hospital to get his new battle scar looked at. You should probably go out the back or else he'll follow after you." The Inuzuka woman left the kitchen with her companion and walked out of the house. They picked up the groaning Kiba and jumped along the way to the hospital. Once she could no longer see them, Sakura snuck out the back like she was told and ran along until she was back in the streets of her village. Going out the back had less wind for Kiba to pick up her scent which meant she had a few minutes before he came searching for her.

She had gone to her house first and explained to her parents everything that was happening. They had not been happy that their only little girl was going to be a mother so soon but in the end they agreed and congratulated her. Of course she promised them that they could come to her wedding, and her father swore to walk her down the aisle. She had spent a few minutes just talking with her parents, nothing in particular just talking and enjoying their company before she left her house and headed to another destination. Now it was the hard part…telling Ino.

"This should be fun." Sakura rolled her eyes as she entered the Yamanaka flower shop and sat down at the counter with her best friend and explained everything she had just told her parents to her.

"You're what!" Ino's screech could be heard all over the streets and people were looking in to see what had caused the girl to scream like she had.

"I pregnant," Sakura nodded, holding her hands over her ears and trying to stop the sudden ringing that was going on inside her head. "Kiba and I are having a baby." She had known the blonde would be surprised but she didn't think it would be that much.

Ino's mouth and face resembled that of a fish that was trying desperately to get air into its body. "You…baby…Kiba…"

"Come on, Ino, form sentences, you can do it." Sakura urged her best friend to make real words before she had to go. She was sure Kiba was already out of the hospital after she punched him through the window and was either looking for her now or being held back by his mother. Either way she was short on time and needed for Ino to finish up.

"You're having a baby…?" it seemed to finally sink into the blonde's head. "Congratulation!" Sakura was engulfed in a giant hug and the ringing came back into her ear at the screaming. "I call dibs on being the godmother." She announced and Sakura didn't have it in her to argue. Her mind was spinning from the screaming and lack of air she just went through, Ino's hugs always did that to her.

"I just hope my teammates will be as supportive as you and my parents are." That was the one thing she feared. That her teammates would go out and kill Kiba after learning he got their only "little" girl pregnant and took away her innocents.

"Just leave them to me," Ino promised she would put them in their places if they crossed the line and Sakura was grateful for it. "So when's the wedding." Bright blue eyes sparkled at the thought of the wedding that would take place and Sakura already knew she was making a list of how she would be planning it.

"Tomorrow," she sighed remembering how Kiba had chosen the sudden day and her anger. "It's for Inuzuka's and the Hokage only but we're having another one that our friends can attend." She explained before Ino could go off on her and scream about how she was going to go to the wedding whether or not if she was an Inuzuka.

"That's good to know, I've had dibs on being your maid-of-honor for years now and I'm not about to give it up." The two girls laughed and began talking about the wedding that the others could attend. What flowers they would have, what kind of dress Sakura would wear, the kinds of food and drinks that she could have while she was pregnant and other things.

"Sakura," Kiba came in and interrupted their girl time. His cheek was no longer bruised up and he didn't seem to have lingering pain that came from the punch he had taken. Obviously Tsunade healed him, no one else other than the Hokage could heal up wounds created by Sakura. "Ma says she wants to talk to you about what's going to take place in the ceremony tomorrow." He had a big grin on his face and his eyes kept darting back and forth between Sakura's face and her stomach.

"At least it's better than him staring at my chest." she rolled her eyes at the thought and walked over to her fiancé.

"Kiba, darling…" Ino jumped over the counter and walked over to the smiling Inuzuka. A wide smile on her face as she stood in front of the tall male before her. "I would like to congratulate you on having a baby." She reached her hand out for him to take it.

"Thanks, Ino." Kiba gladly shook hands with her. He was proud that he and Sakura were having a baby and receiving thanks were something that boosted his ego even more.

"By the way," suddenly her grip on his hand increased and Kiba howled. "If you do anything to her or the baby you're going to wish you were born a woman." Her blue eye glowed red and her voice turned deep and dark.

