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The next term of the school started a few weeks later. It all proceeded normally until everyone found out that the smartest kid in the school, Jimmy Kudo, was being forced to transfer schools. The official rumor was that he was going back to Japan for 'family issues', though no one ever specified.

Another rumor going around was that their beloved teacher Miss Graythorn had found a boyfriend. This report was officially confirmed later on when some students happened by a park where Vi and her new boyfriend, a handsome Japanese man around her age, had been observed kissing each other.

Towards the end of the year, Miss Graythorn made a surprise announcement. She announced that she would be resigning her position at the end of the year and moving away. Everyone was saddened, but no one dared to cross her judgment.

She received a plaque for her service for the school on the last day, and the entire student body cheered their hearts out for her, since they all considered her their favorite teacher. Once everything was settled down, Vi moved to Japan with her boyfriend, a man who was well known there as Kudo Shinichi, the famous detective.

Upon arrival, the two of them settled down in the Kudo Mansion in Beika. Agasa-hakase had been thrilled they'd found each other at last, and wished them success.

Their next stop was the Mouri Detective Agency. Shinichi wore Conan's glasses, and told Ran, Kogoro, and Eri exactly where they'd been and who'd they'd been. Ran had seen how attached Conan had been to Ai, and wished them both success.

Then they called upon three kids that they'd known five years before. Again, Shinichi wore Conan's glasses. The two of them walked behind the three of them and struck up conversation, pretending not to notice the kids in front of them. When Ayumi happened to glance back at the name 'Edogawa-kun' and saw a handsome boy in glasses walking with a pretty girl with blonde hair, they'd at last met up and told them the truth. And the three of them were happy for them, too.

Shinichi enrolled in college, and eventually got a job with the Tokyo Metropolitan Police. Shinichi and Shiho soon married. Shiho got a job at Teitan Junior High, and Kudo-sensei was very well-received, especially by three thirteen year olds by the names of Ayumi, Mitsuhiko, and Genta.

Shinichi and Shiho eventually had two kids, a boy and a girl. They named them Conan and Ai (go figure). From then on everyone was happy, knowing that everything truly was at peace now, and nothing could come in the way of their love anymore, at anytime.

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