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Chapter 350: No Return

When Kagome emerged, freshly-washed and pajama-clad, Sesshoumaru stood waiting. "Would you be more comfortable in the castle?"

"But... I thought you wanted to stay here."

He inclined his head, but still offered, "Fire or fur?"

"Erm... let's stay. You can be my bed-warmer." He settled her between luxuriant swaths of fur. Burrowing down, Kagome mumbled, "I think I like it when your instincts swing in my favor."


"Will you go back to normal in a few days?"

Sesshoumaru nosed her hair, then sighed softly. "I have lived a long time. Long enough to know there is no going back."

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Author's Note: Lord Charming is going on a holiday break. I won't post any more updates in December, but the story will resume as usual in January. This'll give me time to wrap up Imperceptible. Deal? Good.