Kiba was the Alpha of his clan but seeing Ino like this turned him into a shaking Omega. "Yes ma'am." The girl scared him sometimes and he wouldn't fight with her when she was like this.

"Good," the bright and cheery smile was back on her face as she turned around and hugged Sakura's stomach. "Now you be good little one. I don't want anything bad to happen to my godchild." She went back up to hug her best friend before going back to work in her family's flower shop.

Once Sakura was out of her grip Kiba grabbed her hand and all but ran out of the Yamanaka flower shop. He and Akamaru didn't like it when she acted like that, mostly because they couldn't read her body language and she could go from nice to scary in seconds. "You promised Ino she could be our child's godmother?" he asked Sakura once they were a safe distance away.

"You want to go back and tell her she can't be?" Sakura crossed her arms over her chest and leaned into his touch. His had one arm around her waist as she leaned her head on his shoulder.

"No really," he gave her a sheepish grin that told her Ino scared him more than she had first thought. "You friend is scary."

"Just wait until my team hears about our little surprise," she put a hand to her stomach and smiled when she felt the different chakra coming from it. "Well it was a surprise for one of us; the other seemed to have expected all this to happen." She looked up at him and he gave her another sheepish grin.

"I couldn't help myself," he leaned down and kissed her cheek. "I love you and I wanted to be with you." He stopped them from walking and kissed her mouth, arms wrapping around her small body that held his child inside.

Sakura leaned into the kiss and sighed. She had to admit even though she was young she wanted this child just as much as he did. "Next time ask me to marry you before you get me pregnant." She whispered into the kiss.

"Okay!" Kiba just grinned at her and the two set off for the Inuzuka compound where they would prepare for their wedding and for the birth of their first child.

"Argh!" Sakura cried out in pain from another contraction that came from the long seven hour labor that she had gone into. She and Kiba married under the light of the full moon and in front of the entire Inuzuka clan, making them both official clan leaders. They had another one two months later for their friends to attend and it was a night full of dancing and laughter. Everyone had enjoyed themselves, even Sakura's team…after they threatened Kiba the same way Ino had. So they had lived their lives together at the Inuzuka compound peacefully, no wars going on or any other major battles so they had been able to enjoy living together. Even on the day Sakura's water broke and she went into labor they were happy, until a contraction came and she was screaming at her husband for putting her through this pain. "I'm going to kill you!" she threatened him all over again, one hand gripping the bed and the other gripping Kiba's. Tsunade had given him a special glove for him to wear so Sakura wouldn't crush his hand with her chakra. With her being pregnant she hadn't been able to use it as much and now it was all coming out and Kiba was starting to feel the effects of it.

"Sakura, you're strong. You can do this." He encouraged her, tying not to whimper at the pressure being put on his hand. Any longer and it would break. He was thanking the Hokage over and over in his mind for giving him the glove.

"Shut up!" If she wasn't in so much pain she would have smacked him. The pain of birth was worse than she had thought it could be. The pain kept coming and it didn't seem like it would stop anytime soon. Her short hair was sticking to her face and neck because of the sweat that was dripping off her pained body.

"Come on, Sakura," Tsuande and Shizune had been her only midwives because they refused any other nurse to be in the room while she gave birth. "Just one more push." She nodded her head and with a loud groan she put all her strength and effort in getting her child out of her and into the world.

A loud cry told her she had done just that. She felt tears form in her eyes when she saw Tsuande holding up a crying baby being cleaned and wrapped in a small blue blanket. "Congratulations, it's a boy." The crying boy was handed to its mother and Sakura held him close to her heart. Shizune went over to heal Kiba's broken hand.

"Hi there," she whispered softly to him and instantly he stopped crying and snuggled close to her. It was like he knew who his mother was. "I'm so happy to finally see you."

"So am I," Kiba moved so that he was sitting on the edge of the bed, one arm wrapped around Sakura's body as she leaned into him and he got a better look at his son. "What should we name this little one?" he ran one finger over the small red triangles that were on his son's face.

"Koga," Sakura held the boy close to her and smiled at him. "Koga Inuzuka."

"Koga?" Kiba thought over the name. "I like it."